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Zion National Park: From the other side

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Why is Zion National Park worth a visit?
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Zion National Park: From the other side is written by Michael Bo Christensen

USA - road trip mountains - travel

Zion National Park: One of Utah's most beautiful

A lot of Danes have opened their eyes to one of them Utah's most beautiful facility, Zion National Park. With good reason, I might add, for the area is my absolute favorite park.

In my optics, I see the park in two parts. One is the valley from which the many hikes spring. The other is the very entrance to the park. Zion National Park has two entrances, but many see only one. It is truly a pity and a shame.

To take full advantage of Zion, which the Mormons called the “Place of The Refugees,” take the route from the east entrance near the city of Mt. Carmel. Of course you can also drive the opposite, but the trip is best from the east.

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Tourist-friendly 'Bighorn sheep'

After passing the National Park Services checkpoint, the party begins. Despite the 45 km speed limit on road signs, most people drive less than 30 km per hour. No one wants to rush through this paradise, and the five miles into the valley is one of Utah's most beautiful.

On the trip you often meet small groups of 'Bighorn sheep', who are used to the friendly looks of the tourists and therefore easy to photograph.

USA offers a myriad of possibilities if you as a traveler dream of experiencing the perfect blend of magnificent wildlife and biodiversity, combined with American historical and cultural heritage. Zion National Park is no exception. The park fully lives up to the popular and famous stories from visits to, among other places Grand Canyon og Yosemite.

If you are planning a trip to the southwestern United States, then Zion National Park is a recommendable candidate for an unforgettable stop on the route.

About the author

Michael Bo Christensen

Michael Bo Christensen owns the travel site
Michael has a special love for small unknown natural gems, which probably do not remain unknown. He is accustomed to the Indian reservations and has a great knowledge of these.

With his travel site as a back catalog, Michael likes to give lectures on his almost 20 trips to the USA. Over the last 40 years, he has developed a close and loving relationship with the Americans and greatly appreciates their immediate and accommodating manner.

Many self-drive travelers get a hand out of Michael when their itinerary needs to be knitted together, and so do several travel agencies when product developing their travels.

Michael works on a daily basis as a school educator, and in his spare time he swings the sticks in jazz and swing bands and enjoys his family.



  • Zion National Park is really beautiful - and what beautiful pictures! Unfortunately we did not even get on some of the long walks in the park (due to a sprained foot), but luckily many of the small walks also offered great experiences.

    We absolutely fell in love with nature in the southwestern United States when we were on a road trip in April. Next time we will hike to Angels Landing or Observation Point 😀

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