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10 tips for flights with children

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Flying with children can be a stressful experience, especially if you have not tried it before. But luckily there is help to be had.

Af Ida Dreboldt Kofoed-Hansen

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1. Check airlines

When you go out flying and have small children with you, there are several things you need to consider, before choosing the airline you want to fly with.

If you are flying with a baby or toddler who may be sitting on your lap during the flight, many airlines will not charge for the baby. However, if you are going on a longer flight, consider whether you want to sit with the baby on your lap all the way. Sometimes an extra ticket can be well spent.

In addition, there is a difference from company to company on whether you have to pay extra to check in a car seat or stroller. There may be money to be saved.

Also check if you can bring a diaper bag in addition to hand luggage. After all, it's easier to carry both than to squeeze it all into one bag.

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2. Booking a ticketfor your trip with children

It is a good idea to pay to choose which seat you buy a ticket for. It is not very fun to sit in a center seat with a small child, so although it often costs extra if you want a specific seat, you will be happy with it once you get on the plane. A window seat is always preferable, as the child can then be entertained by looking out the window.

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As far as possible, make sure to fly direct. It can already be tiring to have to change planes along the way, and it is not more fun with small children. Remember to consider your child's daily rhythm when you buy the ticket. A tired and sour child is not fun to fly with.

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Have a plan when traveling with children

Make a plan for how to best get in and out of the plane. Some airlines let adults with young children board first. If you are flying with another adult, it can be an advantage if one of you quickly gets on board, finds your seats, packs bags away and so on.

Meanwhile, the child and the other adult can stay in the boarding area and play with the little one and board as one of the last. That way, you reduce the time the child has to sit in the plane.

Similarly, it's smart to have a plan for how to best get off the plane again. There is often chaos when the plane lands because everyone wants to go out at the same time. If possible, stay in your seats and continue playing with the child until the plane is half empty. Then it's easier and less chaotic to get out with the little one.

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4. Bring an empty shopping bag

It may sound like silly advice, but hang on. At the security check, you often need to have several things out of your hand luggage; electronics, shoes, belts, jackets, etc. must be up on the belt. There are often a lot of people and bad space to pack it all down properly while you have to keep an eye on a child.

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You can throw everything in the shopping bag, leave the area and find a quiet place. Here, the bags can be repacked in peace and quiet, without a lot of people bothering to get to.

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5. The waiting time at the airport

You usually get to the plane well in advance, and it can be boring for children - and adults - to wait at an airport. You can advantageously bring an airport treasure hunt.

Make a sheet with pictures of the many things you can see at an airport and help your child find it all. A treasure hunt makes time go by, and then you can also talk about all the things you see along the way. See an example of treasure hunting here.

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6. Activities on board the aircraft

A flight quickly becomes boring for a small child, and it is therefore good to have entertainment with. Pack a 'play pack' in your hand luggage so you have something you can easily pull out.

It can be small games, LEGO kits, crayons and paper and sticky figures for the window. The content depends on the age of the child, but if you click here, there are some really good examples of portable fun for your trip with children.

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7. Snacks and drinks

Food and drink can be expensive on board a plane if it is not included in the ticket. In addition, it is not at all certain that there is anything your child likes. Make sure you pack plenty of snacks and drinks for your child so that the little hunger does not develop into a bad mood.

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If possible, avoid snacks with a lot of sugar if your child is affected by it. There is not much space where a hyperactive child can run around.

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8. Small backpack for the baby

If your child is old enough to even carry a backpack, it is a must. A small backpack, which the child has packed and is responsible for, gives them a feeling of being like the adults. Here they can have the teddy bear, favorite toys and other things that they consider indispensable on holiday.

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9. Wet wipes on your trip with children

You never know when you might need wet wipes, and it's so sour not to have them with you. All children are fat, and in an airplane it is easier to just wipe with a wet wipe than to take the child out to a small airplane toilet. Wet wipes are therefore essential on any trip with children.

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10. Electronics

It is always nice to have a backup plan when traveling with children. Make sure you have downloaded some cartoons or games to your phone or tablet beforehand so that you can put on some entertainment if the child loses patience. Also remember hearing steaks so that the other passengers do not have to listen to Gurli Gris...

And last but not least, have fun with the kids!

About the author

Ida Dreboldt Kofoed-Hansen

Ida has a master's degree in communication and Danish literature. Her travels focus either on nature experiences or on cultural experiences. As a former scout, she has a penchant for hiking, backpacking and campfire food. In the family, a large 10-person tent with cabins has just been purchased, so that the future offers new exciting outdoor experiences.

When the journey needs to have a more cultural focus, Ida is happy with capitals. During the city break, she always has a long list of historical sights to experience, and not much time is spent in the hotel room. She has been to London, Paris, Prague, Amsterdam, Venice, Rome and Reykjavik, among other places.



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