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Czech Republic: Here are the sights you must see

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Sponsored post. The Czech Republic consists of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, and all regions are full of great holiday experiences. Here are the best.

Czech Republic: Here are the must-see sights is written by Natálie Hlaváčková in cooperation with CzechTourism.

Known and hidden sights in the Czech Republic

Most people know the Czech Republic because of the capital Prague and the good and cheap beer. But the small country in the middle of Europe has so much more to offer. Here are our best recommendations for you who want to explore the country and experience more of the beauty Czech regions.

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Prague – Largest city and capital of the Czech Republic

You can't say the Czech Republic without also saying Prague – a trip to the capital is one must. The biggest sights are Prague Castle and Wenceslas Square, both located in the heart of the city. Take a walk across the Charles Bridge, which goes from Prague Castle to the Old Town. In Den Gamle By, you must not miss the well-known old town hall square Old Town Square. Here you will also find Prague's astronomical clock Orloj.

The region of Central Bohemia

Just outside Prague starts the region of Central Bohemia. Here you will find a number of beautiful castles and beautiful nature. Something you absolutely must not miss here is the completely unique Karlstein Castle, which has played an important role in Bohemian history and has been home to several collections of holy relics and the Bohemian crown jewels.

You should also make your way past the town of Kutná Hora, which is busy UNESCO World Heritage List. In Kutná Hora, you should definitely visit the cathedral of St. Barbara and not least the 'bone chamber' in the Sedlec chapel, where human bones are used for decoration in the form of chandeliers, coats of arms, furniture and much more. It's not a sight you'll soon forget.

In a slightly different genre, we find the Konopiště castle, which has a very beautiful park. Or how about another trip Chateau Mcely, where you can enjoy various types of spa stay.

If you are more into nature experiences, you can take a trip past the Koněprusy caves. Here you can see the mysterious but beautiful and dramatic stalactite caves. They are some of the longest of their kind in the Czech Republic and definitely worth a trip.

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Czech Republic - Karlovy Vary, Horse Carriage - Travel

West Bohemia – spa and toast!

West Bohemia consists of the regions Carlsbad and Plzeň and is a paradise for spa lovers and beer lovers right in the middle of the beautiful nature. Plzeň is, as the name clearly indicates, the city for those who love beer. Here you must definitely visit the brewery Pilsner Urquell, where the legendary pilsner was created in its time.

If you are into wellness, spas and spas, you should visit one of these cities: Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně and Františkovy Lázně. The three towns make up the West Bohemian 'spa triangle', which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Take a trip in the thermal water, which almost seems completely enchanting, and which is also known to be healing. After all, you might as well come home from the trip in even better condition when the chance is there.

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Czech Republic - Bohemian Switzerland - Travel

Northern Bohemia – magical and romantic nature

Magical and romantic nature is exactly what North Bohemia – consisting of the regions of Ústí nad Labem and Liberec – has to offer. The biggest attraction here is the national park Bohemian Switzerland with the beautiful rock monument Pravčice Gate. The area here is absolutely perfect for hiking and climbing.

In North Bohemia are the Krkonoše mountains, where you will also find the highest mountain in the Czech Republic: Sněžka. The mountains are perfect for skiing in the winter.

In the Liberec region you can visit the 'Crystal Valley'. Here you can experience completely unique glass art, which has been associated with the area for centuries. A sea of ​​glass products are made here, which are resold from the Czech Republic to the whole world.

Finally, you must definitely make your way past the rock formation Panská skála. It is a national natural monument that, due to its appearance, is known as the stone organ.

Czech Republic - Hluboka Castle - travel

South Bohemia – medieval castles, active holidays and world-class beer

The region of South Bohemia is a beautiful region with fairytale castles, forests and large fishing ponds. Southern Bohemia is an obvious destination for both active trips and relaxing holidays. The main attraction in South Bohemia is the historic city Czech Krumlov and the Neo-Gothic Hluboká Castle.

On the active holiday you should also visit Treetop Walk in Lipno or go rafting in the historic center of Český Krumlov. If you want to combine it all with wonderful relaxation, take a trip to the town of Třeboň and enjoy a delicious trip to the spa or take a nice bike ride in the beautiful countryside.

Another city worth a visit is Czech Budejovice. The city has always had a great influence on the history of the Czech Republic due to its strategic position. To this day, many of the historic sites in the city have been preserved. České Budějovice is also home to the original Budvar beer, which you should of course also taste.

East Bohemia – horses, honey and suspension bridge

The regions of Hradec Králové, Pardubice and Vysočina, which together make up East Bohemia, are known for rock towns, honey and the many horses. Here you will find the unique Adršpach-Teplice rocks, which together form some of the most beautiful rock formations in the Czech Republic.

If you are interested in animals - and horses in particular - then take a trip past the 'National Stud Farm', or Národní hřebčín, located in the town of Kladruby ned Labem. Here you can learn all about old traditions within horse breeding in the world's oldest stud farm of its kind, which is listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List. In addition to meeting the horses, you can go on a journey back in time on a tour of the old castle.

Last but certainly not least, you should visit the Sky Bridge 721 in Dolní Morava, which you will find close to the border of Poland. Here you can experience a fantastic view and a good adrenaline rush as you pass the longest hanging footbridge in the world. In addition to the long suspension bridge, you can go up the wooden construction Sky Walk, where at an altitude of 1200 meters you almost literally walk around on a cloud. A unique experience you can only find here.

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Moravia and Silesia – the adventurous Czech Republic

Delicious tasting wines, beautiful castles, old traditions and much more you will find here. Moravia and Silesia are home to several UNESCO monuments, but some of the must-sees are Lednice-Valtice and Kroměříž Castle.

Lednice-Valtice is known both for its beauty and for its long tradition of winemaking. Here you can take a walk through one of the most unique parks full of rare tree species and ponds – also known as Europe's Garden. At Kroměříž Castle, you can visit the castle garden, known as the Garden of Eden, which contains a beautiful labyrinth of green bushes.

The next stop on the tour should definitely be the Moravský Kras, which is the largest and most beautiful karst area in Central Europe. Here, the main attraction is the famous Macocha Gorge, which is the largest 'chasm' of its kind in Central Europe.

If you are up for a small excursion by water, you can go on an idyllic boat trip in the Punkva caves and sail between rocks and stalactites and on underground lakes in an adventurous setting.

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Czech Republic - Brno, cathedral - travel

Brno – a lively city

When visiting Moravia, you must stop in Brno. The city is the capital of Moravia and offers the perfect combination of history, modern architecture and culture. An absolute must see is the historic building Villa Tugendhat built by the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who was absolutely ahead of his time and which is now registered on the UNESCO list.

In Brno, there is almost something unique on every corner, but the Peter & Paul Cathedral and Špilberk Castle, which used to have one of the harshest prisons in Europe, are particularly special.

After dark, the city buzzes with life with its many bars and cafes, which create a lively atmosphere. Here the locals meet for food and wine after the day's work. A perfect destination on the journey around the Czech Republic's exciting and beautiful regions.

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Have a nice trip to the Czech Republic!

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