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22 trips you should take on in 2022

2022, Chinese New Year
The year 2022 is a really good travel year. Here are 22 of the year's very best trips from the very best Danish travel agencies.

22 trips you should take on in 2022 is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs.

2022 is already a big travel year

After a few years with many cancellations draws 2022 to be the year, where we must go out and live out our travel dreams. Some things about the journey are different than we are used to, but we will probably have to cope with that. Corona should not be allowed to put down travel dreams. Remember to follow the development in the travel guides.

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Below you will find some of the very best trips in 2022. We know that you probably can not reach them all this year, but it could be that the perfect trip for you is here among our favorites. Otherwise, you can already now plan for next year.

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Travel deals to Africa

Are you going on your big Africa adventure in 2022? You decide if you want to see the Big Five in South Africa with or explore the lush wildlife and nature with Panorama Travel, which takes you to unique Madagascar.

Or is 2022 the year you set out to climb Kilimanjaro with Danish tour guide? One thing is for sure: Africa can do a lot, and if you have not been there yet, there are many new amazing experiences waiting; also many active. Have you considered that go on a mountain bike ride through Tanzania or one peaceful yoga stay on paradise Zanzibar with Rickshaw Tours & Travel?

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Africa Seychelles Beach Palm Travel

Travel deals to Asia

Asia is a huge continent with a lot of wonderful travel countries. Maybe it was something with a cultural tour in it wonderful Vietnam with Vitus Rejser, where your Danish-speaking tour guide takes you by the hand on the journey from north to south and shows you the country's contrasts.

Sri Lanka has everything from safaris and ancient beautiful temples to stunning white sand beaches. Or what about one adventure travel in Malaysia and the Indian Ocean with Profile Travel?

Come along of Round trip in authentic Thailand, which includes an authentic houseboat adventure in the north near the border Myanmar. Are you even more adventurous and love lots of activity, then bike or run a ride with Above Boarders in North Korea og Turkmenistan.

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Antarctica - travel deals - travel

Antarctica Travel Deals

Is your 2022 plan to visit the South Pole? Then you should travel with panorama Travel to Antarctica on this expedition from the southernmost point of South America, Ushuaia in Argentina, via the Falkland Islands and down to the pristine shores of Antarctic. Sail in a sea kayak between floating icebergs and experience penguins, whales and sea elephants.

The expeditions take place between November and March.

2022 is a blast of a travel year! See here why and how

France Alsace Riquewihr

Travel deals to Europe

At Denmark located in Europe, makes us very privileged, because hold up a lot of fantastic places our own continent has to offer. With FDM Travel you and the family can put on self-drive holiday through the vineyards of Alsace, where you stay at the finest local hotels.

Scotland is also an impressive travel country with beautiful nature and the nicest small towns. Stjernegaard Rejser takes you on beautiful hiking and local adventure in the Scottish Highlands. If, on the other hand, you are more into luxury and everything is served on a silver platter, then come along train journey to ancient Rome or The Alps with Silvertray.

You can also take it with you Nilles Rejser of river cruise on the Moselle and Rhine between France og Germany.

Do you want to get far north, is Greenland another wild travel destination where you can get really close to the culture and explore the beautiful nature with great chances to see whales, seals and polar bears.

Experience Greenland with Stjernegaard Rejser. Or if the dream is to see the northern lights, you can go adventurous Svalbard with Norsk Rejsebureau.

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Canada - mountains, lake, reflection - travel

Travel deals to North America, Central America and the Caribbean

North America has it all and one can spend an entire travel life exploring this continent. Take on the drive of a lifetime a road trip along Route 66 with USA Rejser.

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If it's the heat and the festive crowd that pulls in 2022, then go for it round trip and beach holiday in Mexico with or travel to colorful Cuba with Vitus Rejser.

If you can't get enough of the idea of ​​a road trip, you can also go along FDM Travel on a motorcycle through the United States.

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Colombia - Cartagena - city - travel

Travel to South America

Come along Stjernegaard Rejser to end of the world - Argentina and Chile, where you will experience local gastronomy, glaciers and giant Patagonia, among other things. It can only be a great experience!

You can also come along to Costa Rica. Look forward to green, lush nature parks and beautiful sandy beaches perfect for both relaxation and surfing. 

Bring along Ecuador's hidden jungle, where Panorama Travel in collaboration with Randers Regnskov has been given a very special permit to stay. Does this unique nature experience sound like something for you? Of course, you won't be cheated either the impressive Galapagos Islands.

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French Polynesia - bora bora - cruise - travel deals - travel

Oceania Travel Deals

Come along FDM Travel to scenic New Zealand, where you can experience both the North and the South Island, perhaps even in a motorhome, where you decide the pace yourself.

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Cyprus Paphos beach travel deals travel

Choose right

If you are in doubt about which country and which trip is right for you for your next big trip, we can recommend contacting travel agencies and ask them if the trip suits your options and desires. They have lots of experts who would rather than like to advise you.

You can also find inspiration by exploring the many different ones yourself travel and travel deals here.

Have a good trip no matter what you choose. Just remember to choose to leave - you will be happy with that.

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