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5 indispensable apps for the journey

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Get help with the journey from the best apps - and get help finding the best apps here.
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5 indispensable apps for the journey is written by The editorial staff.

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A world of apps

There is a wealth of online help available to any traveler in the world, if one otherwise knows what is going on with amazing apps. The digital world is full of travel-loving people who are just pouring out good advice on top of their own travels, and some have even created apps out of it. In this little guide you will get tips for 5 of the best and most indispensable travel apps, which you can advantageously download. Your mobile phone is your friend in need when good advice is expensive on the go.

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Use a VPN connection for added security

Let's start with the most important thing first. Before you even open your phone abroad and start a search or use an app, you are wise to use a VPN connection on the phone or the laptop or tablet you brought with you.

Surfing from hotels, cafes and airports' public Wi-Fi networks is particularly vulnerable - and especially if no password is even required. Hackers get here carte blanche to snag all users on the open network, but not if you use one VPN. With this solution, all your data on the web will be encrypted so that no one can look at your internet traffic.

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Cheap hotel booking at the last minute

Could it not be nice to have the chrome-plated overview of available hotel rooms when the panic is at its greatest? With the app HotelTonight not only do you get the opportunity to book a room in the city in which you are located, you also get a wide range of special offers on last minutebookings. That way, you should never panic about being without a hotel on arrival. Should this be missed, this app can facilitate you with a wide range of offers on available hotel rooms that can be booked on the minute.

HotelTonight does not just consist of a bunch of budget hotels on the outskirts of the urban zone; there is the possibility of intelligent search filters so that one can find beautiful boutique hotels and other class hotels nearby.

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Tired of jet lag? - Let the app help

You've probably tried it before. The nausea, tiredness and feeling of being in a cheese bell for the first few days on top of a longer flight. Jet lag has teased most long-distance travelers every day, but fortunately can afford it. And they are even available on an app you can download to your iPhone or Android phone.

Time shifter not only gives you good introductory advice before the trip, but is also your faithful companion with good advice and tips on the trip itself. The content is created on the basis of neuroscience and sleep research and is therefore based on science. You can therefore safely rely on the good and knowledgeable jet lag help in Timeshifter.

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Fantastic tips for an unforgettable car holiday

Maybe it's not airports, trains or cruise ships that interest you at all. Many have opened their eyes to car holidays. However, it can be difficult to arrange the perfect road trip if you have never tried it before.

Here comes the app Roadtrippers into the picture. It gives you the opportunity to organize a perfect car holiday based on already known routes, which gives you the most experience and beauty on the road. In the same breath, you will be able to book accommodation along the way, as the app also facilitates hotel bookings, restaurants and other things along the way.

You can switch between all types of routes. If you are into big city and monuments, there are a wealth of solutions. But people with nature interests are also taken into account. Here you can choose routes that take large detours out into mountains, coasts and field landscapes. If you are driving in your own car on a self-drive holiday, then it is a good idea to give the car one good check before departure.

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Take the digital card with you on the journey. Without internet

City maps and maps are a thing of the past. At least the old, big, fluttering versions of paper of sorts. Today, it all happens pretty much from the screen of the mobile phone, where Google Maps or other map services help one along the way.

The problem with the vast majority of map and route services on the phone is that they are dependent on internet coverage. If you do not have network coverage, it can be difficult to find your way. However, not with the app Maps.Me. Here you get the opportunity to download your necessary cards for the journey down to your phone. This means that you can retrieve them on the mobile screen at any time and zoom in and out without using the internet. A great solution if you have come a little off road or generally just is a place without good network coverage.

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