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Wales Attractions: World Class Adventure

North Wales, nature, mountains
Wales is full of adventure in the wild way. The country offers forests rich in animals, wild rivers, dramatic coastline and beautiful islands.
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Wales Attractions: World Class Adventure is written by Jakob Harring.

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Why Wales?

Sponsored post. This article is made in collaboration with Jakob Harring and Danish Adventure Tours UK, who are experts in adventure travel and Wales.

You know enough Great Britain. But if you think that means you know Wales, then you have to think again. Wales is one of the four countries that make up Britain in addition to England, Scotland og Northern Ireland. Wales borders England to the east, the Irish Sea to the north and west, and the Bristol Channel to the south. With all this water around, Wales boasts over 1.400km of dramatic coastline; much of it untouched and unexplored.

With the large land areas and mountainous areas, about 75% of Wales' land is still used for agriculture. And as much as 20% are protected areas in three national parks. The largest is Snowdonia in northern Wales - the country's most mountainous region. In fact, you will find here the highest mountain in England and Wales: Snowdon towers proudly with a height of 1.085 m.

With the vast forests, high mountains, wild rivers, an incredible coastline and beautiful islands with wildlife, there is adventure everywhere you look. From mountain biking to hiking, 'coasteering' to 'foraging' and much more. North Wales has adventures of all shapes and sizes, so join us here on a journey to beautiful Wales.

Wales is completely its own

Okay, this may seem obvious to you, but for many it may come as a surprise. If you're looking for evidence that Wales is a country in itself, then the country has its own national flag (voted the most beautiful in the world), its own patron saint and even its own language.

The language is a bit of an adventure in itself and it is a challenge for anyone who has not tried to speak Welsh before! As an official bilingual country, around 19% of Wales's population still speak the Welsh language. And on the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales, over 70% of the population still speak Welsh as their first language.

In Wales, it is a challenge to pronounce place names - in particular the city, which is famous for having the longest place name in Europe: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

The city name can be translated into something like “Skt. Mary's Church in the valley with the white hazel near the eddy current and Skt. Tysilio from the Red Cave Church ”. The town is located on the island of Anglesey in North Wales.

Wales, Snowdonia - hiking - travel

Hiking across nine mountain ranges

Wales may be a small country, but the country has both national parks and mountains. Out of the country's nine mountain ranges, Snowdonia has 15 mountain peaks that are over 900 meters high.

It's a perfect country to hike in - regardless of your fitness level. You can choose to hike around the mirror-like lakes at the foot of the mountains, or to climb over the rocky mountain peaks.

If you choose to explore the mountains of Snowdonia, you are sure to have an exciting day in this beautiful and wild area. With hundreds of miles of trails across nine mountain ranges, you do not have to hike the same trail twice.

Wales, Snowdon - mountain biking - travel

Mountain biking from the top of the world

At least that's how it can feel! On a clear day from the top of Snowdon you can see all the way to Ireland and the Isle of Man, and as far north as the Lake District of England. You can also see 18 lakes and 14 other mountain peaks in Snowdonia Park.

It's a great hike to the top and with the many roads leading up there, it can get just as challenging as you make it yourself. But if you want to challenge yourself more and have even more fun, take the bike!

It is possible to ride a mountain bike to the very top of Snowdon. It's a tough ride up, but once you reach the top, it'll be worth it. The unforgettable view makes you so captivated that all the hardships are forgotten. Then it is a beautiful descent that awaits. The ride is for the more experienced mountain bikers!

Be aware that it is only at certain times of the year that it is possible to cycle on Snowdon for the sake of nature.

Wales - RIB ride - travel

The world's fastest 'RIB ride' in Wales

If you've more into high speed and excitement without strenuous physical activity, head to Wales' largest island, Anglesey. Here you can sail in a specially designed RIB powerboat - an inflatable boat with a fixed hull - that can sail faster than any other passenger RIB in the world. Hold on tight when you reach a speed of up to 130 km / h along the Menai Strait between the island and the mainland!

