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Autumn holiday 2021: Here are the editorial staff's 9 favorites

Here are the editors' recommendations for a wonderful autumn holiday in 2021.

Autumn holiday 2021: Here are the editorial staff's 9 favorites is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs.

The autumn holidays are calling and you need sun and experiences

There are many who have holiday credit this year and who have not been able to travel to the places where they would like to. Therefore, the autumn holidays of 2021 will be even more important, because the desire to travel has fortunately returned despite restrictions og leg braces.

Here you therefore get the editors' offer of 9 places, you can get a blast of a wonderful autumn holiday. Whether you are to the beach, culture or spa. Remember as always in these times to be aware of entry requirements.

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Cyprus - Ayia Napa - Travel autumn vacation

Cyprus: Autumn holidays in the sun

Our first bid is Cyprus.

Cyprus has a slightly drier climate than Greece and is therefore ideal for a sunshine trip during the autumn holidays. The southern part of the divided island has been one of the most open areas for a long time while the northern part is more difficult, as the national border is currently is closed.

Cyprus is both large tourist areas and small unknown spots, as long as you move a little away from the coast. There is good food, nice atmosphere and very reasonable prices.

Cyprus is ideal for an autumn holiday in the sun.

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Georgia: The Caucasus is beautiful in the fall

Our second bid is a completely different type of travel experience; namely, the overlooked gem called the Caucasus region.

Georgia and the neighboring country Armenia is geographically screwed together in such a way that it is best to visit the scenic cultural lands before or after the summer, when it is too hot. This also applies to e.g. Iran, Kyrgyzstan og Uzbekistan, however, are not so available right now.

Georgia and Armenia are the oldest Christian countries in the world and they are dotted with beautiful cities and wild mountains and have very hospitable populations. There is also a fantastic food and wine tradition in the area, and that can make the trip more fun.

If you are going all the way up in the mountains, it starts to get chilly during the fall break in October, but otherwise it is a good time.

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Malta - Europe - city - water - sky - travel autumn vacation

Malta: The culture island with the clear water

Malta is our third bid for a wonderful autumn vacation.

The island just south of Sicily has a pleasant climate during the autumn holidays, and it is packed with experiences. If you are into culture, the city of the Crusaders Valetta and the 6000 year old city of Ħaġar Qim will surely impress you. It is not without reason that Malta is called the Mediterranean culture island.

The sea around Malta is crystal clear, and is therefore perfect for exploration below the surface.

There are also plenty of classic sun experiences on the island, which have a well-developed tourist infrastructure, and the locals speak fine English.

Malta is an obvious choice.

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Banner - Pyramids - 1024
Poland spa hotel - travel

Spa and wellness in Poland during your autumn holiday

Our fourth recommendation goes to Poland.

There are proud traditions for spas, wellness and spas in several countries south of the border, including Hungary og Slovakia, and for your fall vacation, it's obvious to go for it Polish Baltic coast, which is not further away than you can just drive there.

Poland has a lot of people great spa hotels along the coast from Szczecin to Kołobrzeg - the spa capital of Poland. Here it is warm all year round in the beautiful baths, and you can get all the cure and diet treatments you dream of, plus of course massage for sore backs and feet. Many places also offer yoga, and then it is at really good prices.

Poland is a really good offer for an autumn holiday in the sign of pampering.

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italy rome colloseum travel autumn vacation

Rome is perfect for fall vacation

Our fifth commandment is the Eternal City, Rome; Italian beautiful capital.

The climate, unlike August, is pleasant during the autumn holidays, and there are not that many visitors in October, so there is better space.

Rome is of course a cultural city with a capital K, and then it can also do a lot of other things. Take a food course, wine bar and explore the food markets on the edge of town, for example, and experience the city as the Italians do.

Rome must be seen and felt, and the autumn holidays are a good time for that.

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Denmark, Egypt, Madeira and Cape Verde

Of course, there are also many good opportunities for autumn holidays in our own country.

Denmark abounds in cultural experiences in the fall, and if the weather changes, there are still many great places you can wander, and otherwise go within and get the heat in the spa. Take another trip København og Aarhus, or at a museum in Jelling or Southern Jutland.

We can also recommend having an autumn holiday here:

Egypt with Luxor, the Red Sea and the Pyramids for it is a sunny destination during the autumn holidays.

Madeira Island, the beautiful flower island with lots of hiking trails and gastronomic experiences.

Cape Verde, located some distance south of the Canary Islands, has sun and perfect temperatures in October, and has plenty to offer.

Nice trip!

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Colosseum - Rome - Italy - The 7 Wonders - Travel

Here are the 9 best places for fall vacation 2021

  • Cyprus
  • Malta
  • Egypt
  • Madeira, Portugal
  • Cape Verde
  • Georgia
  • Rome, Italy
  • Denmark
  • The Baltic coast, Poland


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