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City break is a hit for many. A trip to a big city does not have to take all the holidays, and there is life and experiences on every street corner. Read more in our city guides below to Berlin, London, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Bangkok and many more.

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Great Britain

London on a budget

London is an expensive but wonderful city. Read how Ida and her sister took a trip to London on a budget, and learn how to experience London, without spending too much ...

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Japan: Foot in Tokyo

Tokyo is a big city with a lot of pressure. It is a metropolis with a tangle of small narrow alleys and wide boulevards. Old buildings from the Edo period stand side by side with ...

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Free Paris

A big city like Paris can be an expensive pleasure. However, there are a number of experiences and sights that are completely free. Here is a guide to great experiences in Paris ...

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New York in 30 hours

New York has plenty to offer. But what can you achieve in 30 hours in the city? Here's a guide to New York at lightning speed - in true Carrie Bradshaw style.

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