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World Travel: That's why I travel the world

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Jacob has been thinking about why he travels and what inspires him to get going. Maybe you can nod in recognition of a thing or two.
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World Travel: That's why I travel the world af Jacob Gowland Jørgensen.

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Why do I travel? World travel and local travel

That question arises regularly, and just as quickly there are good, concrete reasons why I should of course go to Moles og Mozambique. And in fact, it can only go too slowly! Nature, people, cities - it all awaits.

Well yes, and then the heat of course. I am currently a climate refugee when I break up the Danish winter into several parts and usually say that I was not born for this climate while I find my summer wool sweater…

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Jacob Gowland Jørgensen - travels - rejsrejsrejs, world travel

The world is bigger than my hometown

But if you now drill a little more, other answers appear from time to time, which are a little more essential. A little more basic. Answers that could indicate that I am probably an incredibly curious person who needs help to experience that the world is bigger than my hometown.

Where I grew up, went to sports, was a coach and where my parents worked. And where I always knew at least one if I took the bus or cycled down to the sports club. It was safe, but it was also a small bubble.

That's why years ago I also became a member of the Travelers' Club, where there were people who also went on world trips, who had world maps with needles on the wall, both for places they had been and places they wanted to go, and where I gets piqued my curiosity.

When I see Madagascar on the map, I start to think about what the capital looks like, what they eat, what kind of music you can hear. And then the thoughts run. And then I meet someone who has just been there who talks about lemurs, waterways and baobab trees. It gives ideas. And travel dreams.

It was also the way I got to visit Iran where I got a hero special travel experience on a friend trip. I had received so many recommendations of the country from other travelers, and although there are only a few countries that have received more bad press over time than Iran, it should be tried.

It's rare to feel like you're coming home as a better person after a trip, but that's how I felt there.

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The courage muscle needs to be trained on world travel

A few years ago I read the travel book "Direktøs", where the rather well-traveled Ida Tin uses the term "To train the courage muscle".

That expression stuck, and since I am fortunately equipped with a certain amount of action, I therefore get more done with my travel dreams than the average. And sometimes I remind myself to “train the courage muscle”, which among other things led to my first solo trip to Africa with him, where I alone traveled around in Ethiopia and Djibouti, and earlier this year with solo tours to Nepal og Sri Lanka.

"There is nothing you can do that can not be done". This also applies to travel, even when illnesses and oddities fill the news.

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Make your own world bigger - go on world trips

Per Uldal, also known as the rapper Per Vers, has in an interview aired his own thoughts on some of the same topics, and personally I think it is some of the more gifted that has been said about the desire to travel and curiosity about the world:

“I first understood what Einstein meant by everything being relative when I had been outside Denmark. As a child, our world expands from the womb, to the home, to the road, to the city one lives in. But the universal task is to continue the expansion. ”

“Someone can expand mentally without traveling physically. But most people need help, and if you have the opportunity, it is one of the most amazing things when you make your own world bigger by experiencing the whole planet we inhabit. ”

He continues: “Most people in the world hang their self-esteem on national pride, but up here in Denmark, it should always be framed by a humility towards the luck of being born in the richest part of the world. That consciousness is the most enriching state of mind to be in.

On my number I sing: It is in the same language we cry and laugh / I have never met anyone I do not look like. The best way to remember yourself is to travel with an open mind ”.

So just get going on your world travels, and remember to learn as much as possible about the world when you go. Then you will quickly see that the world is in color - both physically and mentally.

Nice trip!

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About the author

Jacob Jørgensen, editor

Jacob is a cheerful travel nerd who has traveled in almost 100 countries from Rwanda and Romania to Samoa and Samsø. Jacob is a member of De Berejstes Klub, where he has been a board member for five years, and he has extensive experience with the travel world as a lecturer, magazine editor, consultant, author and photographer. And of course most important of all: As a traveler. Jacob enjoys traveling traditionally such as car holidays to Norway, cruises in the Caribbean and city breaks in Vilnius, and more out-of-the-box trips such as solo trips to the highlands of Ethiopia, road trips to unknown national parks in Argentina and friends trips to Iran.

Jacob is a country expert in Argentina, where he has been 10 times so far. He has spent almost a year in total traveling through the many diverse provinces, from the penguin land in the south to deserts, mountains and waterfalls in the north, and has also lived in Buenos Aires for a few months. In addition, he has special travel knowledge of such diverse places as East Africa, Malta and the countries around Argentina.

In addition to traveling, Jacob is an honorable badminton player, Malbec fan and always fresh on a board game. Jacob has also had a career in the communications industry for a number of years, most recently with the title of Communication Lead in one of Denmark's largest companies, and has for a number of years also worked with the Danish and international meeting industry as a consultant, among others. for VisitDenmark and Meeting Professionals International (MPI). Jacob is currently also an external lecturer at CBS.



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