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Travel vaccinations and health on the journey: Everything you need to know

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Here you can read about travel vaccinations and how you relate to health when you are out on an adventure.
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Travel vaccinations and health on the journey: Everything you need to know is written by Celina Jarnit Petersen

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Travel vaccinations: Which ones should you have?

When you're going on an adventure, it can be a bit of a jungle figuring out which travel vaccinations you need before you go on an adventure. In addition, it can also be difficult to fully calculate how to deal with general health on the journey.

It is always important that you take safety seriously and do not take chances with your health. So be prepared before you packs the bag and moves towards new experiences, because of course you have to leave.

You can start by reviewing Here you get an overview of which travel vaccinations are recommended depending on where in the world you are going. You can also start from how long you will be away, as this may have an impact on your vaccinations.

If you are in doubt whether there are decisive vaccination or documentation requirements to enter a country, check the travel guides on - remember to look at the embassies' pages, where there are those pages.

It is not difficult to get vaccinated. You can easily become one at some pharmacies around the country, at your own doctor or at the so-called vaccination clinics.

Read more about health and illness on the journey here

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Travel vaccinations for your children

You can also read what Statens Serum Institut writes about travel vaccinations for children if you are going on family trip. At RejsRejsRejs we recommend that you do not take children to areas with malaria. Some of the first signs of malaria are fever, so it can be difficult to know whether your child's fever is due to malaria or a symptom of something else.

We therefore advise you not to take children to areas where there is a risk of them becoming infected.

You've probably heard scary stories about drugs that prevent malaria. Many of the stories are based on earlier forms of medication such as Lariam, which unfortunately have been suspected of inducing mental disorders.

Fortunately, a lot has happened since then, and you can often take the latest forms of medicine without ruining your holiday, but still take care of yourself. Prices have also dropped significantly. Always ask a professional. You can read much more about malaria prevention and travel vaccinations at Statens Serum Institut's website.

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Remember to take care of your stomach: Health on the journey

The trip you've been looking forward to for a long time can quickly be ruined by an upset stomach. So pay attention to prevention of travel diarrhea, and what can appear as various infectious diseases. Some things just cannot be remedied with travel vaccinations.

Here at the editorial office, here are our own tricks for a compliant stomach and general health on the journey:

  • Avoid fresh salad
  • Drop the ice cubes
  • Only eat fresh fish if you are near the sea, lake or river
  • You can eat well street food, if the food is cooked or fried through and you can see that the hygiene conditions are in order. Here at the editorial office, we have good experience of eating food from street kitchens.
  • Bring activated charcoal to purify the drinking water – and it can also be used for the stomach!
  • Boiled rice, bananas and 7-UP are good for the stomach if you have already had problems
  • Prevent the stomach with lactic acid bacteria that can be bought over the counter
  • Remember magnesium oxide, which can also be bought over the counter. It can stabilize the stomach, just like activated charcoal does, and get rid of constipation.
  • Flying White Rabbit is – despite the name – a very effective problem solver when it comes to travel stomachs, and it can be bought everywhere in Thailand.

Now that you've got your travel vaccinations under control, and got a few fresh tips to keep you healthy on the trip, we just want to wish you a really good trip!

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