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Travel to Austria: This is what you need to see from east to west

Austria - nature - mountains
Here are the editors' travel tips for finding exactly the place in Austria that suits your trip.
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Travel to Austria: This is what you need to see from east to west is written by Jacob Gowland Jørgensen.

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A trip to Austria is everything you know - and much more

You definitely know Austria as a country, but do you know it as a travel country? Because there are big differences in the broad country in the middle of Europe, and there are many different types of sights and experiences.

Austria is also an obvious travel country all year round. Just choose the corner that suits you and the time you travel.

Austria is twice the size of Denmark and almost 600 km long from east to west. All the way from Lake Constance on the border with Switzerland og Germany in the west to Lake Neusiedler on the border with Hungary in East.

So come here when you want to travel in Austria and see what are the known and unknown areas, cities and sights. From east to west, and from north to south.

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Vienna - Silver Tray travel offers - travel

Classical Vienna and the plains to the east

Austria's capital Vienna is one of the absolute most overlooked and interesting cultural cities in Europe, and the city has plenty of experiences for all ages. It is both classic and subtle and is both beautiful and has an edge.

Vienna was once located in the middle of a large kingdom, but as is the case with Copenhagen, the capital has now ended up being located in the easternmost part of the country. The Danube flows through the city and state of Vienna, and the river gives life and air to the metropolis.

In Vienna, of course, you have to experience the classical culture. We can recommend Schönbrunn Palace, Künstlerhaus, Klimt Villa and of course the Sigmund Freud Museum. And afterwards you must go out and experience the living city.

Go to the Prater amusement park in the heart of Vienna, where there is life and happy days, and where you will go for a ride on the Ferris wheel. It is somewhat Vienna's answer to Dyrehavsbakken and is quite cozy.

also visit Hundertwasser House right in the center, and find a good café and enjoy city life. And not surprisingly, wine is actually produced in Vienna, so you can enjoy a lot of local grapes.

Vienna is also known for several major cities music festivals that Sunsplash og Danube Island Festival, and of course lots of classics concerts with Viennese music.

The city is also an epicenter for shopping opportunities. In Vienna's Old Town you will find many luxury shops in the streets and at the magazine Goldenes Quartier in the same area. If you are in slightly different price ranges, Mariahilfer Straße is a clear favorite among visitors to satisfy their shopping urge.

If you want to taste something a little different from Austria's very traditional meat cuisine, Vienna's many eateries offer a sea of ​​green alternatives for both vegans and vegetarians.

Vienna is an obvious stop on the way on your trip to Austria or for an extended weekend.

Vienna is located on the flat plains that stretch into Hungary, and therefore the nature does not resemble the classic image of Austria either.

You can sail on the Danube through the river valleys and enjoy the beautiful scenery. And when you're out to experience the Danube anyway, it's also obvious to visit the wine mecca Wachau a little outside Vienna if you like wine.

Austria - Graz, Kunsthaus Graz - Travel Travel in Austria

Graz and your trip to southeastern Austria

If you move south, you will find Austria's second largest city Graz, which is the size of Aarhus and worth a visit.

At first glance, it is clear that Graz is a city in the middle of Europe with influence from all directions and at all times. Beautiful Italian-style baroque and renaissance houses are located next to wild and futuristic buildings.

If you are into wine and exercise, then there is an obvious one cycle route, which is based on precisely Thank you.

Graz is also the center of the border region of Styria Slovenia. In southern Styria and the neighboring region Carinthia the climate is warm and mild in summer, yes, almost Mediterranean.

You are close to Italy and at the same time there are alpine huts ad libitum. Southeastern Austria is an obvious destination as part of drive yourself vacation in this part of Europe.

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Austria - hallstatt lake Travel in Austria - travel

Salzburg, Salzkammergut and Hallstatt: Lake Highlands a la Austria

If you move further into Austria, you will find some of the world-famous natural gems in the Salzkammergut lake area, and not least the well-known city of Salzburg. Salzburg is Austria in top form.

