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Travel guide: 11 reasons why you should not travel

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Are you going on a trip? We can find MANY reasons why you should stay home from your planned earth trip. Here are 11 of them.
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Af Sascha Meineche

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1. You are ruined by traveling

Literally! Not necessarily by the journey itself, because it can be done exactly as expensive or cheap as you want. But because you have to visit your 67 new friends who of course live in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore og Spain.

And then there are all the Scandinavians, of course. And the French and the Germans. And each one must of course be visited afterwards. There smoked the payout to a house. And of course the car too. 

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2. Your desire to travel NEVER disappears again

Prepare for a travel desire of the other world. Such a one that hurts all the way down to the stomach and that your thoughts are constantly revolving around. In fact, it only gets worse and worse with each and every trip you are on, because as you know, more will have more, and you yearn to experience, discover and explore like never before when you return home from your journey.

It's just like that Denmark is not quite so fat anymore… 

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3. Your friends can NEVER come to your birthday party

It is impossible to gather all your (new) friends at once. And it's the most tacky and practice-like feeling in the world… But in principle it's your own fault. Because you left yourself! Practice. Friends all over the world and sofas crashing on everywhere. Annoying!

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4. There was once…

Where you were on that excessively fat journey. And you want to tell that REALLY many people, REALLY many times over a REALLY long time…

In fact, most of your sentences will start like this, and your friends at home will hate you for it - for a really long time. They kind of figured you've been gone and can not quite understand why it was SO cool… But shit, they're just jealous! 

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5. Your everyday life is ASSY

You quickly discover how boring it is at home. The Danish education system, the labor market, the weather… It all. Of course most things work well, and of course we are very privileged, BUT…. It's just not nearly as fun as reading in the middle Borneo's rainforest, work in huge and beautiful Sydney, in the middle of crazy and wild New York or Canada's amazing wilderness, right?

So no matter how much Odense tries, it will not be New York… And Aarhus, you are beautiful, beautiful and have been a city of culture… But you are not Sydney, are you? And København… Yes, you have a lot of tourists, a few canals and such, but you are not Amsterdam either. Not to mention Vancouver, no.

You can not just daffe on the beach with a $ 1 latte in one hand and his new Spanish flirtation in the other hand… But fear not… Now you only have to finish your education in gray weather or quit your boring office job before you can travel again!

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6. "I've had the time of my liiiiife" 

It will surely be "the time of your life", and nothing will come over, during or on the side of a life-changing journey.

It's just not entirely certain that your friends and family members agree 100% that your new best friends are some you've known for two months and that EVERYTHING is just cool in your "new life". Which they for good reasons are not really a part of. 

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7. You get a bad homesickness from traveling out

In other words, the reverse homesickness when you return to Denmark. You will miss that you have never missed before.

Your new, bubbly, crazy and bearded friends. The food that just tasted better, of more and was cheaper. Your short trips to the beach, weekend trips to nearby cities - and here we mean that anything between three and eight hours is nearby. Spontaneous city trips on a Tuesday, which of course only ends long after the sun has risen.

Yes, even work or tuition abroad, which is either very early or on the weekends, you will miss. And that need will stay there. Forever. Sorry, but it will. 

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8. You have useless things at home that you should never have bought

Unfortunately, you will never get used to the expensive rainwear you just invested in. How unfortunate that you have spent money on something SO fat that just has to lie in a drawer at home because you have to travel the world and only get past hot, fat destinations. PRACTICE! 


9. You are forced to eat coriander and other exotic things you hate

You have to drop your kebab from your local 'kebab pusher' and you are forced to eat hugely cheap, freshly prepared and inviting food. Weekday. Things that are new and exciting, and that taste delicious. And besides, it does not cost a whistling fart. It is then annoying that one cake have coriander in that you thought you did not like but now love. And why does it only cost 10 kroner?

It's basically really tiring. 

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10. You come home with renewed energy - if you come home

Do you not know those types who are just a little too profit-minded and happy-go-lucky continually? It's you when - or if - you come home.

Such a really annoying one who has learned to appreciate life and all the good we have. It is annoying that you now have to be positive all the time, when everyone else is angry that we are facing a darker time, and that there are overdrafts on the account. Can't you just be petty like everyone else? 

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11. You get semi-stressed from traveling out

Too busy!

So by checking flight prices, cheap hotels and writing with your new friends, because you have to travel again soon. From now on and forever, you always have at least one trip planned, otherwise you get palpitations, high blood pressure and bad nerves and can not sleep at night. But you have to get used to it.

It's hard to be world-traveler, but it is your own choice that you will experience, discover and travel. 

Have a good trip - if you dare…

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About the author

Sascha Meineche

Sascha is a Jew with his legs planted firmly in the relatively green Frederiksberg soil. As a child, it was on camping trips in Denmark in the summer spiced with slightly more exotic winter destinations. Today, Sascha is bitten by a crazy trip, and can neither collect enough stamps in the passport nor have booked enough trips. There are always at least two trips planned.
Sascha's favorite places in the world count everything from Canada to New York, Botswana and Munich. To put it mildly, there are few places in the world that Sascha does not dream of going to.

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