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Tips and tricks: Travel geeks' 5 best tips

Do you know the little tips and tricks that can give you a better and more comfortable journey? Otherwise you get them right here.
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Tips and tricks: Travel geeks' 5 best tips is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs.

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Travel geeks' tips

In the editorial office here at RejsRejsRejs we have traveled together for many years, and in most countries of the world.

Here are 5 selected travel tips and there are many more in our e-book.

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Airplane - travel

Get a free ride on the trip

When you travel far away, there is a high probability that you will have to stop somewhere along the way and change planes. It is a really good opportunity to experience even more on the journey.

Many airlines allow you to make a 'stopover' on the road for no or very little money when you still have to change planes. With this little trick you can get a 'free' trip on top to an exciting city on the road.  

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Get more good food on the plane - tips for the hungry traveler

The easiest way to get good food on the plane is by making it yourself. If you bring food that is not liquid, it is easy to get through the security check, and then you have it for the flight. A trick we always use ourselves.

Alternatively, you can see if there should be any good food at the airport, which probably does not cost more than it does on board. Also bring an empty water bottle so you can fill it at the airport and bring some water with you for the trip.

If you are flying far with a company serving food on board, then it is perfectly ok to ask if there is more left if you are still hungry. The planes always have more with them than they need, so you can easily be lucky.

Get plenty of space for you and your legs

If you travel two together, choose the seats by the hallway and the window, respectively. This means that the middle seat is free and you have more space for yourself and your things. If the plane is full, someone will come with a ticket to the middle seat, but he or she will definitely want to exchange with one of you, so you will still be sitting together.

On low-cost flights, it costs extra to choose your own seat, and not many do.

Due to the safety on board the plane, however, there must be someone sitting at the emergency exit, so if you ask the cabin crew when you get on board, you may very well be lucky enough to be allowed to sit where there is plenty of legroom. A good trick for the long-legged.

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Luggage - airport - travel tips and tricks

Get your luggage on board - tips for luggage rules

With the reasonably strict rules for especially cabin baggage it pays to pack strategically from home.

There will often be too much hand luggage in the cabin and something needs to be peeled off. In the first instance, it will be the cabin suitcases that are pointed out. If you travel with a soft bag, then it can be more easily squeezed in between other bags and does not need to be put in the luggage compartment of the plane.

Tips & Tricks

Make room for your new favorite souvenirs

Buy and throw away. Wherever you go, you can probably buy most of what you are missing at the destination. So do not take the whole medicine cabinet and the whole wardrobe with you - you can probably handle it with less. Take a look in the wardrobe and see if you have any clothes lying around that you do not wear at home anyway. On the journey, there are not many who will wrinkle their noses at a cheap t-shirt with advertising print.

And if you still do not intend to go in it when you get home, then pass it on to others or throw it away along the way. Then you also have room for the wooden giraffe, the plastic-eiffel tower and the colorful sarong that you still buy to take home from the trip.

Just use our tips and tricks and feel free to share them with others. There are many more in our e-book.

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The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs's regular editorial staff shares both their own personal tips and tricks and tells about everything that happens in the travel world.
We write articles and guides, do competitions and give you the best travel deals, travel lectures and travel fun.

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