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Chronic travel fever: This new travel book is the new travel bible

"Chronic travel fever" is full of fascinating tales from the most traveled people in the country. We have reviewed the book.

Chronic travel fever: This new travel book is the new travel bible is written by Joan J. Andersen.

The book "Chronic travel fever" - the new travel bible

Uhm! Already when I received the book “Chronic travel fever” with the mail, I could feel that this, it would be good. Both because of the quality of the binding and the size of the book, and because I myself suffer from chronic travel fever.

The thing about experiencing new and experiencing oneself in a different context than the usual - I love that. All the unforeseen, and the fact that all one's belongings can be in a suitcase. The expectation, the fleeting acquaintances, the parting, joys, sorrows, crises. New smells, sounds, temperatures, languages. Life compressed in a suitcase.

Still, it was with a healthy dose of skepticism that I sat down to read the many accounts from all over the world. Because I've read lots of stories from travelers, and many of them never quite reach the heart, but are in danger of becoming superficial stories about which train you traveled on and how much fun it was when you bathed in havet. Gape.

It's a bit like sitting next to a storytelling traveled uncle for the family party. The content of the conversation can go both ways - and it is only when you ask the right questions that the stories unfold.

“Chronic travel fever”: Unique perspectives on the whole world

The stories in "Chronic Travel Fever" promise to give readers unique perspectives that can expand their horizons, and they all contain a personal message. And that promise holds! “Chronic Travel Fever” really expands my world with its breathtaking stories.

The stories in the book are each short and easy to go to, and that's only good, because with so much storytelling, I need to read in small doses - especially because I'm wildly jealous of those who have made travel a way of life. . It’s a bit like with chocolate; a certain portion is good but I can also get too much.

Some of them - such as the story from Guatemala, where I myself have lived for several years - could easily be longer and penetrate deeper into the culture, the paradoxes and everything else. But such is the format. For the stories are just short, easy to go to and to that extent give me a travel fever. They are just a taste of the world.

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Travel stories you can feel in your body

I can live into most reports in “Chronic travel fever”. Squeeze a tear, smile at whimsical scenes, and think about life and our diversity in many of the stories. And not least, I feel the urge to travel for longer periods of time to immerse myself, contribute to communities and get to know other cultures and people.

For example, the account of repeated visits to a nomadic tribe in Russia me deeply because it is both a description of a mythical people, a friendship and because, I can feel the author behind.

The story of Nepal is humorous, and speaks straight into my own fascination with visiting the same place many times. The place where I am always fascinated by - and feel drawn to - people, nature and mystery.

Galapagos - this fabled place where a traveled writer has to work as a volunteer. I recognize myself in all the insecure, the uncertain, the unknown that lay before me when I first went out as a volunteer and stood alone at Guatemala City Airport and had been forgotten by the Spanish school that was to pick me up.

A tale of an insight into a Tunisian prison during a journey is also very readable.

And so are most of the narratives. Short, humorous, in-depth stories that are as diverse as the countries and authors of the world. The stories will each appeal to different people, and they actually appeal to myself at different times of my life as well.

Chronic travel fever - also with me

All in all, "Chronic Travel Fever" is a really good and beautiful travel book, which has definitely given me inspiration and substance for the many travel dreams. I'm sure it's a book I will return to again and again, and which will continue to give me new experiences and perspectives, and not least, the big dreams of traveling away for a long time will be kept on fire. thanks to this book.

Traveled writers with something on heart

About Chronic Travel Fever writes the publisher:

- "Chronic travel fever" is a series of three travel books with some of the very best travel stories that have been told over the past 25 years in the Travelers' Club.

The travel books are filled with travel stories from around the world - all seven continents - and travel stories told by traveled writers with something on their minds. With the publication of the three volumes in the book series "Chronic travel fever", we want to focus on the joy of travel and create a greater understanding of our surroundings, expand readers' horizons and give them a greater view. “

The book can be bought from the publisher, a number of bookstores and borrowed from the library.

About the author

Joan Juanita Andersen

Joan J. Andersen is heavily inspired by her years in Guatemala's contrasting society. In her lyrics, she describes the raw reality, added a touch of magic. Her debut Dream Landfill is a documentary depiction of her years among the slum dwellers around the large landfill in Guatemala City.
Her next work "One day we will get away from here" is expected to be published in 2018.



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