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Zillertal in Austria: Active holidays in the mountains

Austria - hiking mountains Zillertal
In the middle of Tyrol and in the middle of the mountains lies one of the most popular destinations in Austria: the Zillertal. The Alpine adventure starts here.
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Zillertal in Austria: Active holidays in the mountains is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs.

Austria - hiking mountains Zillertal

Top destination Zillertal

There is a good reason why the Zillertal is one of the top destinations in Austria. The valley is right in the middle Tyrol, close to Innsbruck and on the way to Italy.

The Zillertal is surrounded by photo-friendly mountains that rise more than three kilometers, and the beautiful and sunny valley has a wealth of adrenaline-fueled activities for the adventurous and plenty of opportunities for relaxation for the whole family. In other words, it is a fairly obvious package solution for an easy and active holiday.

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Austria - zillertal tyrol special trips - travel

Mountain hiking in and around the valley

For hikers, the possibilities are almost endless in the Zillertal in Austria. In the valley are the relatively flat routes where the whole family can join in, while the panoramic tours are laid out high up in the mountains. Over 100 kilometers of special Nordic walking and running routes have even been established.

If classic hiking is not challenging enough, you can try your hand at the raw cliff sides both with decided climbing routes as well as a number of via via ferrataroutes. Here you are secured on the steepest passages via steel wires that are bolted to the rocks, and via ferratathe routes are level divided so you can bring the kids on the easiest ones.

And it is precisely the children who have been given a lot of thought. Activity parks such as Erlebnisberg Spieljoch and Fichtenschloss are among the youngest in the family. The latter is a large activity park with rope and climbing path, suspension bridge and streams, while Erlebnisberg Spieljoch offers rock climbing, gold digging adventure, mini zoo and 'Flying Fox' - a wild glide trip, where you are connected to a stretched steel wire.

Austria - mountain biking - travel

Ride your bike and take the train home

There are more than 1.200 kilometers of cycle paths and roads, so there is plenty to throw yourself over, whether you are into mountain biking, Downhilldriving or country road. If you need to be challenged, you can take the steep and difficult Ice Skogel Single Trail, which offers driving with steep curves, jumps and good climbs.

If you want to have fun, the Zillertaler Radweg is ideal for a family outing, because the route is laid out along the Ziller river, where you experience the beautiful and lush landscape in the valley up close. The Zillertalbahn's local train also runs along the route, and it does not cost extra to bring the bike, so many choose to ride a bike and return by train.

In the Zillertal you want to have everyone with you - also those who need a little extra help in the hilly terrain - so everywhere there is rental of electric bikes, and in the valley you will find more than 30 charging stations. You can get help with planning where you live, and a large number of routes are described with length, altitude profile and GPS data.

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Austria - mountain biking - travel

How to get to the Zillertal in Austria

There are a number of Danish travel agencies that have trips to Austria, among others Aktiv Rejser, Vitus and FDM Travel. Most major airlines have direct routes to Austria, but often only Viennathat is not quite close. You need to look for Innsbruck or Salzburg. You can also easily drive there. It is obvious to combine the Zillertal with the 'chocolate city' Salzburg.

An active holiday with lift rides, entrances and transport can quickly strain the budget, but with one Zillertaler Activcard in hand you can save a lot of money. The card is available for six, nine or twelve days, and it provides access to ten of the area's lifts, six different outdoor baths and Zillertal's public transport options. In addition, good discounts are given.

The Austrian Tourist Office has lots of great tips for the Zillertal, Tyrol and the rest of Austria for the whole family. See much more on their Danish website here.

If you need tips and tricks on how to plan your trip to Austria, read our great travel guide. You can also sign up the newsletter, which comes 1-2 times a month if you want to stay up to date with tips and tricks for Austria and the other countries in the region.

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Water! Glaciers, waterfalls and bathing lakes

At the bottom of the 47-kilometer-long valley, the Ziller River meanders, and the water has been used for the benefit of all who love water. There is, for example, the experience thermal bath Zillertal, just as the bathing lake Schlitters is very popular. Zillertal in Austria is also enriched with as many as 15 different waterfalls, where the water masses spill over the edge and are atomized in the sun's rays.

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Finally, even in the middle of the summer holidays, you can feel the water in a frozen state by taking an excursion to the Hintertux Glacier. The glacier and the surrounding mountains offer hiking trails with panoramic views, cabins that serve hearty local lunch and a unique wildlife where you can experience mountain gems - a kind of mountain goats - and whistling marmots…

There are more canyoningtrips where you take turns climbing the rocks as well as rappelling and jumping in the waterfalls, or Raftingtrips where you speed past pieces of rock and eddies at full speed.

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Austria - paragliding mountains - travel

In the Zillertal in Austria you can fly like an eagle

The Spieljoch adventure park is also the paradise of paragliders. In fact, the Zillertal is considered one of Europe's best spots for paragliding, and on several occasions the World Paragliding Championships have been held in the area. Experienced pilots are welcome to set up the screen themselves, while less experienced ones can book tandem tours at one of the many adventure agencies in the valley.

In the air float the large birds of prey looking for the day's meal, and if you want to experience the fascinating animals up close, there are fine eagle and falconry shows on Mount Ahorn at Mayrhofen. Here - at an altitude of more than two kilometers - you can experience the beautiful birds show off their skills in hunting and aerial acrobatics, while the falconers talk about breeding and training. It's a great experience.

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Have a good trip to the Zillertal in Austria!

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