If you prefer to see the coastline at a slower pace, take one of the many 'explorer' trips instead. The coast of North Wales is full of incredible wildlife on land, at sea and in the air. Spend time looking at puffins and other seabirds on the rugged cliffs and looking at seals lying in the water seeking attention close to your boat.

Wales - River Rafting - Travel

Water sports along rivers and coasts

With plenty of sea around Wales and a network of winding rivers flowing down from the mountains, it is no wonder that water sports are so popular here.

South Wales is where 'coasteering' - climbing, swimming and jumping in the water along the coast - originated, but now this exciting sport is just as popular around the rocky north coast. It's fun and nothing brings you closer to the Welsh coast both physically and personally.

Rafting is a very popular activity on the rivers around Wales. From whitewater rafting down the River Tryweryn for the more adventurous, to a gentler nature experience on the River Dee. River rafting is generally just cool!

If you are the adventurous type, the new sport 'riverbugging' will be for you! You lie on your stomach with your head first on a small inflatable raft and use your hands to paddle and navigate yourself through the river course. It's as crazy as it sounds and it's fun!

UK, World's Fastest Zipline, Adventuretours UK - Travel

Europe's longest and fastest zipline

North Wales is truly an adventure playground. Since 2013, the region has been home to an incredible collection of ziplines. The latest addition to this high-flying collection is found high above the ancient slate quarries of Bethesda. A ride on this zipline sends you through the air at speeds of up to 160 km / h!

This unforgettable experience is a must for all adrenaline junkies or those who just like a bit of speed and wind in the face, and a cool experience on your trip to Wales.

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Great Britain Wales Pontcysyllte

Wales: Highest aqueduct in the world

For a small country like Wales, there are an incredible number of exciting historical buildings they can show off. Thomas Telford and William Jessop designed and built Pontcysyllte - "the bridge that connects".

This aqueduct is the tallest in the world and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This impressive edifice was completed in 1805 and is 38,4 meters high and contains 1,5 million liters of water.

If you do not suffer from fear of heights, you can take a canoe or kayak across the aqueduct where you can enjoy the amazing view - it's perfect for Instagram.

Adventure, hiking, wales

Untouched nature

Most of the land in Wales is still used for agriculture and 20% is protected areas within national parks. The country is truly scenic. The wild natural areas are perfect for experiencing wild animals. If you love magnificent nature, it can be too slow to plan a trip to Wales.

Whether you meet the Welsh mountain goat on the slopes of Snowdonia, the rare red kites circling in the air, the birds of prey or the seals along the coast, it is not far to the rich wildlife.

Nature and sights affect the senses in many ways, and the color nuances change with the seasons.

During the year, mountains and forest areas bear fruit of all kinds. From ramsons and delicate pore flowers in the spring to blueberries in the woods and on the moor in late summer. Here you can get food for a definite feast. To get the most out of 'foraging' - finding food in the nature around us - it is best to get help from an expert.

With the expert's knowledge, you will be trained in how much of the natural beauty is delicious and delicate - and suitable for eating.

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The adventure is closer than you think

One of the best things about North Wales is the short flight time from Denmark to, for example, Manchester, from where it is just an hour's drive to the cozy hills. You can actually have breakfast at home and walk in the national parks of Wales in the afternoon.

So when planning your next adventure, keep in mind that it is much closer than you think.

Have a good trip to Wales!

What to see on a trip to Wales? Sights and attractions

  • Llangollen canal
  • Mount Snowdon
  • Conwy Castle
  • The city with Europe's longest name: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch
  • The island of Anglesey
  • River rafting on the river Tryweryn
  • Europe's longest zipline
  • The aqueduct Pontcysyllte

About the author

Jakob Harring

Jakob runs a travel company on a daily basis, Adventure Tours UK, which offers active travel / adventure travel to the incredibly beautiful North Wales. Having traveled large parts of the world with nature and the active in focus, his love has fallen on North Wales, which with its incredible nature and wide range of activities is Europe's adventure capital. In addition to his travel company, he has 20 years of experience from the Danish Police, where he is still employed.
Read more about Jakob, his partners and travel to Wales here .

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