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Group travel: That's why you should try it

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Group travel - an easy way to travel

When you travel outside the country's borders, it is typically for sun, warmth, good food and to get away from everyday trivialities.
Most of us go away for a week, maybe two and get our feet buried in the sand and unplugged so we're ready to come back fresh and well rested.

Once in a while, however, there is an opportunity to get away for longer than just the classic charter trip to a southern European country. Once in a while life offers an opportunity to go on a journey, an adventure, a trip and not just a holiday. 

However, for many, this can be a daunting and sometimes unfathomable possibility. Which countries to visit? Which places to see? How to get around? What about overnight stays? What if you don't meet any new people – we're not all super extroverts How are you supposed to find your head and tail in it all?

For us, the answer is easy, obvious and almost too good to be true: namely the group trip.
On a group trip – for example an organized 'backpacker trip' to remove all relation to a classic pensioner charter trip – these things are taken care of. 

On a backpacking trip, all you have to do is pack your backpack with clothes, sunglasses and a sense of adventure. 

When you go on a group trip, you get everything you fear missing out on if you were to go on an adventure alone. All your overnight stays are arranged for you, so even if you have to go out and experience new things and adventures, you can be sure that you always have a bed to sleep in.

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Let the locals guide you on your journey

Your transport is handled, paid for and fixed for you.

Outside of the European continent, we often find that public transport and logistics can sometimes become a slightly bigger puzzle. That's why we make sure that all transport from place to place is arranged and agreed in advance, so you can sit back and relax - you're here to have an adventure; not to play traffic coordinator for DSB.

We make sure you don't miss a thing. Our local guides have their daily lives in the country. Instead of googling your mobile to pieces and scrolling through everything on Tripadvisor, you can jump on a group trip and be sure that the experts have knitted together the perfect route for you.

We make sure that you see all the must-see sights, but we also make sure that you try some of the things that everyone else doesn't know exist. Our backpacking trips always ensure that you have at least one absolutely fantastic experience to take home in your luggage - most people end up with an entire suitcase full - luckily, this kind of thing doesn't cost extra on the flight home.

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New friends and acquaintances that last a lifetime

One of the biggest advantages of going on a backpacking trip is that you join a group. A group where everyone comes with the same purpose as you; namely to create experiences and memories for life.

It can be difficult to form bonds with people you meet one evening and never see again. It can be difficult to find companions along the way on the big foreign adventures if you travel alone. How can you even be sure that you are going the same way? 

It can also seem scary for many to have to make contact with strangers. 

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Travel alone - together.

On a backpacking trip, you are already traveling with a group. You have to be on the same route, you are followed one after the other, and there is plenty of time to get to know each other. The biggest bonus of going on a group adventure is definitely the lifelong friendships you make.

When you go on a backpacking trip, you travel with a lot of other people who want exactly the same things as you. So you can be completely calm and sure that you are not the only one who is there to make new relationships and friendships.
The great thing about being on a backpacker trip is also that age, interests and who you are at home matter much less and almost don't matter.

You may very well be surprised by who you end up becoming very close with. It is not rare that we hear of surprising friendships; who even often become the best. The beauty of the group format is that when you're on an adventure, it doesn't matter how old you are, where you're from, or who you are at home. The only thing that matters are the bonds you create along your journey. 

Last but not least, there is another big advantage to signing up for a group trip with other backpackers, namely the economy. Typically, we find that if you travel with a group, you can save up to a third compared to if you were to make the same trip alone. The fact that everything is arranged in advance means that we can save you a lot of money.
It makes room for more experiences, more activities, and – who knows? – maybe a beer or extra. It's part of it. 

Backpacking with a group gives you everything you want from a longer trip abroad, while at the same time saving you a lot of hassle and hassle - and money. So if you are about to go on a longer trip, we can certainly only give our warmest recommendations for the group trip.

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