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Oman - an overlooked country, close to Dubai

Oman - Yiti Beach
There are not yet that many who travel to Oman on vacation. But it's a shame because Oman fills the suitcase and heart with good experiences. The weather is nice and there is plenty to see in the desert and mountains, along the water and in the cities. Here are our tips for the most unforgettable experiences.
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Af Henriette Krog-Andersen

Oman - Dromedary Desert Travel

Oman's many experiences

We spent a week in Oman and came home with a suitcase full of good and overwhelming experiences.

It is easy to travel in the country and there is a fascinating Arab culture, traditional building style and no skyscrapers. There is also a rich and different wildlife. And most importantly, there is a really sweet and welcoming people who stand with open arms and wait for us to come and visit them. 

It is hot in Oman, but if you travel from October to April, the temperature is "only" 25-35 degrees. So we recommend Oman as a good autumn and winter holiday destination.

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Oman - Muscat - Souq market travel

Nizwa Fort and the Muscat Souq

The Nizwa Fort is really nice and maintained, and it sends one's thoughts back to "ancient Arabia". The fort's neighbor is a 'souq' - market in Arabic - with many interesting stalls. There are both tourist stalls, but also many stalls where the locals shop.

The souq is the market in the capital Muscat. Here you will find everything your heart desires. One can not help but be completely overwhelmed by all the impressions. There is so much to look at and experience and smell, and if you love gold jewelry, you will be enthralled by the many, many streets of jewelry stores.

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Oman dishdasha kumma travel

Leave the scarf at home

Oman is a Muslim country and one sees the Omani women in everything from headscarf to Niqab. The men are most often dressed in a white 'dishdasha', and the headgear is most often a 'kumma' - as seen in the picture above - or a turban.

But as a non-Muslim tourist, you feel very welcome. Just make sure to keep your shoulders and knees covered at all times so you do not bump into anyone. Women do not have to cover their hair unless you have to visit a mosque. If you want to swim in a bikini, you can do it in the big hotels, as it is not reputable to do on the public beaches.

Oman - Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque raises mosque

Impressive Arabic building style

Sultan Qaboo's Grand Mosque is impressive - both in size and appearance. It is a very beautiful building in Arabic style with carvings and mosaics from all over the world, and there can be 20.000 worshipers in the mosque.

In the dome there is an overwhelmingly large chandelier, and for several years they held the record for having the world's largest carpet. However, it is surpassed by another mosque today.

To the mosque there is a beautiful park with many colorful flowers. You do not see this in so many places in Oman, as you have to water a lot because it is so hot, so it is completely unique.

Oman - Wahiba Sands desert travel


Oman is a very hot country where it is easily 40 degrees in the summer. This of course means that it is not so lush, but in return there is plenty of beautiful desert.

If you rent a car with four-wheel drive, you can drive around in the desert yourself. For example, there are many tourist camps in the Wahiba Sands desert, which it is possible to drive to, even if you are not used to desert driving. If you want to "play" driving off-road in the sand dunes, you can book a trip with a professional driver.

Oman - Wadi Shab travel

Wadi Shab

Wadi Shab is Oman's oasis, and a Wadi is a partially dried up river bed. When it rains, however, water collects in the wadis, and therefore it is lush.

Oman is generally a dry and relatively barren country. So when you come to a beautiful place with delicious green palm trees and turquoise green water just to bathe in, it feels absolutely amazing.

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Oman - Qantab beach in Muscat travel

Qantab Beach

The picture shows Qantab beach in Muscat, and in the late afternoon the Omanis come out on the beach. Here you meet the young boys playing football, the older men who look like they are holding a city council, and the families who enjoy the fact that the temperature is falling a little.

In general, Oman has many delicious beaches to go to and swim at.

Oman - Dromedary Desert Travel

Meet the sea turtles and dromedaries

The sea turtles come to the beaches of Oman to lay its eggs. It is truly a fascinating sight to see this great animal that has been around for so many years.

And fortunately, Oman does a lot to take care of the turtles and make sure that the tourists have the opportunity to see them without getting too close to the animals.

Camels were the preferred means of transportation in Oman in the past, and there are still plenty of them. They walk around freely, which can seem a little scary when you drive on a country road at 80 per hour, and then there is such a big animal out on the side of the road. But they now stay nicely out in the side. And by the way, they are actually dromedaries, but the Omani call them camels.

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Oman - Luxury hotel travel

Table customs in Oman

The Omani sit on the floor and eat. As can be seen in the picture above, we were in a luxury hotel where there is a cushion to sit on. And there was now also always a European section in the restaurants, where there were chairs and tables.

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Oman school bus travel

When tourists become an attraction

Oman does not have that many tourists yet. So you do not have to be very far away from the main attractions before you become an attraction yourself.

The waiters serve for cars that stop to the side to buy a cup of coffee through the window. When a school bus stopped to buy coffee, the school children were just as preoccupied with us as we were with them.

Oman is a fascinating travel destination and a huge recommendation. Have a good trip to Oman!

About the author

Henriette Krog-Andersen

Henriette loves to travel! She loves to go out and meet new cultures, see different places, and especially she is repeatedly overwhelmed by how amazing experiences you can have in nature.

She really opened her eyes to foreign countries when she lived in the United States as an exchange student. Later she lived for 2½ years in Greenland, but now enjoys everyday life in Denmark with her family. However, there should preferably be at least one holiday planned so that they always have new experiences in sight.

Henriette blogs about their travels on, among other things about how they travel as a family, and about how they best try to combine both children's experiences and adult experiences.



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