Here there are Mozart balls, the culture from "The Sound of Music" and all right in the middle of the Alps. All in all, Salzburg is just Austria when it's really nice. If you need more culture, the former European city of culture Linz is only an hour and a half away.

In the area of ​​Salzkammergut, which lies south and east of Salzburg, is Lake Halstatt, which is of course on lists of natural pearls in Europe, and the area is overall impressively beautiful.

Salzkammergut is also ideal as a swimming destination, as the countless lakes are known for their extraordinarily clean water, so just take the kids with you and take a dip. This is also where you will find Sky ladder.

If you are looking for the optimal Ski to the family in the wonderful Austrian alps, so is St. Johann in Salzburg the place for you. The area is especially suitable for beginners and easy-going, which is perfect if the children need to have skis on their feet for the first time. However, the area also offers challenges and activities for all enthusiasts who can not get enough of life in the snow.

30 kilometers further west you will find Schladming-Dachstein, which is particularly known for its child-friendly activities. In Rohrmoos - 10 minutes drive from Schladming - is the adventure trail Fairy tale path. Here children and childish souls can go exploring and meet well-known fairy tale figures carved in wood and painted so we can know them. There are also plenty of opportunities for skiing holidays here.

Further west lies the known Zell am See-Kaprun. Near Zell am See is the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier, which can be experienced with or without skis. Either way, it is well worth a visit. Here you will also find Flachau, which has many summer activities such as mountain carting.

In Zell am See-Kaprun there are also plenty of opportunities for relaxation if that is what you need. There are several spa places to be found both in and around the city, where you can get a relaxing massage or bathe in the outdoor and indoor pools. You can experience this, among other things, at TAUEN Spa, which is located in the area.

Of course, the spa hotels are not only limited to this area and you can find these wellness-oases in many places around Austria. For example, in the fashionable city Bad Gastein.

Further west is Salzburger Saalachtal another beautiful area known for family activities and climbing for all. Saalachtal borders perhaps the most well-known region in Austria: Tyrol.

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Austria - Kitzbühel Tyrol - landscape golf trip - travel

A trip to Austria often includes Tyrol & surroundings

There is a reason why Tyrol became a well-known travel destination when the Danes began to discover Europe in the 60s.

Exactly like other classics such as Harzen and Majorca it is a beautiful natural area that has lots of cozy small towns and an excellent infrastructure.

Here you will find a pearl of holiday resorts such as St. Johann in Tirol, which is obvious to family vacation and to hiking. There is also Brixental with igloos, Hopfgarten with the iconic mountain Hohe Salve and a giant ski area, and Zillertal, known as an area where there is more than usual many activities all year.

Wildschönau is located in a valley in the middle of Tyrol at the Kitzbühel Alps and includes the church towns of Niederau, Oberau, Thierbach and Auffach. The cities are characterized by family-run hotels and restaurants, where you will be spoiled culinary with food from the traditional Tyrolean cuisine.

Tyrol is perhaps best known for its mountains, but you can too play golf here, and it is, of course, obvious that cycling in Tyrol on the many signposted routes.

Austria - Krystalwelten - crystal world innsbruk Travel in Austria - travel

Innsbruck and Swarowski Crystal Worlds

Further west you will find the capital of Tyrol Innsbruck, which lies between the snow-capped Alps and is worth visiting all four seasons of the year. In winter, it is one of Austria's most distinguished ski areas, where summer instead offers a myriad of magnificent hiking trails through green valleys.

If you are instead ready for a bit of an adrenaline rush on your trip to Austria, you can skip the bungee jump from the Europa Bridge.

Swarowski is world famous for crystals and they have even opened a theme park where the crystals are in focus. Parken Kristallwelten - or 'Crystal Worlds'in English - is known for its uniqueness, among other things waterfall and is quite close to Innsbruck.

