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Travel inspiration: My 5 favorite destinations and 1 not so good

zanzibar, beach
Anna is sitting in Vesterbro thinking about future holiday destinations, which makes her consider which destinations she wants to return to. Read on and find out which five places Anna wants to go to again, as well as a place she has had enough of.

Travel inspiration: My 5 favorite destinations and 1 not so good written by Anna Lohmann

Ubud, temple

Travel inspiration for Bali

I have gradually heard of many different impressions of Bali. Some are disappointed because of the island's challenges with plastic and pollution, while others do not see these problems to the same extent and remember it as the most beautiful island. I belong to the latter category, so I hope I can give you other travel inspiration to take to the island.

I was drawn and fascinated by the beautiful scenery, the wonderful beaches, the impressive temples - and most of all the Balinese. They are possibly the friendliest people I have ever met.

On my trip to Bali, I visited Candidasa, Sanur and Ubud. Candidasa is a fishing village on the east coast of Bali, where you can easily control your jet lag. The town is known for Virgin Beach, which is one of those completely unspoilt and white beaches.

In addition, the city is also known for the traditional Balinese village of Tenganan, which is an absolute must if one is in the area. Here the inhabitants have chosen to live as the Balinese did in the old days. Here one can talk about ancient traditions and rituals.

Sanur is one of the more famous resort towns in Bali and is located on the southeastern part of the island. Sanur is a bit reminiscent of Candidasa, apart from the fact that Sanur is far more touristy, has a longer beach (about 7 km) and has a real main street with restaurants and shops.

Ubud was definitely my favorite stop on this trip. Ubud is called the heart of Bali, and it can be felt why. The city has a fantastic 'urban vibe' and is full of life.

There are countless organic, vegan, vegetarian cafes as well as 'yoga classes' and spa salons on every corner. 1 hour massage for NOK 45 - what's not to like? And the best thing about Ubud is that you can actually stay in the jungle just a 10 minute drive from the center.

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France - Fayence - Provence

Fayence, France

I love pretty much everything by France: The food, the wine, the climate, the history and the versatility. Probably mostly the food and the wine, to be completely honest. Rosévin and mold fries just tastes better when you have views of endless vineyards and beautiful mountains in the background.

But I also greatly enjoy the country's versatility. This is probably also why my holidays to France have never really resembled each other, and I therefore have lots of travel inspiration for the country. It's been everything from one weekend trip to Paris, ski holidays in Val Thorens and Beach vacation in Corsica. However, there is a single kind of holiday that surpasses everyone on the list; family trip to Fayence.

Fayence is a medieval village located in the popular region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, located in the southeastern corner of France. Fayence is also known for having Europe's largest glider club. However, that is not exactly what attracts me.

I love Fayence because it has its very own lifestyle. The city has soul and a 'laid back' atmosphere that makes one slow down, but at the same time you can always feel that the city is alive.

There are market days on the church square in Fayence three times a week, and if you are down in the city anyway, you can kind of get a day to go and look in delicious delicatessens, small French shops and wine shops.

Fayence also has many cafes and more good restaurants with delicious food at a reasonable price. And the best thing about it all is that it's all within walking distance. If you would like to do activities that do not involve eating your fill of baguettes and drinking wine (although I do not see the problem in that), you can both hike, bike, fish and play golf in the area.

In addition, there are plenty of opportunities for day trips to, for example, Cannes, Nice, St. Raphaël or Saint-Tropez. If there's going to be a place I can give you travel inspiration for, leave it to Fayence.

travel Inspiration


The city is known for lightly dressed women in Red Light District and the smell of silly tobacco, which tourists over time have probably gotten a very mixed impression of.

For me is Amsterdam the perfect weekend trip, but it's not because of the half - naked women or the crooked experience. The city has so much more to offer, so here comes my travel inspiration to others.

I have been away for two extended weekends to the Dutch capital and I still have a long list of places to see and restaurants to visit. There is so much to catch up on. Amsterdam is world famous for its canals, and in fact it was probably also the ones I first fell in love with.

