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Perfect places - Top 5 destinations to travel to

Brazil Ipanema Beach Travel
Which 5 travel destinations would you recommend to a travel enthusiast? Here, the editors' own Paloma Fjord guides you to five fantastic places that she keeps returning to - and one that she was not so impressed by!

Perfect places - Top 5 destinations to travel to is written by Paloma Fjord

Brazil - Rio de Janeiro - views - travel - perfect places

Perfect places with a bit of everything

It is at once both overwhelming and straightforward to choose its top five perfect places to travel to. Most people still have a couple of regular favorites that they would list without hesitation - luckily I have too.

Therefore - without getting lost in an overly existential crisis of doubt - I have put together a list of my top five cities I have visited and which I think are perfect places to travel to. The cities are carefully selected to reflect the different cultures, nature experiences and types of travel that I like the most. So hold on, because the journey now begins to my top-5 perfect places that you should experience!

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Portugal Lisbon Houses Travel

Perfect places to experience in colorful Lisbon, Portugal

Are I going on a city break, or should the trip just go to Europe, is one of my absolute favorite travel destinations Lisbon. After living there for two years, I can assure you that the city has everything a culture-loving heart desires: Architecture, history, food and a southern European climate that can reach 18 degrees even in December.

The city is of the best southern European kind, which means that some things take place at a very high pace and other things at the lowest possible pace.

For example, you almost have to risk your life to cross a busy street, where the rule is mostly 'survival of the fittest'. When you are safely over on the other side, you can reach a small quiet sunny spot with benches and fountains. Here time has almost come to a standstill, and old men sit and play chess all day.

The coffee is strong, the hills are high, the passion is at its peak and the city is just absolutely amazing. Read more about why Lisbon is for life-lovers.

Brazil - Rio de Janeiro - Views - Travel Destinations - Travel - Perfect Places

2. The lively crucible of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Rio has a very special place in my heart since I have been there since I was a child. The city has been through a huge development, and you can feel that it has become calmer today than it was before.

For me, Rio has everything you as a tourist dream of having travel destinations. The beaches are absolutely amazing and my favorites are Ipanema and the beach in Leblon.

You can kind of spend an entire day in the sun if you have plenty of sunscreen. You can swim, eat beach snacks, drink caipirinha and let yourself be distracted by everything that is happening around you. Of course, the day must end with the world's most beautiful sunset over Ipanema's Arpoador '.

Rio de Janeiro also has amazing scenery and a lot of really high mountains that you can hike up and enjoy the views from. The city can also boast of a lively nightlife with lots of live samba music and dancing and welcoming people.

Last but not least, Brazilian cuisine is without a doubt one of the perfect places to board. Here you can find more tips for what you can experience on your trip to Brazil

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India Andaman Island Beach Travel

3. One of the perfect places you will find on the bounty islands, the Andamans

The Andamans and Nicobars are a territory consisting of two small isolated archipelagos that belong India despite the fact that they are located right next to Thailand. The Nicobars are closed to tourists, as they still have original tribes living there, and the Nicobars have even been a small Danish colony once.

That was not why I wanted to go there. It was, in turn, the idea of ​​small unspoiled bounty islands. Here you can practice yoga on the beach undisturbed and go for long walks in the jungle without being disturbed by anyone, neither locals nor tourists. It says not so little when one is in India.

In the Andamans, my sister and I visited the islands of Havelock Island and Little Andaman Island. They lived up to expectations as they are very unspoiled. It's something of a rarity out there.

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Himalayas - Mcleod Ganj - travel destinations - travel - perfect places

4. The Himalayan Indian-Tibetan pearl, McLeod Ganj

Another atypical city in India , which after a few visits is one of the travel destinations I have dearest, is mountainous McLeod Ganj in the city of Dharamshala. Dharamshala is located high in the Indian Himalayas, and beautiful McLeod Ganj is even further up.

McLeod Ganj houses many Tibetans in exile from China. His Holiness the Dalai Lama therefore also lives in the city and one can always come and visit his giant temple.

The easiest way to get to McLeod Ganj is by flying to Delhi and taking bus from there.

One of the perfect places that you can experience is the steep streets of Little McLeod Ganj. They are adorned with colorful prayer flag and the Tibetan flag. Breathtaking mountain views and Buddhist monks are seen everywhere in dark red robes. On the whole, one comes to feel quite quickly that one has landed in Tibet and is very far from 'Indian culture'.

It is cold up in the mountains - especially after a long and beautiful hike. Fortunately, delicious Tibetan dishes like momos, the noodle soup thukpa and Tibetan chai tea warms even the most tired and frozen feet up again.

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5. Perfect places with Moorish mystery in Granada, Spain

The last of my top travel destinations, which I have carefully considered to include, is Granada in the south Spain. The city was the headquarters of the Moors for about 500 years when they were on the Iberian Peninsula, and from there the city has a fantastic architecture and history.

One of the perfect places is an impressive castle Alhambra - built in Arabic style with mosaics, columns, marble and green gardens - is absolutely stunning.

Not least, I think that Albaycín, which is the old medieval Arab quarter, has a very special atmosphere. I love getting lost in the labyrinthine narrow streets with old white houses, cats and orange trees and feeling like time stands still.

Granada is also great because it is one of the few places in Andalusia where you still get a free 'tapa' served when ordering drinks at a bar. Often it's just a little bread and cheese or olives and ham, but it's always super delicious when you get a little hungry from the strong drinks.

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USA - Las Vegas - Cities - Travel Destinations - Travel - Perfect Places

And finally, a city that - surprisingly enough - is not in my top 5 perfect locations: Las Vegas, USA

Everyone knows Las Vegas in USA, and most people probably go there for the purpose of seeing casinos, shows and all the wilds that happen in the city. However, Las Vegas is also a huge city with 2 million inhabitants. My girlfriend's and my purpose was a little different, namely to visit family in the city.

However, we went anyway The Strip to see what Las Vegas is really about. The excessive hotels, casinos and consumption did not appeal to me - and especially not my wallet. So it was unfortunately not this time that I won a million in roulette The Bellagio.

Also, the city was awkward to get around in without a car, and since Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert, it was not so fun to see on foot in 45 degree heat.

Vegas was entertaining enough to experience for a single day, but I would not want to return to that type of madness another time.  

Have a good trip - no matter which of the five perfect places you want to travel to!

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About the author

Paloma Fjord

Paloma's desire to travel started early, as her parents did not wait long to take her on countless trips to Brazil. The passion for the country's amazing nature and huge cultural diversity remains great and has made Paloma educated in Portuguese and Brazilian studies. Since then, it has been several years in Lisbon, and the rest of the Portuguese-speaking world is high on her wish list.
Paloma is also not shy to admit that she loves chaotic big cities. Whether it's called New Delhi, New York or Mexico City doesn't really make much difference - as long as there are lots of people to look at, small neighborhoods to get lost in and freshly prepared street food to taste, Paloma is perfectly happy.



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