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Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands: A journey across 7 beautiful places

Here you get 7 beautiful places to visit in the Faroe Islands.

Faroe Islands: A journey across 7 beautiful places is written by Sarah Green.

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Faroe Islands: A beautiful archipelago in the North Atlantic

Wild and harsh, and yet small and manageable. The Faroe Islands are one of the most beautiful places in Northern Europe, and then the islands are small enough that you can easily see most of them in a single week by car. The small archipelago consists of 18 islands, most of which are connected by tunnels.

When the fog rolls down from the mountains in the Faroe Islands and envelops the enchanted rock formations, one understands well why the islands contain so many legends and myths. And before you know it, you too have been struck by the special Faroese magic.

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travel to Mykines travel

Mykines Island - a paradise for puffins

Mykines is a fun narrow Faroese island with only 10 permanent inhabitants. The boat ride here takes 45 minutes, and from the port you can walk all the way out to the lighthouse on the western tip of the island. On the way you will pass a colony of the world's probably cutest birds; the puffins with the mournful eyes and colorful beaks.

The colony consists of several hundred birds, which are fun to watch as they tumble in from the sea with their beaks full of small fish. The walk takes about an hour. You can sail to Mykines from the port of Sørvágur, located on the island of Vágar.

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travel to Gasadalur travel

The waterfall at Gasadalur

For many years you had to hike across the mountain to get to the small town of Gasadalur, which means Gåsedalen in Danish. But since 2004 it has been possible to drive here through a tunnel. What luck, because the place is simply so beautiful.

Below the settlement, the waterfall Múlafossur runs beyond the cliff and into the sea. If the wind is strong enough, the waterfall blows sideways or almost vertically up again. Here you can really experience the wild forces of nature, for which the Faroe Islands are so famous.

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Trollkonufingur travels

The Wizard's Finger

In the town of Sandavágur, a sign and a path lead you on the trail of the cliff Trøllkonufingur - "Troldkonens Finger". From the small car park there is only a 15 minute walk out to the dramatic rocky shore, where one finger of the petrified sorceress sticks up the water like a 313 high monolith.

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Sarah Green Saksun


A long narrow road winds through the Faroese nothingness. Everywhere, the black-and-white beach damage is darting around. They are called Tjaldur in Faroese and are the islands' national bird. When you arrive in the small village of Saksun, it is almost like having traveled back in time.

A collection of small stone houses with grass on the roof and a small white church make up the village, which is beautifully situated on the mountainside overlooking the fjord. At low tide you can walk on the beach along the fjord and all the way out to sea.

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travel in the Faroe Islands - Sarah Green tjornuvik travels - cropped


In the town of Tjørnuvík you can see from the beach the two rock formations Risin and Kellingin. Legend has it that the giants in Iceland were jealous of the beauty of the Faroe Islands and sent the two giants, Risin and Kellingin, "The Giant and the Bitch", to draw the islands closer. They were so busy that they did not notice the sunrise and turned to stone in the morning light.

Just before you reach the town of Tjørnuvík, you can spot the island's highest waterfall by the roadside. It's called Fóssa, which literally means waterfall in Faroese.

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travel in the Faroe Islands

Trøllanes on the island of Kalsoy

The North Islands are the most remote and dramatic of the Faroe Islands and really worth a visit. Especially the island of Kalsoy, where a short trip by car ferry and four narrow tunnels brings you to the small town of Trøllanes. Here is a 30-minute walk to the northernmost tip of the island, where there is a lighthouse on the narrow steep cliffs.

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travel in the Faroe Islands Sarah Green Gjovg

The natural harbor Gjógv and the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands

The trip to the city with the distinctive name Gjógv is one of the most beautiful car journeys on your journey in the Faroe Islands. The hairpin bends take you past the Faroe Islands' highest mountain Slætteratindur, before you land safely again between the colorful houses in Gjógv.

The natural harbor of the town is incredibly beautiful, and to the left of the harbor is a path up the mountain to a fine vantage point where you can look over to the island of Kalsoy.

The Faroe Islands in the northern part of the kingdom are an overlooked - but quite obvious - destination for nature lovers in particular.

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What to see in the Faroe Islands? Sights and attractions

  • Magic Mykines
  • Vandfaldet Múlafossur
  • The rock formation Trøllkonufingur
  • The village of Saksun
  • The village Tjørnuvík with the high mountains
  • The island of Kalsoy
  • The largest lake in the Faroe Islands, Sørvágsvatn
  • Drangarnir-klipperne
  • The mountain Slættaratindur
  • Byen Gjóvg

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