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New York, USA

New York in 30 hours

New York has plenty to offer. But what can you achieve in 30 hours in the city? Here's a guide to New York at lightning speed - in true Carrie Bradshaw style.

Af Sascha Meineche

30 hours in New York? Most people think I'm more than usual shrillly insane. I took my friend, a flight attendant, on a stop in New York for less than 30 hours. I myself could not find anything better to spend 30 hours on. Not a single thing actually - and I even tried. It also did not take me more than a second and a half to accept the formidable offer.

But what do you do in 30 hours in New York? Of course, you start the day by getting up as early as your jet lag allows - and for me it is usually at 04.00. However, I had to stretch it to 8 o’clock when my hard-working girlfriend had to have the evening’s work asleep out of her body.

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USA New York

Manhattan - the pearl of New York - from a different angle

Then you spend just half an hour admiring New York's amazing skyline, which of course is even more amazing in sunshine - but okay, that's most of it. Normally, I myself would always live in Manhattan, but we had arrived on a cancellation and lived in New Jersey. And the good thing about living on the New Jersey side: New York's neat concrete wall of a skyline. Especially for a Dane, where what stands out the most here at home is the Round Tower, so it is something of a sight. A sight I never get tired of.

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USA New york

In search of avocado snacks

The morning only really started with a hunt for the best breakfast you can take pictures of. We ate a delicious 'blogger breakfast' in Little Italy in one of those hip places where there are often very long queues outside and where all the dishes include something with avocado; it's ultra nice in pictures. Luckily, it also tasted completely as good as it looked.

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Then we strolled a bit in the sunshine and were extra happy when the weather forecast said 12 degrees and rain and reality said 18 degrees and full sun. It's the great thing about New York that you can almost never completely trust the weather forecast, and right here it was fortunately for the better. New York always has just an ace up its sleeve and I love everything about it.

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Halloween pumpkin

Halloween and pumpkin spice lattin New York

Next, we took Subway to Central Park, where of course we just bought one pumpkin spice latte to enjoy the fall colors and stroll through the park to the sound of witty amusing music and people practicing magic, standing on hands, walking on line or entertaining in any other strange way.

Since it was Halloween season, we were of course going to one of those crazy "joke and joke" stores. In other words, such a person you have no idea exists and have no idea at all about what contains until you have seen it. It's crazy what the Americans can do to make it look creepy, and half of it is edible; cut fingers in marzipan, chocolate spiders and of course skeletons of all sizes and shapes. Bon appetite.

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USA New York

A little bit Carrie Bradshaw

The trip, of course, went to the inevitable place Perry Street. One can not help but feel a little bit Carrie Bradshaw-like when standing there in front of the stairs, which is so recognizable.

At least I can't help but feel like her. Even though I was not wearing 10cm high stilettos, a tulle-studded glitter dress or was plastered into Dior, Perry Street gives me that 'Sex and the City feeling', and it does every single time I're there .

Of course, we also had to stop by Magnolia Bakery and buy the famous cupcakes that the Sex and the City girls consume in the TV series. After another break in a park with the sun right in my head, my friend went home to the hotel to power-nappe, before she had to take me and other impossible passengers up on the way back to Denmark at night.

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USA brooklyn

Brooklyn Bridge and a selfie or two

I walked around the new and beautiful One World Trade Center and then strolled a trip to the Brooklyn Bridge to take a few selfies and enjoy the view. To my great surprise, Jersey City, where we lived, is just a stop from the One World Trade Center, and on the way back I once again enjoyed the view of the Manhattan skyline and the beautiful, enlightened lady standing and thronging the waters off Manhattan. Yes. The Statue of Liberty of course. I sucked everything to myself and simply felt so happy. Tired to the bone, but really happy.

I'm in a very definite mood when I'm in New York, and it's so hard to describe if, for unfathomable and strange reasons, one does not throw the same love on New York as I do. But I am completely happy and happy when I am there. And so was I in the 30 hours I was in New York this time around. It was absolutely and utterly sovereign.

So if you are ever offered to come with a flight attendant on a stop, whatever it is in New York, Shanghai, Athens or Stavanger, then I can just recommend you put on your yes-hat and get going. And then, by the way, I take off my yes-hat for all the stewardesses out there.

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