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Currency on the trip: Here you get the most for your travel money

Here are seven fantastic destinations where the local currency is nice and low compared to the Danish krone, so you can get even more travel experiences.
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Currency on the trip: Here you get the most for your travel money written by Rikke Bank Egeberg

Banknotes - Exchange Rates Travel, currency

Here are seven destinations where it local currency in recent times it has fallen somewhat in relation to the Danish krone. In these countries, you can therefore sit down at a café or book an extra night without thinking too much about the bill. And it's always fun on the trip.

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Mendoza - Argentina - travel

Argentina currency

The popular travel country Argentina is hard hit financially. The many concerns about the political line have meant that the Argentine peso has fallen by 43% against the Danish krone! This means that a good Malbec or juicy steak, which previously cost 100 kroner, is today down to 57 kroner. In other words, Argentina is the best deal of the year.

Could it be tempting, for example, with a bike ride in the vineyards through Mendoza's beautiful landscape? Or another trip Patagonia? Maybe try some of the world's best ice cream in Buenos Aires? Argentina is always a blast of a travel destination, now just cheaper than longer, and air fares are also some of the lowest in 15 years, i.a. thanks to Norwegian.

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Australia Opera House Travel


lands down under is known to be an expensive destination. However, as the euro has risen almost 2016% against the Australian dollar since 11, it is no longer so expensive. So maybe it's about time to get experienced Jørn Utzon's famous opera, the cool surfing beaches or city life in Melbourne?

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Iceland, Grotte, Iceland, Travel

Icelandic currency

The last few years have been financially tough for Iceland. Foreign investors have started selling off the country's assets, which has had its consequences for the Icelandic krone, which has fallen above 10%. Iceland is not a super cheap destination, but it is at least now that you should go up and see the beautiful waterfalls and geysers, for nature is absolutely world class.

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Sweden - Hemsedal - ski holiday - travel


We stay in the Nordic region, where our Swedish neighbors are affected by disappointing key figures. Concerns about the world economy have hit Sweden in connection with their large industrial exports. The Swedish currency is right now down to 0,70 Danish kroner, and therefore it pays to cross the Sound and buy various local goods or book the ski holiday beyond.

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sigiriya - Sri Lanka - Travel, currency

Currency in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka offers many exciting experiences, which include yoga stays, sustainable hotels and a fascinated wildlife. The list is long. Here, as Europeans, we also have an advantage with the strong euro that the Danish krone follows, because their currency has not kept up.

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South Africa - travel, currency

South Africa

The strong euro is also felt in South Africa. Where in the past it has been for the few to get on the big safari experience, the last few years have become a lot more manageable in terms of price. It is a completely unique experience to get up close and experience the wild animals in their natural habitat. South Africa is also perfect to combine with Swaziland or Namibia.

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pamukkale turkey, currency


Turkey is many things for us, including all-inclusive hotels in Alanya, the cultural Istanbul and the beautiful nature experiences when you take a little away from the cities. With the Danish currency, which is significantly stronger than the Turkish lira, you will in many places save 20% - again here, it is the political uncertainty that is to blame for the low exchange rate.

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And when you are at the destination, there are just a few tips that can make you get even more out of your hard-earned travel money:

  1. Pay in local currency instead of eg dollars
  2. Buy local goods and brands in the country you are in. There is also more sustainable

Nice trip!

This travel guide is written based on sources from Berlingske og InsideFlyer and own experiences in the editorial office.

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About the travel writer

Rikke Bank Egeberg

Rikke, who studies intercultural market studies on a daily basis and with a bachelor's degree in Spanish language and culture from the University of Copenhagen, has always been very inquisitive in the world. Meeting new cultures and traveling to Spanish-speaking countries is always at the top of the wish list. In addition to local bus trips through banana plantations, where the door is always open and half farms are included as passengers, sailing is also one of her favorite modes of travel with an expectation of exploring the Caribbean by boat after graduation. Rikke has also lived in Costa Rica, Barcelona and Colombia.




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