Gradually, I have found out that the city also has a diverse range of restaurants, which is just below the level of Copenhagen prices. In addition, the city offers modern art galleries, museums and of course Anne Frank's house.

If you are planning to visit Amsterdam in the spring or summer months, you should definitely give priority to checking out the activities that are only fun if the weather is good. This is for example to visit Vondelpark, which is Holland's most famous nature park.

It could also be to take the ferry to Pllek, which is a hip beach bar that develops into cozy beach parties late at night. In addition, a visit to the world's largest flower garden in the Keukenhof will probably also be the most fun in the sunshine.

If, on the other hand, you visit the city when the weather is a little more gray, there is the opportunity to look at lots of art, go to museums, sit in cafes and go to the cinema, which is also quite popular with the locals.

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travel Inspiration

Travel inspiration for New York

Skyscrapers, yellow taxis, endless experiences and a grandeur not found anywhere else in the world. I think that New York will forever be on this list with me.

It feels like you can always come back for more. After being on two vacations in New York it still feels like I could discover a whole new neighborhood when I come again.

After experiencing the classics (Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, etc.) it dawned on me that I am also quite fond of Manhattan's first suburb, namely Brooklyn.

The different areas of Brooklyn are dominated by different ethnic populations, allowing to experience the suburbs from many angles.

One of my favorite areas is Williamsburg. The neighborhood is known as the hip part of Brooklyn and has a kind of 'Meat City vibe' over it. Old industrial buildings have been converted into art galleries, restaurants and venues, and new buildings are flourishing everywhere.

Besides Brooklyn, SoHo is also one of my favorite areas. The area is known for its shopping opportunities and for being packed with one good Instagram-friendly café after another. The district houses shops that appeal to all kinds of styles and budgets.

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travel Inspiration


Another trip Tanzania is the best combination of safari and beach holiday: One week safari looking for Big Five in the Serengeti National Park followed by a week of relaxation on Zanzibar. At least it's just my type of vacation, and probably something that can give others travel inspiration

Although I am a big fan of white beaches and azure sea, it is still the first part of the holiday that made the biggest impression on me.

Tanzania is known as the world's best safari country and offers a diverse wildlife that makes it possible to experience The Big Five. Elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos and buffaloes; they were all there.

Aside from the huge impressions that the savannah animals gave me, my encounter with the Masai people was almost as impressive. The Masai are an African tribe living in Kenya and northern Tanzania. They are known for their colorful clothes and for how high they can jump.

Besides that, they basically live only on the milk and blood from cattle. All in all, a huge experience to be so close to the Masai people and the wild life of the savannah. This is probably also why it was so much needed with a week of beach vacation to be able to digest this experience. Chalk-white beaches, 'sea-food' and diving were the perfect end to my trip to Tanzania.

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Athens - not quite like Fayence

Let it be said right away: My two travel to Athens have certainly not been bad. I just think I've gotten to a point where I have nothing to come back for.

The Greek city is known for the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Dionysos Theater and the National Archaeological Museum, and perhaps that is also what is to come after? After checking these off the list and many other cultural-historical sights, I have a hard time seeing what is left.

The Greek food they seemed to have control over, but there were not many international eateries worth a visit. In addition to the food, the restaurants were generally far too intrusive and desperate in terms of attracting tourists.

I also think that the entrance fees to the Acropolis have risen a lot in recent years, which is a bit strange, since it has been under reconstruction both times I have been there. It may reflect a little bit the economic situation, which Greece Are you.

Unfortunately, I also do not think that the city attracts due to beautiful buildings and charming streets, so it will probably only be a transit on to one of the beautiful greek islands, if I'm going to Athens again.

I hope you can use my travel inspiration! Good trip to Fayence, Bali, Tanzania, New York og Amsterdam - and of course also to Athens!

About the author

Anna Lohmann

Anna is originally from Birkerød, but has now lived in Vesterbro for a couple of years, where she enjoys the countless cafés and good coffee. Her joy of traveling started already as a child, and still leaves a few times a year when her studies and finances allow. Anna's best travel destinations are Amsterdam, Bali and Vietnam, but hope to one day have the opportunity to experience New Zealand.



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