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Latest travel and holiday news: Snow in Tirol & Ethiopian Airlines expands in the Nordics

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Are you ready for winter in Tyrol?

Then the first snow fell on Monday in Tyrol - and there are many who can't wait to get going.

To get a taste, Tirol Werbung therefore invites you to the BANFF Mountain Film Festival, which will be held in Copenhagen on October 11 and has two short films from and about Austria on the program.

In this newsletter you can also read more about new offers, new hotels and new infrastructure that will make your next skiing holiday in Tirol even better. And maybe you want a quieter winter holiday? - then you can read more about it here.

See the newsletter here

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Ethiopian Airlines is expanding and becoming the fastest modern route south to Africa

The Nordic region's fastest and most direct flight connection to Africa is operated by Ethiopian Airlines, a member of the Star Alliance, and without tedious time differences. Ethiopian Airlines route Oslo-Stockholm-Addis Ababa is a reliable route that has been flown during the entire pandemic, most often with a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Ethiopian Airlines operates daily departures from June. Ethiopian Airlines is by far Africa's largest operator of Dreamliners and is now also moving up the rankings, as one of the companies with the most advanced Airbus A 350, on the longest routes. As other airlines postponed deliveries and reduced the fleet, Ethiopian Airlines itself received five new A350s during the pandemic.

"Demand from our customers has increased, so it is with great pleasure to be able to quickly expand the Oslo-Stockholm-Addis Ababa route to daily departures," says Area Manager for the Nordic countries, Wogayehu Terefe.

By converting 25 passenger planes to cargo early in the pandemic, Ethiopian Airlines could become one
key player in medical devices, such as 150 million vaccine doses to Africa. The cargo traffic gave the company a significant profit also in 2021, which made it possible to maintain important traffic for people and cargo.

Ethiopian Cargo's twelve pure cargo planes are still an important and profitable part of the group for the future just as it was through a difficult time. Now it will also be the second company in the world to order the brand new Boeing 777X in full version, in five copies with super long range.

Addis Ababa is the hub of 127 destinations in 81 countries, making Ethiopian Airlines the fourth largest airline in the world in terms of number of destinations, more than many other well-known major carriers.

Ethiopian Airlines is also the fifth largest company in the world to have the new Airbus A350, which is 18 in the fleet with an average age of 3,1 years. They are designed for 30 passengers in business class and 313-325 in economy class. Furthermore, there are 27 Boeing 787 Dreamliner which is five years on average.

Ethiopian Airlines is one of the 20 largest airlines in the world and with 67 destinations in Africa, they continue to increase market share, under the slogan "The New Spirit of Africa". In recent years, Skytrax has twice named Ethiopian Airlines as Best Airline Staff Service and four times Best airline in Africa.

In 2017, they received Four Star Certification, while Ethiopian Airlines grew, with a 25% profit increase, seven years in a row. Of course, the pandemic has put Ethiopian Airlines under pressure, as it has done for everyone else. However, the usual hard cuts were not made.

Therefore, passenger traffic could also be maintained, which also made Ethiopian Airlines the best African airline 2021 according to the Business Travel Award. Traffic to Stockholm and Oslo has continued during the pandemic. Ethiopian Airlines' position as the largest African airline was also strengthened in 2021.

Through co-ownership and alliances with several airlines, most recently in Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopian has consolidated its position as a pan-African with good connections to the company's large network to Asia and South and North America.

Of course, the success did not come from one day to the next, but the company has grown uninterrupted through its 75 flight years. Ethiopian Airlines is state-owned, but has always made independent commercial decisions based on growth and profit.

Ethiopian Airlines is the country's largest and most popular company to work for. A separate flight academy, trains pilots, cabin, aircraft technicians and ground staff. A conscious commitment to women has led to a leading position in relation to female pilots and aircraft technicians, the latter almost completely unique.

Within Scandinavia, Ethiopian Airlines also flies locally on the Stockholm-Oslo-Stockholm route, with an early morning departure to Oslo and a pleasant early evening departure back to Stockholm, which continues directly to Addis Ababa overnight. The Dreamliner normally used has the configuration 24 business class seats and 246 on economy class, with slightly more business class capacity in the larger 787-9 version.

Ethiopian Airlines is now also resuming deliveries of 25 ordered Boeing 737-8, which will complement mainly African traffic, where today uses Boeing 737-800, as well as one of the world's largest fleets of Bombardier Q-400, just over 30, which is special suitable for Africa's many hot and high airports and long distances.

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Austria: Optimistic outlook for summer 2022

Expectations for the summer are high, and according to a new study from the Austrian Tourist Office in Vienna, three quarters of the respondents in Austria's most important markets plan to go on summer holidays - and Austria has a lot to offer. However, there is still uncertainty about inflation, the war in Ukraine and the pandemic.

“We are optimistic about the summer season. After two years of pandemic, there is a great need to travel. People long to get out into nature, and Austria has the right holiday opportunities, ” says Lisa Weddig, CEO of the Austrian Tourist Office in Vienna. This is according to the latest study, which has been carried out in Austria's four largest foreign markets - Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. According to the survey, three quarters of respondents plan to travel in the summer of 2022, compared to 60% last year.

Although holidays by the sea are the most popular form of holiday (40%), recreational holidays (31%), nature holidays (25%), city holidays (22%) and holidays by lakes (21%) are also in high demand. And these are the strengths of Austria. "Movement in nature" is currently a big trend in many countries, and it is a good match for Austria.
When it comes to things that tourists are worried about at the moment, the Corona situation only comes in third place. In second place comes the political uncertainty (Ukraine war), while rising prices right now are the biggest concern.

“Price development is the most relevant factor in connection with holiday planning this year. Not necessarily in terms of whether to go on holiday, but in terms of the destination and time of travel, ” explains Lisa Weddig.

Holidays in Austria are relaxing, you are close to nature and it is authentic. Whether you are swimming in a lake or hiking in the Alps: A summer holiday in Austria offers the perfect experience for everyone - #realAustria

On you can be inspired and find good holiday opportunities.

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