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5 reasons to go on a train journey

Norway Lapland took green travel trips
Sales of train tickets have risen, and there is reason to believe that more people are choosing the train over the plane for the sake of the climate. Lau Holmelin gives you 5 reasons why you should choose the train as a means of transport for your next trip.

Af Lau Holmelin, Illustrations: Ida Rørholm Davidsen, Photographer: Mads Tolstrup

Train-train journey

Experience Europe in a new way

Train travel is on the rise, and for good reason. Europe has so much to offer, whether you love the pulse of the big city or pure nature experiences. Whether it's the northern lights and dog sledding in Lapland or sandy beaches and vineyard visits in Croatia, I can almost guarantee that a train journey is a unique experience with trains in Europe, you have not yet tried.

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European map green travel

Europe's unique railway system

Our continent is completely unique with a railway system that connects us across national borders, making it easy to take train travel around the continent - especially if you get a little help booking tickets.

Here I come with 5 reasons why you should choose a train journey as your next vacation. But first a good story from my own recent trip. Here went the trip to it Swedish og Norwegian Lapland, where a magical winter landscape and a lot of good activities awaited.

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Sweden Norway northern lights green travel travel

On a train journey to Lapland

The train journey itself is not cumbersome. From Copenhagen Central Station we only had to change once in Stockholm. The trip was with a good view from start to finish, and there is plenty of opportunity to buy food and drink on board the train at reasonable prices.

We visited Kiruna, Abisko and Narvik on the trip, and all the destinations are reached by night train from Stockholm. In the areas there are lots of activities. We fell in love with the energetic sled dogs, were out in the cold waiting for the northern lights, were fascinated by the Sami culture and history, experienced the Nordic wildlife and much more.

I absolutely love the train ride as a form of travel, and the positive aspects are expressed in so many ways: comfort, experiences, togetherness, climate and more.

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train travel train compartment green travel travel

1. The train ride becomes part of the journey

Transportation time on holiday is often about getting from A to B and can be associated with hectic situations. But with train travel, the transport itself becomes an essential part of the journey itself. On the longer distances, nothing is required of you, and because you do not have to do anything, you get space for a free space right down to the pace.

Some even talk about a rare feeling of thinking thoughts all the way to the end; a situation you do not always have the pleasure of having in a busy day.

On the trip in the train, you sit down and experience the landscape whizzing by. Each stretch will give you an insight into the local area and the people who live here. They will serve as a brief insight into the everyday life and context of a nationality, and you will be left with a better understanding of our European neighbors.

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sweden norway green travel dog sled travel

To travel at night and arrive in the city center

By train you can travel while sleeping reasonably comfortably and while moving towards your destination. In the evening, indicate to the train staff when you want to be woken up. Then breakfast is ready when you wake up while enjoying the view.

Another great thing about train travel is that you arrive in the city center - nothing with airport transfers like after the flight.

So there are no unforeseen additional costs, you are rarely far from your accommodation and the first experiences at the destination are just around the corner.

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Norway Lapland took green travel travel train travel

3. Climate protection on the train journey

It should come as no surprise that the electrified train journey pollutes a whole lot less than air travel.

There is also reason to believe that there is a connection between the increasing sales of train tickets and the desire to travel with a clear "green" conscience. To concretize the climate impact - and lack of the same - that lies on planes and train journeys, we have looked at a journey from Copenhagen Central Station to Stockholm Central Station.

It takes about 4 hours and 15 minutes by plane including the trip to the airport, where you have a three-quarter journey by bus from the airport to Stockholm city center. The trip in this case costs you 1138 wives. By train you arrive about 1 hour and 20 minutes later, but you save the bus ride as the train arrives directly in the city center. In addition, this trip has a price of 900 kroner.

CO2the savings on this trip are absolutely wild. You save 132,47 kg each way, which equates to a saving of 99,5%. It is worth taking into consideration, and for me I would like a slightly longer transport time if I can save the environment and climate.

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sweden norway dog ​​green travel

4. Try something new, go on a train journey!

There are still many who have never tried a longer train journey. In a small survey recently, a number of high school students at Risskov Gymnasium in Aarhus were asked about two things: First if they had flown on holiday, and then if they had taken the train on holiday. The result was not surprising. A single student had tried to take the train, whereas everyone had traveled by plane.

This developed into a conversation about why it is important to go on vacation, what is it you want to get out of leaving your home for a week or more? It can be relaxation and the desire to get rich on new experiences.

Try asking yourself the question: What are your overall wishes for your vacation? If you had seven days without plans, how could your wishes be fulfilled? Could they be done with trains as a means of transport?

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the train passengers green journey travel by Ida Rørholm davidsen train journey

5. Comfort, luggage and restaurant trolley

As a rule, trains have a higher level of comfort than both buses and planes. There is far more leg and luggage space, the opportunity to get up and stretch your legs and on most stretches - when you leave the Danish borders - a restaurant cart where you can buy food and drink at good prices.

On the routes where we recommend a sleeping car, you can book your own compartment if you want more privacy on the train journey.

Since the train does not have the same restrictions on how much luggage you may carry on your trip, it opens up some possibilities. For example, you can take locally produced goods such as wine, oils and food home with you, or you can take your ski equipment or tent under your arm at no extra cost.

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train journey

Departure on the train journey

So just get going and try this amazing form of travel. Or relive it if you've been there before. Because on a train journey you get the soul.

Have a good train journey!

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About the author

Lau Holmelin

Lau is a graduate of cand.san. in public health science specializing in nature and health and also has an outdoor instructor education. He has several seasons of experience as a guide (hiking and skiing guide) and Lau's travel experiences focus especially on active travel in beautiful natural surroundings, such as hiking, kayaking and skiing, but he also loves to visit some exciting and cultural cities.
Lau is a co-founder of the travel agency GreenTravel, which focuses on climate-friendly train travel around Europe.




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