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Sri Lanka Beach Travel
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Travel favorites: 10 countries to experience in 2020

Do you lack inspiration for your next trip? Here are 10 selected travel favorites you should visit in 2020.
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Af Johanne Iben Johansen

Japan Tokyo City Life Travel

Olympics in Tokyo

The Olympics are held in Tokyo in 2020, so there are natural 1s on this list.

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This summer is the fourth time that Japan must be the host country for the Olympic Games, and the Olympics are just another reason to visit the amazing country.

Japan is one of the most exciting cultural countries where tradition and futurism meet. So head east and combine culture, nature and one of the world's biggest sporting events in 2020. And it can also easily be done with children.

Tokyo is definitely one of the editorial staff's travel favorites.

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Rijeka: Capital of Culture in 2020

Most people have heard of Split or Dubrovnik, but very few people know about it Croatia third largest city Rijeka. That's going to change. The city has been designated European Capital of Culture by 2020 along with Irish Galway. It means lots of events and festival atmosphere all year round.

If you want to experience the authentic Croatian atmosphere without a rush of tourists, the Adriatic coastal town is definitely worth a visit.

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Ireland Galway City of Culture Travel

The west coast of Ireland

Charming and lively Galway is definitely worth a visit if you are into Irish pubs, great restaurants and beautiful scenery. Not many places can compete with Ireland on good ambiance and beautiful scenery, and in Galway it is as Irish as it can get.

The thriving city lies on it Irish west coast, and is rich in history. Galway has therefore also been designated European Capital of Culture in 2020, where language, landscapes and migration will be the main themes for the many events.

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Saudi Arabia Mosque Travel

Saudi Arabia: A new opportunity

It has so far been very difficult to travel to conservative Saudi Arabia, but now the country has opened up to tourists with new visa rules.

A smaller need for oil in the world means that the desert country will focus more on tourism in the future. The country offers, among other things, the UNESCO World Heritage Sites Diriyah and Madain Saleh, and the capital Riyadh.

If you are tired of overcrowded tourist destinations, Saudi Arabia is an alternative to e.g. Oman or Dubai.

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Sri Lanka Beach Travel

Sri Lanka: One of the editors' travel favorites in the Indian Ocean

Are you considering visiting Sri Lanka? Then 2020 is a good time to do it. After experiencing a decline in tourism, the country has made visas free for a period, which so far runs until February.

Sri Lanka is a small country with as many as eight places on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Beautiful mountain landscapes, tea plantations and white sandy beaches are just some of the experiences the country offers. And they really want visitors.

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Iguazu Argentina Travel

Argentina: One of the editorial staff's travel favorites in South America

Argentina is always a good idea - and an extra good idea at the moment. The local currency has plummeted. The price level is almost comparable to Thailand, and the quality is at a western level. In particular, it is incredibly cheap to eat out at the many eminent restaurants.

Therefore, if you are looking for a travel destination with value for money, Argentina is pretty obvious. And if you are also into big city, good food, wine, magnificent nature experiences and waterfalls are Argentina a destination you should visit in 2020.

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Copenhagen: Out well - at home is also good

The European Football Championships are coming to Copenhagen, and it will happen in 2020!

In addition to hosting the European Championships bids København of culinary and cultural experiences, which can still surprise one, even if one already lives in the city. Something always happens, and both the traditional and the alternative Copenhagen are definitely worth a visit, also in 2020.

See our city guide to Copenhagen here

Austria Alps Travel

Austria: Beer, Alps and one of our travel favorites in Europe

Austria is home to unique experiences, both summer and winter. Whether you are skiing in the Alps, hiking among beautiful mountains and green valleys, or whether it is Tyrolean music and draft beer that draws, then Austria the place! Salzburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and this time the big Salzburg Festival is 100 years old.

Go to Austria in 2020 and we promise you will not be disappointed.

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South Africa Table Mountain Travel

A travel favorite: Much more than a safari in South Africa

Of course is South Africa obvious to safari experiences world-class, but the country offers so much more than that.

Visit the iconic Table Mountain in Cape Town or head to Hermanus on the south coast in September and spot whales. There are plenty of experiences in South Africa, also in 2020, where it is extra cheap because the currency is low.

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USA New York Travel

Elections in the USA!

If you have not already come up with a good excuse to visit USA, the presidential election in November 2020 is at least a good reason. Experience one of the most significant elections in the world, and be in the forefront when we find out if Trump will get 4 more years in the presidency, or if there will be a new name for the White House mailbox. You can, for example, visit New York, Chicago or go to the national parks to the west.

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These were the editorial staff's 10 selected travel favorites in 2020. We hope you find your dream destination.

Nice trip!

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