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5 places I would like to visit again: Nice, Balkans and beautiful islands

France - Nice
When you have been traveling in a sufficient number of places, you begin to get a sense of which places you would like to visit again and thus also some places that you can do without a visit to again. Read on here to see my list of destinations I would like to visit again.
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Af Camilla Liv Jensen

France - Nice - Promenade Des Anglais

Nice - the city that has it all

Nice in Southern France is the place I have visited the most times - probably seven times. After being there so many times, I no longer feel like a tourist and I can therefore walk around without Google Maps on the phone despite my lack of sense of place.

In my optics, Nice has it all. There is of course the old town, Vielle Ville, which has its charm in the beautiful old buildings, crooked cobblestones and small shops with specialties in all sorts of things. Like many other southern European cities.

A short walk from the old town is Place Masséna. Here there is beautiful architecture, black and white tiles and last but not least - shopping! This belongs to any big city and there is actually really good shopping in Nice.

Promenade Des Anglais is the famous seafront promenade that runs along the south coast and thus also the beach in Nice. The promenade is seven kilometers long, which provides space for a lot of variety in the form of stalls and street shows on, among other things, roller skates and stilts.

The beach in Nice is a pebble beach, but you should not be intimidated by it, because there are actually two clear advantages to it: Once you have arranged the stones correctly, you lie really well and can lie there for a long time. The biggest plus, however, is that you do not have to bring sand home from the beach.

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Spain - Mallorca - Palma Cathedral

Mallorca: The island to be seen by car

The next place I would like to visit again is Mallorca. After 13 days on the island, I got a good sense of where I want to stay next time I go there. We had booked hotel in Palma Bay not far from the airport and quickly found out that we had landed in the party part of Mallorca and there were a lot of people on the beach and in the streets most of the day.

Playa de Palma in the part where we lived is stuffy, noisy and dirty, so it can not be recommended if you want a nice day at the beach. In return, there is a lot Cala'er, eg Cala Llombards and Cala D'Or, which can be reached by car, which can be rented for cheap money just like in the rest of Spain.

This is also my biggest recommendation for Mallorca: Rent a car! There is so much diversity on the island, so it would be a shame to stay in one area. And the rides are great for experiencing much of the nature on the island.

Next time I visit Mallorca, I will definitely stay on the west side of the island over at Magaluf beach, as it - surprisingly enough - was much quieter and more peaceful than Palma Bay.

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Greece - Chios

Charming Chios

Chios is the fifth largest Greek island and is so close Turkey, that one can see over there when standing on the eastern side of the island. Chios is an island with charm, which can look very worn and old in some areas, and elsewhere it just gives character.

The food is great, and if you know the locals, you can get recommendations for restaurants that are located in the most random places and that you had never found out on your own, so be sure to ask the locals for advice.

If you drive from one side to the other side of the island, you will see that there are small eateries up in the mountains, where you are served authentic Greek food. No menu card and hardly a word of English, so you get what is being served, without necessarily knowing what it is.

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Ireland - Dublin - Bar

Pubcrawl in Dublin

I have been to Dublin twice; both times on a study trip with my high school class and my current study, respectively. Therefore, I would like to visit Dublin on my own with freer reins in relation to the content of the trip.

Dublin, and in general Ireland, is the most obvious place for one pub crawl, which I have also been to a few times, but I would definitely like to experience it again.

In connection with my first trip to Dublin, I was one day in Belfast, where we were on a guided tour with locals who, in the best Irish accent, told stories from Belfast. The trip of course came by Peace Walls, which are the walls that separate the Republican and Catholic populations from each other. It is an exciting experience that I would also recommend to others.

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Romania - Brasov

Brașov, Romania: Ski holidays and city breaks at the same time

I have been on ski holidays many times and I have been on city breaks many times but never at the same time before I visited Brașov in Romania.

Romania is a place with many prejudices and I had them myself too, but they were disproved almost immediately. We landed at Bucharest Airport, located in the south of Romania, and drove directly north to Brașov. It is clear that Bucharest is the poorest part of Romania, while the north is a little nicer both in terms of buildings and cars.

Although Romanians are not initially strong at English, they would very much like to gesture with one until we understand what each other means. A very friendly people. We also became good friends with our ski rental company, who gave us good tips for both skiing and sights inside the city.

It should of course be mentioned that everything is cheap in Romania - almost too cheap. You can have dinner for just around 100 kroner per person including drinks, and for lunch even less than that.

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UAE - Dubai, Burj Khalifa

The place I will not have to visit again - Dubai

Dubai is a place I would not necessarily visit again. I traveled to Dubai in March in hopes of a sun holiday in the middle of the wet Danish weather. To my dull surprise, it rained four out of the seven days I was there, which put my sun vacation a bit on pause.

In addition, I probably lived in a slightly deserted area. The only thing that was nearby was a small one template, but after spending three rainy days in there, you start to get bored. Dubai Mall was of course also on the to-do list in Dubai, but with the holiday brain where one forgets the days of the week, we ended up coming on a Friday afternoon. Need I mention there were a lot of people?

Maybe Dubai deserves another chance, but I do not need to come back in the near future. I find something else exciting instead.

Nice trip!

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About the author

Camilla Liv Jensen

Camilla has been used to traveling since a young age, and must travel at least once a year - but the more, the better. So far, most trips have been within Europe, except for a single trip to Dubai and a trip to Florida as a child, but she hopes to visit more continents as soon as possible.

On a daily basis, she studies Leisure Management in Roskilde, which is a study that i.a. focuses on tourism and experience economy. The role as a student does not generate much money for travel, which is why most travel so far has been within Europe.

She loves to travel south, towards higher temperatures, but when the season says winter, she also loves to ski.



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