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Quarantine or not on the trip? These countries are ready for tourists

The countries of the world open and close to tourists and the rules change on a daily basis. Here's what's going on right now.
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Quarantine or not on the trip? These countries are ready for tourists is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs. Dk. The article is updated and correct at the end of the editorial, 7 July 2021.

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The world is in colors

There are almost as many different ways to deal with corona as there are countries in the world.

That is why we give you an overview here of what is happening in the world and also specifically in Europe. So you can make your own informed choices about traveling in corona time and reopening. If you want to know more about that travel in corona time you can find more corona guides and articles here, and also check our testing of Southern Europe restrictions.

The most important links to rules when traveling in and after the corona are:

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The world: This is the evolution of quarantine, infection rates and entry restrictions

A streak of countries around the world have so far closed to tourists. It is ultimately up to the countries themselves to decide if they want guests, and there are some of the otherwise popular travel countries - for example. Australia - who does not want right now.

Other popular travel countries, e.g. Thailand, has found a reopening models for certain groups of tourists in certain areas starting with popular Phuket.

From the outset, the Danish authorities have chosen to discourage all 'unnecessary' travel to all countries outside Europe and Schengen without looking at the infection pressure in the individual countries. That arrangement has now been changed so that the countries of the world now also change color from week to week.

If you only need to be in transit at an airport, then you are usually not traveling into the country. If you need to change airports or pick up your luggage to check in again with another company, then different rules may apply depending on where in the world you are.

Remember to check on each card what the different colors mean; it can vary a bit.

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Europe: Open and closed borders

From 1 July, Europe is generally open to Danes. However, Europe is divided into different colors, and the same applies to regions within each country. In Denmark, we use green, yellow, orange and red as markings, where green is the most open and without restrictions, and red is the most closed with most restrictions.

The colors affect whether you will be quarantined when you return home and whether you will be tested before returning home. The rules on returning home depend on
1) Your own disease and vaccination situation
2) The color of the region
3) Whether you travel directly and who you travel with

As a rule, the rules apply for 12 years and up - but not always - and if you have been vaccinated and / or can document previous illness, you will not be tested before returning home, but transit countries may still require a test. Pt. most people do not get tested before returning home due to the color of the regions - see the link above about "returning home".

It is worth keeping an eye on developments right up until departure - and also along the way - as the colors can change quickly if the infection rate goes up or down.

The EU, EEA and Schengen countries have joined forces on a common corona passport and common reopening rules, but it is still the individual countries that ultimately decide the entry rules. Therefore, check the individual countries rules and travel instructions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In this context, be aware that the UK is no longer a member of the EU and therefore has its own rules.

As the Faroe Islands and Greenland are members of the Commonwealth, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not make guidelines for this. Instead, you can find the latest the latest updated rules and restrictions on The corona side of the Faroese national doctor og Greenland coronary doctor's corona side.

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The main travel countries for the summer holidays

Some of the most important travel countries for Danes have special forms that you must fill out to travel. Below are links directly to travel guides and forms. Also remember to check the current test rules where you are going to travel.


Declaration of faith and laws for travelers to France
Foreign Ministry page on France


'Passenger Locator Form' for travelers to Greece
Foreign Ministry page on Greece


'Digital Passenger Locator Form' for travelers to Italy
Foreign Ministry page on Italy


Entry form for travelers arriving by plane to Spain
Foreign Ministry page on Spain


Page of the German Ministry of the Interior on the corona
Foreign Ministry page on Germany


'Pre Travel Clearance' form for travelers to Austria
Page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Austria

Find all the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel guides here - they are updated regularly

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Important to remember

Both transit countries and airlines may be required to test - regardless of whether Denmark, for example, does not - but then the airline tells it before departure. For example, France and the Netherlands have previously made this demand. When driving a car yourself, you must therefore pay extra attention to transit rules, even if you are not staying overnight. See rules for each country.

Remember, as always, travel insurance - if your own is not currently covered, you can easily purchase one that does. Check with your own insurance to begin with.

To make it easy: Get PCR-tested before departure, fill out local entry apps correctly with date and name, and fly as direct as you can if you need to fly. And so good travel - it's probably easier than you think once you leave and everyone wants to help. Good trip!

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