Austria arlberg travels

Western Austria: Ski and Liechtenstein

Far to the west, there are several beautiful areas sandwiched in between Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland og Italy, and it is obvious to go on day trips in the border areas, for example to Vaduz in Liechtenstein and to Bregenz on the edge of Lake Constance.

Westernmost Austria is classic ski holiday country.

In the German-Austrian ski area Oberstdorf Kleinwalsertal there is ample opportunity to frolic on the slopes. There are in fact as many as 130 continuous piste kilometers. They are spread out on the Nebelhorn, Fellhorn, Söllereck, Kanzelwand, Heuberg, Walmendingerhorn and Ifen.

If you are into challenging slopes, beautiful scenery and cheerful après ski, then this is it Arlberg in Austria the place for you. 

In the past, the off-piste mecca of Sankt Anton am Arlberg and the slopes of Lech Zürs formed two separate areas.

The establishment of a new lift, the Flexenbahn lift, merged the two areas into one great destination, which has become one of the world's best. There are now 305 kilometers of continuous pistes, so there is plenty of room to frolic.

As the only place so far in Austria you can grow here heli-skiing, so that it is possible to visit otherwise inaccessible mountain peaks. 

There is of course also après ski ad libitum. Most famous is the bar 'MooserWirt', and this is where you should go if you are into classic schlager hits. The bar also has a reputation for being the place in Austria that sells the most draft beer per square meter.

Austria - Flachau - high ropes course - travel

Traveling in Austria

Austria truly contains many experiences and sights. And then it works. Everything is well organized, the locals are friendly and helpful, and the prices are lower than in Denmark – especially on food and drink.

In fact, the different cities and areas go quite far to make it very easy to be a visitor. There are often free admission cards for experiences, lifts and buses included in the accommodation, and there are always several fully signposted day trips to choose from, no matter where you go.

The bike routes have GPS maps that you can pick up for your phone, and are also signposted along the way. The routes go both in circles and across cities, so you can choose how far you want to cycle. If you want a little extra tailwind on the bike path, it may be advisable to rent an electric bike.

Many smaller towns also have both lakes and bathing establishments that you can enjoy if the heat becomes too intense over the summer. And then the cities are bound together by trains and buses at crossroads.

The very varied nature of course gives some quite different climate zones, but no matter where you go, you are never far from what you are just missing. If you want to get wiser on the different corners of the country, there is a good overview here and with it Austrian Tourist Office.

Austria is an obvious travel country all year round. Just choose the corner that suits you and the time you travel. Whether it's on a self-drive holiday to Austria, a camping trip, on a train journey, or you fly down there.

See much more about traveling in Austria here

Good trip to Austria.

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About the author

Jacob Jørgensen, editor

Jacob is a cheerful travel nerd who has traveled in almost 100 countries from Rwanda and Romania to Samoa and Samsø. Jacob is a member of De Berejstes Klub, where he has been a board member for five years, and he has extensive experience with the travel world as a lecturer, magazine editor, consultant, author and photographer. And of course most important of all: As a traveler. Jacob enjoys traveling traditionally such as car holidays to Norway, cruises in the Caribbean and city breaks in Vilnius, and more out-of-the-box trips such as solo trips to the highlands of Ethiopia, road trips to unknown national parks in Argentina and friends trips to Iran.

Jacob is a country expert in Argentina, where he has been 10 times so far. He has spent almost a year in total traveling through the many diverse provinces, from the penguin land in the south to deserts, mountains and waterfalls in the north, and has also lived in Buenos Aires for a few months. In addition, he has special travel knowledge of such diverse places as East Africa, Malta and the countries around Argentina.

In addition to traveling, Jacob is an honorable badminton player, Malbec fan and always fresh on a board game. Jacob has also had a career in the communications industry for a number of years, most recently with the title of Communication Lead in one of Denmark's largest companies, and has for a number of years also worked with the Danish and international meeting industry as a consultant, among others. for VisitDenmark and Meeting Professionals International (MPI). Jacob is currently also an external lecturer at CBS.



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