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Christmas in New York: A Christmas Tree Adventure in Manhattan

Christmas - New York - travel - Christmas tree - Rockefeller - Swarovski
Come to New York and get inspiration for the best Christmas sights.

Christmas in New York: A Christmas Tree Adventure in Manhattan is written by Birgit Pedersen

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Get in the Christmas spirit in New York

When you say Christmas, you have to say Christmas in New York. I love New York - especially Manhattan - at Christmas time. The beautifully decorated windows, the wildest gift shopping and Christmas decorations everywhere. 

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But, but, but, when it comes to Christmas trees, there is nowhere else I would rather be and enjoy them. I love Christmas trees, especially New York in Manhattan.

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Christmas - New York - travel - Christmas tree - Rockefeller - Swarovski

1. The one and only, Rockefeller

Let me start with New York's largest Christmas tree, namely the Christmas tree in front of Rockefeller in Manhattan. A giant tree filled with about 35.000 led lights. If you want to be sure to experience Christmas in New York, this is definitely a place to visit.

The week after Thanksgiving, the big tree is lit with a big concert, featuring well-known artists. It's pretty free, but come in good time. Then you both get a good seat and feel the Christmas mood.

Do not forget to take your skates with you and try the famous ice rink in front of the tree. Then it will no longer be Christmas in New York.

Finally, one can walk past a faithful replica of the large Swarovski star, which sits atop the 30-foot-tall tree. It weighs 250 kg and is some of the most beautiful Christmas decorations a tree can have. 

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July 2 at the New York Public Library

The building is adorned with large lions outside, the ones you probably know from Ghostbusters, Sex and the City and many other films.

When you step inside, the most beautiful Christmas light shines from a lavishly decorated Christmas tree, and no doubt it can take the breath away from even a Christmas hater. 

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Christmas in New York - travel - Bryant Park - skates

3. Bryant Park - an oasis of Christmas cheer in New York

No Christmas in New York without an ice rink, Christmas tree and Christmas market - all parts can be experienced on 5th avenue. The Christmas tree is lit around December 1 with skating princesses and princes in the form of former Olympic participants who magically tell the Christmas fairy tale " The Night before Christmas”On the ice.

It is usually a famous person who tells the story while the Christmas mood takes over completely and utterly.

Eventually, New York's large Christmas tree at Bryant Park is lit, with artificial snow and some fireworks, in the best American Christmas style. 

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Christmas - NYC - Travel - Christmas in New York

Get in the Christmas spirit at Hotel Plaza

Most people know the Christmas movie "Alone at Home in New York". If you want to experience a real Christmas in New York atmosphere, it is therefore a clear must to slip inside the large and beautiful Hotel Plaza.

Here you can come in and have a nice cup of tea and warm yourself in the winter cold. When you enter through the fine door, a Christmas tree shines so beautifully. A really good place to take Christmas pictures for the cutest Christmas cards. 

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5. No Christmas in New York without the Christmas decorations at Macy's

Last stop on the Christmas trip in New York, you have to round the Christmas section in Macy's. Here are all the Christmas decorations you can imagine in all shapes and colors.

Christmas trees covered with so much decoration that you can not see the tree at all. It's nice and maybe too much for someone, but it's worth seeing. Finally, you can just spend some time buying some Christmas presents to take home. 

Then you are for Christmas trees, when they are the most beautiful, beautiful and most Christmas, then this is the Christmas in New York in Manhattan you must experience.

Merry Christmas and a very merry Christmas. 

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About the author

Birgit Pedersen

I live in Hundested with my fiancé Henrik and my youngest son. I am a mother of 2 boys and a bonus mother of 3 boys.
To travel is to live, expand one’s horizon and knowledge. Which I like a lot. This applies both below and above the water. Love watching travel / nature shows and a good movie. Birgit participates in this year's travel article competition




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