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The 7 best cities for you who love food

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Here at the editorial office, we love food, also when we travel, so here you get tips for the best food cities in the world.

The 7 best cities for you who love food is written by Laura Graf.

Denmark copenhagen food Vandkunstens Sandwich - 5 sandwiches

Food and travel in wonderful association

When I am asked what I love to do in my free time, the first two things that pop up in my brain are food and travel - and preferably in a wonderful association.

I don’t quite remember where and when it started, but it has reached a point where I actually skip sightseeing to eat my way through a city’s most popular and best eateries.

In my opinion, food is a perfect way to experience a different culture and learn more about the country's customs and traditions - or maybe it's just an excuse to eat even more cake!

Here are therefore 7 fantastic food cities I think you should experience.

  • Israel tel aviv hummus mad foodie travel
  • Tel Aviv - Israel - beach

Tel Aviv, Israel: Food for All

It probably does not come as a big surprise, because Israeli food is super delicious. It is versatile, fresh and full of flavors: falafel, shakshuka og humus all the way! With the highest number of vegans per capita in the world, there is something in Israeli cuisine for all kinds of diets and food preferences, from meat to plant-based.

If you need to Tel Aviv, be sure to explore the private dining options, private dinners. These are locals who love to cook and who happily invite you to dinner in their own home. It's a great local experience.

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Portugal postage port wine travel

Porto, Portugal: Food on the Duoro River

Porto is slowly getting out of The shadow of Lisbon, and rightly so!

The town is beautifully situated on the Duoro River, inviting to enjoy one Galao and the obligatory dessert Custard Tart by the water.

Finally, do not deceive yourself for a port wine tasting (or two) in one of the many local wine cellars. For quite a bit of money, you can go on a trip and taste a variety of local port wines afterwards. Health!

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Italy - Bologna - pizza - foodie - food - travel

Bologna, Italy: Food for the connoisseur

Oh, Bologna, you have a very special place in my heart.

When I think of Bologna in Italy, I think fresh tagliatelle with ragu, aromatic pizzas, delicious cakes, lots of homemade ice cream - gelato - and strong espresso to rinse it all down with.

As soon as you set foot in the northern Italian city, you understand why it is called "the fat one". There are endless opportunities to eat out, and plenty of temptations to get your sugar cravings under control. That's why you should probably just keep your Bologna visits to once a year…

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Serbia Belgrade Food Foodie Travel

Belgrade, Serbia: The cool food city

Belgrade is a cool city in many ways, and the food culture is much more exciting than you might think. You will find many hip cafes and bars in the city and close to the harbor promenade, and many restaurants offer surprisingly many vegetarian dishes.

The restaurants are often located in ordinary apartment complexes without clear signs or signage, so they may be a little difficult to spot, but they are there - just ask the locals.

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Germany - Berlin - pancakes pancakes - foodie food travel

Berlin, Germany: Whole world food in one place

Whatever food mood you are in can Berlin help you. From Korean barbecue to Canadian pizza with maple syrup and Middle Eastern meze.

I Germany capital there are 546 places you can eat ice cream (!), a park where older Thai women make street food on the weekends, 14 market halls, various food festivals and several pop-up eateries. Berlin is in a corpse afor itself on the food front, and then it is even often quite cheap.

Vietnam's cities: Where the French meet Asia

It is difficult to choose one specific city in Vietnam where the food is better than elsewhere. So why choose a single city when you can choose an entire country?

Vietnam can be divided into three food regions, each with their own range of dishes and delicious specialties. Vietnamese cuisine is known for dishes with many different flavors, combining the sour, salty, sweet and spicy shades with fresh ingredients, to create a completely unique flavor experience.

The unique taste comes from different compositions, primarily the Thai, French and Chinese cuisine, resulting in this distinctive and wonderful style that just makes your teeth run even more in water. So just throw yourself into the menus and food stalls, because there are so many delicious things.

Tokyo, Japan: Top notch food

How to summarize Tokyo in one, short paragraph? After all, the city has more than 30 Michelin-starred sushi restaurants, but also a very lively one streetfood culture. And then there is everything in between. Ramen, Soba, Okonomiyaki (spicy pancakes), Gyoza, red bean cakes and Sake have found their way to the western countries - but there is so much more to experience.

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This also applies when it comes to serving the food and how it is served so finely and neatly on the plate. Every little dish is a piece of art in itself.

So head to Tokyo, practice your chopsticks skills, immerse yourself in Japanese food culture, and enjoy it. You will definitely not be disappointed.

Have a terrific trip with lots of good dining experiences.

About the author

Laura Graf

Laura is from the German city of Nuremberg and educated in communication and business studies at RUC. Her joy of traveling began as a child in the family's camper van when the trip went around Europe. She later moved to Australia for her internship and lived in Sydney for a year. She then moved to Switzerland, but in 2015 chose to settle in Copenhagen.
Laura's best travel destinations are Jordan, New Zealand and Grenada, but she hopes to one day have the opportunity to experience Bhutan.



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