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Travel competition <br>• Thailand

Photo contest about Thailand: How to win

What do you miss about Thailand? Win here in our big photo competition in May.
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This summer's big photo competition is just around the corner, and you can take part and win a nice prize. It's time to find your best travel photo from amazing Thailand.

NB: The vote is in progress - vote here

Are you going to join Kiin Kiin Tok Tok?

The editors have in collaboration with Amazing Thainess stacked the finest competition together for you where you can win an authentic and delicious Thai meal at famous Kiin Kiin Tok Tok in Copenhagen - and of course the credit.

Read more about how you participate in the competition below.

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How to participate in the competition

  1. Find your best picture from Thailand! Think, for example, about what you miss about Thailand
  2. Enter the contest on Instagram or Facebook no later than Monday 17 May kl. 12.00
  3. Vote in the final vote RejsRejsRejs. Dk no later than Friday 28 May kl. 12.00

<br>• Instagram: Follow @rejsrejsrejs. Dk og @amazingthainess on Instagram, and post your Thailand photo on your own Instagram profile with these two hashtags on: #rejsrejsrejs & #amazingthainess

<br>• Facebook: Share your travel photo our Facebook post about the competition and feel free to click on "like" at the top our Facebook page

You can post pictures until and including Monday 17 May at 12.00, where the editors select up to 9 of the most beautiful and most liked photos from Instagram and Facebook for a final vote on RejsRejsRejs. Dk, where everyone can vote.

You can vote for yourself, and of course you can also entice your friends to vote for you.

You are also welcome to participate with more photos. However, you can only participate with your own photos, and you must agree that your photos can be viewed on RejsRejsRejs.dks channels in connection with the poll, both during and after. Of course, you retain the copyright to your images.

The competition ends on May 28, with the editorial staff and Amazing Thainess choosing a winner from among the three images that have received the most votes in the poll on the website. The winner will receive a gift card of DKK 500 for the restaurant - and the credit.

Remember to follow on our Facebook and Instagram, as we have several posts on the way, where you can see along the way what your competitors are up with of beautiful photos.

We look forward to seeing your fine photos from beautiful Thailand.

Good luck.

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The newsletter is sent out several times a month. See our data policy here.

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The newsletter is sent out several times a month. See our data policy here.