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Jerusalem is the best among five places you should experience

Israel - Jerusalem - travel
There are many unique places in the world, but sometimes you visit places that are very special to you. Here are five of my favorite places - and a place I will not have to visit again.

Jerusalem is the best among five places you should experience written by Well, Thorsmark Madsen

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The difficult choice

How do you recommend destinations to others when you do not know their wishes and interests? Are they mostly for Grassland or Greece? It is very individual which places or attractions you personally feel attracted to. In this article, I will try to describe five places that have left good traces in me - and a place that I was not particularly fascinated by.

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Mijas Spain travels

Mijas Town

Goodbye, please! We simply start in sunny Spain. A few years back I traveled to Spain to work in Málaga. On the weekends, my only goal was to get out and see the amazing scenery and the beautiful mountain areas.

One day I hopped on a small bus that drove me up into the mountains. Up to a small mountain village called Mijas Pueblo. The small town was full of small winding streets. Streets as well as houses were adorned with flowering houseplants and colorful tiles. A local let me ride on one of his donkeys up through the town to a beautiful vantage point from which there was a view of the city roofs and the coast below.

Israel - Jerusalem - travel


Jerusalem is one of the places you must experience. Jerusalem is Israel capital, an absolutely stunning city with beautiful buildings, which bear the stamp of ancient culture and religion. The streets smell very special, and there are beautiful large churches everywhere in the city. If you are in the eastern part of Jerusalem, it is worth visiting the Wailing Wall, which is one of the holiest sites of Judaism. In many ways, it is a touching experience to see how the visit to the wall affects people's feelings and moods.

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Italy Rome travels


From one religious city to another - this time in Italy. My trip to Rome gave me the impression that the city offers many opportunities. The streets abound with cafes with fantastic pasta dishes. Although old buildings do not tell me much, I highly recommend visiting the Vatican and St. Peter's Basilica; here one is blown backwards by the enormous architecture. Definitely on the list of places to experience.  

England Brighton travel


A city that to that extent exudes a fantastic diversity. Brighton on England the south coast is one of the safest cities I have stayed in. This is partly due to the fact that the city is manageable and it is easy to use public transport. The streets abound with small bakeries, cafes and pubs.

Brighton is a port city and I highly recommend going on a photo safari to the colorful beach houses. In addition, Brighton has direct trains to London, which is a definite advantage when you have to travel there.

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Læsø Travel


Out well but at home best. My next recommendation falls on a small apple out in the Kattegat, namely Læsø.

You can actually do something else to buy the famous Læsø salt on Læsø - especially in the summer. Take your friends or family to the port town of Vesterø and experience the annual quay party in week 29. Here you can experience a good atmosphere and taste a lot of fresh fish. Try a lobster hot dog, which is a very special delicacy.

USA Miami South Beach Beach Roadtrip Travel

Miami Beach

No need to go again…
Miami Beach in Florida might sound like a lot fancy place one “just has to experience”. Miami Beach, however, to my taste is not a place that makes a particularly good impression. The streets were very dirty and disgusting and nothing is cheap compared to other places in USA. I do not have to return to that right away.

Go on a self-drive holiday in the USA - see much more about American road trip here

I hope this article has given you insight and desire to visit just my favorite places.

Bon voyage!

About the author

Well, Thorsmark Madsen

Naja is an adventurous North Jutlander who loves spontaneity. On a daily basis, she lives in a collective in the middle of Aalborg. Here she spends her time studying, working and hanging out with her friends. Naja enjoys planning trips and experiences to new destinations, she reads travel books and listens to podcasts to expand her horizons and learn about other cultures.
A large part of Naja's time abroad, she has combined with either work or education, which has given her a good insight into local cultures.
Naja has, among other things, been on a language trip in Brighton, an exchange student in Wisconsin, and a receptionist on the sunny coast of Malaga.
Naja's exchange stay in the USA is clearly the experience that has left its mark on her and thus also drawn her back to the states year after year. Naja is inspired by the country's cultural history and nature.
There are still many places Naja has not explored yet, but it is on her list.



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