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Sri Lanka - Nature - Elephants - Travel
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Here are the best destinations of the year

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Af Trine Søgaard

Short trips

The choice between all the different destinations

The rain whips against the window while the wind shakes the trees. Autumn has left the country. The familiar, biting cold and darkness descends. A woman on the street pulls the scarf up around her ears, and crosses the road with an absent expression on her face.

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Maybe she, like me, has already forgotten the hot summer months and not least the deciduous summer that stretched far into October. Suddenly the winter seems extra long and unmanageable.

And there it is. The feeling that announces its arrival every single year at this time. The exile. The burning desire to travel and experience far away from rain and cold. And I know I'm far from the only one.

But where in the world do you start? Where is the best place to go? And what really makes one destination better than another? Everyone probably has their own favorite destination, which is based on preferences, experiences and memories, just like I have.

I know the Travelers' Club came up with their bid the best destinations, where New Zealand ranked highest followed by Iran. But just as opinions and preferences can change, so can countries and places, right?

I therefore lean on Lonely Planet, which has come up with their bid on which destinations are worth visiting in 2019. In addition, the travel guide has just voted the best city of the year, where the award went to København. So if you are in doubt about where to start, a trip around the capital will no doubt be a great place to start.

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Sri Lanka - Sigiriya-Rock-Fortress- Travel

1. Sri Lanka

At the top of the list is Sri Lanka as the best country to visit in 2019. Located in the middle of the equator, the sun-drenched archipelago is experiencing great changes in these times, where many years of bourgeois conflicts have slowly been replaced by kindness and hospitality.

In addition to the country's obvious rich nature as well as religious and cultural heritage, Sri Lanka has also become a mecca for families, eco-tourists, wellness and food-loving travelers - so what are you waiting for?

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2. Germany

Our neighbors to the south are in second place and for good reason. For us Danes is Germany a popular destination; it is in driving distance, there is beautiful nature and good draft beer.

But in addition to the usual reasons to take over the border, in 2019 there are new reasons to consider a holiday in the German. In 1919, the Bauhaus aesthetic arose at the School of Art and Architecture in Weimar. This special aesthetic with a focus on the industrial, has influenced art and architecture all over the world and still does to this day.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary, three brand new museums about the Bauhaus are opening; one in Weimar, one in Dessau and one in Berlin. In addition, there are a sea of ​​events throughout the year, so if you are the least interested in art and architecture then Germany is the place to be in 2019.

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victoria-falls- Zambia

3. Zimbabwe

Africa is a popular destination for many Danes, and especially Zimbabwe attracts travelers because of their amazing nature and great opportunities for eventful safaris. The country is one of the safest destinations in Africa and home to an incredibly friendly and welcoming local population.

If you are going to Zimbabwe, there are magnificent nature experiences on the menu. You will find, among other things, the magnificent Victoria Falls waterfall, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, as well as a myriad of national parks, where the safari's big five is the focal point.

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panama ruins

4. Panama

Panama is to that extent one of the hubs for the world's shipping and here the north, south, east and west meet in a discreet mix. The country has the best of all four corners of the world; misty ridges, tropical forests, white beaches and indigenous culture.

And last but not least, the world-famous Panama Canal, an impressive edifice that cost many lives and revolutionized world trade.

In 2019, Panama City has its 500th anniversary and they promise a bang of a party, as a mark of their stormy history. That is why Panama is also one of the best destinations this year.

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Kyrgyzstan - nature, mountains - travel

5. Kyrgyzstan

You may not have heard that much about Kyrgyzstan before, but then 2019 is the year where that changes. It is fast becoming popular among travelers and for good reason.

The country was part of the Soviet Union, and it was not until 1991 that it became an independent republic. It is located in Central Asia with a mountainous nature that is quite unspoilt.

There are still a number of nomadic families living here who understand horses and live in the traditional yurts during the summer. Especially if you are interested in trekking, Kyrgyzstan is a good bet for the next trekking adventure.

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Jordan - Wadi Rum - camel - travel


Jordan has for many years been known for the beautiful red rocks and temples at Petra, but now it's time for the country to become known for more. Here in 2019, they open a fantastic 650 kilometer long hiking route through the irresistible Jordanian landscape.

You will pass the Dead Sea, the ancient castles of the Crusaders, the unique landscape of the Rift Valley and beautiful gorges. The trip is calculated to take about 42 days, including break days. If you are not into hiking, there are many other ways to experience the amazing country, it's just getting away before the others.

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Indonesia - Bali, Temples, Travel

7. Indonesia

Indonesia is a stunning archipelago consisting of more than 17.000 islands. You can experience everything from picturesque Bali, known for its white sandy beaches to Borneo where orangutans are the main attraction or Komodo's exciting wildlife.

The islands are very different, so it is almost guaranteed that one of the islands of Indonesia has a travel experience you will find interesting. The country has recently relaxed its visa rules and invested in better transport options to the many islands, so now it is easier than ever to travel there.

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Belarus - Grodno, cathedral - travel

8. Belarus

Belarus may not be a travel destination you have considered before, but the country has a lot to offer and in 2019 the country will host the European Games.

The European Games are a mini-edition of the Olympics for European countries. The games are being held for the second time, so it is a fairly new event. In addition to a Mini-Olympics, the capital Minsk offers excellent art and cultural life, a beautiful old town and a vibrant nightlife.

In short, there is something for everyone and with the new rules, you can stay in the country up to 30 days before it is necessary to apply for a visa.

Sao Tome Principe travel

9. São Tomé and Príncipe

The two beautiful islands São Tomé og Príncipe located off the west coast of Africa. The islands are not a well-known tourist destination and that is a blessing, because then you have the opportunity to experience them in peace from other tourists.

The islands have beautiful beaches that are not yet filled with happy bathers and tropical jungle with sugar, coffee and cocoa plantations. You can also get an insight into the role of the islands during the previous slave trade; an eerie but fascinating story.

There is ample opportunity to find hidden treasures on these islands, so it's just about getting going. São Tomé and Príncipe also came on this list of best travel countries.

Belize Beach Sea


Belize is the Caribbean's unknown gem. It is in the middle Mexico og Guatemala with an absolutely terrific coastline. Here you will find the world's second largest coral reef with the so-called Blue Hole, which is 124 meters deep.

The country is doing a lot to preserve the unique maritime life, and many eco-resorts are focusing on sustainability. Belize also has some of the most extensive cave systems in all of Central America.

In most of the caves it is possible to get around and experience the special experience it is to walk in the interior of the earth.

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Trine is a travel-loving student who is studying marketing and communication at Aalborg University. Her passion for travel is evident in the length of the list of visited countries, where she has even lived in Australia and on Zanzibar. In her spare time, Trine is creative, and spends a lot of energy on photography. Her joy of documenting her experiences has since paid off, as a publication in i.a. Lonely Planet became the springboard to the desire to work in the travel industry.