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Munich to Botswana: 5 favorite resorts

Munich, Germany, travel
Here are my 5 favorites. From my many travels, these are the places that have provided the greatest experiences.

Munich to Botswana: 5 favorite resorts is written by Sascha Meineche

It sounds very easy. Find the five places you like best. It's so just not straight, I must salute to say. Mage to limitation one has to look long for for someone like me.

But I have now carefully selected the five resorts that first popped up in the tuber on me. The five that send the most and the very coolest memories in me. And as everyone makes me a little warm about the heart - in their own way, mind you. They are quite different. Namely Munich, Canada, New York, Borneo and Botswana.

And well yes, there is one place I should not ask to come to again… I thought otherwise did not exist.

Canada - North America - Travel - Resorts


A perfectly phenomenal country. Dots. Nature is one thing - let's just talk about it first. It's crazy. Oh yes, I know there is an unlikely big difference in where in Canada, one travels. I was primarily on the west coast. And that's phenomenal at least. Such a good, solid three-week ride with the family in tow and me behind directed in a proper satan of an American sled. Starting in Vancouver and then just out to nature. Mountains, glaciers, lakes, several mountains, animals. Everything. It's so crazy that it's fucking like postcards in reality. Everywhere. You get completely breathless from the neatness.

I had two goals - or wishes, if you will - before we left. Two simple wishes, I think to myself. I damn well wanted to see orcas. And bears. Not a week went by, then 50% of that dream was fulfilled. 15 orcas. Right there. And half a week later, the last part was also fulfilled. I was close to happy in that second.

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Orangutan - Malaysia - Borneo - travel - resorts

Borneo, Malaysia

Imagine wading around the rainforest surrounded by wild orangutans hanging in the treetops just above your head. And if you think it's a crazy experience, then you're absolutely right. That is it. One of the best and wildest I've had to date and I'm always starting to have some of that kind in my account.

The wildlife is superb and so is nature. And besides orangutans, which are actually the animal we humans most remember, you can of course also see elephants, a huge and rich wildlife, snakes of all kinds of shadows and so on.

There is actually not a single finger to put on Borneo if you are a natural and animal person. It's just about getting going. It really is a hit of the greats.

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New York - USA - Travel - Munich

New York, USA

I neither can nor will get around New York. To date, it is still the city in the world I would most like to try to live in. Such a firm. Where I have my own place (which is guaranteed not to pay). More than a vacation every now and then. Stay and live there in the very best Carrie Bradshaw style.

I love, love, love New York! Just as much as I love nature; I am a rather complex and open traveler, if I have to say so myself. I love that one can OTHER in New York. That there are no restrictions. You can go to restaurant in the middle of the night, order takeout at strange times, shop when everyone else is sleeping, get McDelivery etc.

Something always happens and I love it. And best of all, something unexpected happens. And that everyone fits in. You have to tease yourself completely as crazy as you want - or do not want. It is accepted. And I'm totally crazy and hesitant about it. It is the exact opposite of what you are offered in Munich, where the city closes at 20.00.

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Germany - Munich - Munich travel - Bavarian capital - Oktoberfest

Munich, Germany

In my opinion, Munich is Europe's most beautiful city. And unfortunately also a slightly overlooked one of a kind.

No, it is not as accessible as Hamburg, where you can get to both quickly and very easily. And no, that's not a euphemism for something else Berlin. But fortunately it is much more than that. And much fatter if you ask me. Beautiful, cozy and absolutely amazing.

The city has the world's largest festival for beer-loving, dance-loving, pretzel-eating people. Frankly, what's not to like?

Munich is the capital of the very conservative state of Bavaria. And yes, we can not get around the fact that Bavaria is conservative. Frederiksberg, go home! But it has its charm. It is really nice that the shops are closed on Sundays - and on weekdays at 20.00. It feels in a way a bit old-fashioned, but at the same time hugely cozy.

Munich is also - as far as I know - one of the only places in Europe where you can surf in the middle of the city. Yes, in the middle of the river Isar. And then Munich also has a park that is larger than Central Park in New York. Who knew? And yes, it is home to Oktoberfest and full of (conservative) love. And then it's just around the corner, so it's just off, friends!

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Botswana - elephant - safari - travel


South Africa neighbor to the north. Maybe not the country that for most rhymes on safari. But it should. The trip here was a slightly atypical family holiday when I was with my father on a hunting trip. It did not make the trip 1% worse - on the contrary.

We were staying at a lodge as the only ones, and the days consisted of getting up early (that is, as in hunter-early) and being on safari for a few hours. The pool was not heated and to be honest, it was piss cold. That meant we were in once.

In our free time (which was not terribly much of because we were with our dad on the hunt twice a day and also went to bed when the sun went down at 19pm), we rode on off-road ATVs, went for walks ( that is, where there was not so great a risk of meeting crocodiles), and read books. Internet was none of that, and luckily for that. It was a magical experience in the middle of no man's land, where we only had nature and each other.

And well yes, my dad had a great hunting trip. He shot 6 animals and 5 of them were medals. They now adorn our living room at home. Along with the 6 others he shot two years later. He's crazy. But it was the spiders an experience I will never ever forget. And yes, you can go to Botswana even if you are not a hunter.

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Spain - Fuerteventura, beach, mountains

Here I basically do not have to go back to…: Fuerteventura

It's probably on the list of great resorts for someone, the small, Spanish lava island, but I will not be going back there.

I have very possibly just been unlucky when years ago I was there with the family for a week. But a hotel with the pool in the shade all day long is already a bad start when there are two children with it. Next, there is not much to see and do - at least not if my memory is still intact. And that in itself is not a bad thing, it might just not be just my cup (travel) tea.

So rather a trip to Munich, Canada's magnificent scenery, the waking streets of New York, Borneo's wildlife or on safari in Botswana.

Good trip to either Munich, Canada, New York, Borneo or Botswana.

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About the author

Sascha Meineche

Sascha is a Jew with his legs planted firmly in the relatively green Frederiksberg soil. As a child, it was on camping trips in Denmark in the summer spiced with slightly more exotic winter destinations. Today, Sascha is bitten by a crazy trip, and can neither collect enough stamps in the passport nor have booked enough trips. There are always at least two trips planned.
Sascha's favorite places in the world count everything from Canada to New York, Botswana and Munich. To put it mildly, there are few places in the world that Sascha does not dream of going to.



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