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Experiences in the Zillertal – more than skiing and hunting

A cozy valley in the middle of Austria. Beautiful nature with good opportunities for skiing and much more.
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Experiences in the Zillertal – more than skiing and hunting is written by Martin Bøgild.

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Winter in the Zillertal

Like all other ski areas in Tyrol is nature around Zillertal in the top league. On cloudless days, the snow-capped mountains stretch as far as the eye can see when you stray up to the top peaks - the perfect place to enjoy dinner or warm up on a hunt when your legs need a break.

If you come in the summer, the landscape is as transformed. The snow-capped mountains have now turned green and offer visitors hiking, mountain biking and climbing in lush and idyllic surroundings. Regardless of the season, there are plenty of experiences in the Zillertal both for the leisurely and for the adventurous. With 180 lifts and 530 piste kilometers, it takes some time before you get tired of skiing in the Zillertal.

Most slopes are located at an altitude of about 2.000 meters, but actually go all the way up to an altitude of 3.250 meters, and therefore there is a snow guarantee all winter. Here is something for families with children, advanced skiers and everything in between, and the world championships in slalom, downhill and Super-G have even been held here.

If you need a break from skiing, you can take a trip to the climbing center in the Zillertal or to the climbing hall at Camping Aufenfeld, where you will find climbing walls with varying degrees of difficulty and up to 16 meters in height.

If the break is to be a little more relaxing, you can visit the thermal baths in Fügen. In addition to wellness, Fügen also offers fun for the little ones and other playful people, for example with a 133 meter long water slide.

Here is also something for the connoisseurs, and both in the ski areas and the valley you will find high quality dining experiences. In the town of Hochfügen, for example, is the restaurant Alexander, which serves food at the really good end. The same goes for the restaurant at the Hotel & Chalet Wedelhütte, where you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic views with the food.

In other words, there are plenty of opportunities for development and a wide range of experiences in the Zillertal.

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Austria - experiences in the Zillertal

How to get to Zillertal easily 

No matter what experiences in the Zillertal draw you in, there is ample opportunity to get going. There are several Danish travel agencies that have quality travel to the Austrian Alps.

Munich Airport is the international airport closest to the Zillertal. There is flights directly from Denmark to Munich.

If you want to drive or take the train, there are also good options. And if you are mostly into that travel sustainably, then there are plenty of opportunities for it in Tyrol and the Zillertal. On the whole, life in Austria is in close harmony with nature. It comes from living with the often violent forces of nature as part of everyday life.

Experiences in the Zillertal and summer in Tyrol

Tyrol attracts far more ski enthusiasts than summer visitors, and the Zillertal is no exception. However, more and more Danes are opening their eyes to the summer's many opportunities on these edges.

The area around the Zillertal has over 1.000 kilometers of hiking trails in beautiful surroundings. It is balm for the soul when you go and enjoy the view of the grass and tree-clad mountains, which are framed by the blue sky at the top and the river Ziller at the bottom of the valley.

Speaking of sky and water, here are both good conditions for paragliders and bathers. On the mountain Spieljoch there are very fine conditions for paragliders, and for beginners it is possible to try a tandem flight with a tanned paraglider. In the valley you can relax and swim at the outdoor swimming pool Fügen and the natural swimming lake Schlitters.

If you are more into pedal sports, Zillertal has 800 kilometers of well-described cycling routes, where altitude profiles, distances and GPS data appear and make planning the cycling trip easy.

Here you can rent both mountain bikes and racing bikes, and for the more leisurely, here are electric bikes, so that even the less exercise-loving can enjoy the surroundings on two wheels.

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Events, markets and music experiences in the Zillertal

The Zillertal and Tyrol in general are full of festivals and events all year round. In winter, most things are naturally focused around snow, skiing and cold. The rest of the year it is on market days with lots of local delicacies from the area's farms.

Music is also high on the hit list - and yes, it is often Tyrolean music that is on the poster. There is a guarantee of good mood and high spirits when the local orchestras perform. Of course, there are other genres available as well if it gets too much with brass instruments and umpa-umpa.

Although Tyrol is not immediately known for wine, you will not be fooled by wine festivals with lots of tastings. Austria is a great wine country and you should not deceive yourself to try the local varieties of both red and white.

In addition to markets, music and wine in stride, there are food festivals of all kinds, and you should probably be allowed to taste all that Tyrol has to offer. The mountainous and lush landscape provides perfect conditions for growing fresh produce, and the taste of Tyrol is fresh.

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Regardless of the season, there are plenty of experiences in the Zillertal - have fun and viel Spaß i Austria!

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