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Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve – comfort in the Swedish wilderness

Nordic safari, total relaxation and experiences out of the ordinary just a few hours from Denmark. Welcome to Eriksberg.

Sponsored post made in collaboration with Eriksberg.
Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve – comfort in the Swedish wilderness is written by The editorial staff.

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Relaxation among the wild animals

Probably very few people associate the wild Swedish nature with comfort and relaxation. But that's exactly the combination you get when you reach the doors of Eriksberg's new nature park sustainable hotel opens its doors and invites you inside in 2023.

Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve is located in the Nordic region's largest nature and wildlife reserve, just a few hours' drive away København and is thus an obvious choice for both shorter weekend trips and longer ones active holidays in the open air.

If you belong to those who also like to travel sustainably, you can get on board the train from Copenhagen Central Station towards Karlskrona or Kalmar in south-eastern Sweden and after less than 3 hours of travel get off in Karlshamn just 10 kilometers from Eriksberg.  

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In one with nature at Eriksberg

The hotel itself was designed by the architect Oskar Årevall, and it is clear to see that the focus from the start has been on making the hotel blend into the surroundings as naturally as possible, while at the same time being a modern and quality-conscious hotel.

The hotel focuses on sustainability, nature and wildlife and is made entirely of wood to impact the environment as little as possible. And at the same time, the position of the sun has been taken into account, so that you also save on energy consumption.

Eriksberg offers the best imaginable opportunity to become one with nature. There is a fabulous view over the Swedish countryside from all 23 exclusive rooms the hotel has, and several of them have glass floors. This means that guests and visitors can get a direct look down at the animals that stop by at feeding time.

In addition, there is plenty of opportunity to get information about the area's flora and fauna for those interested in nature. From the start, Eriksberg Hotel has had the ambition to bring people, nature and wildlife close to each other without disturbing the natural balance between them.

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Get really close to nature in Eriksberg

With around 9 square kilometers, the reserve is the largest nature and game reserve in the Nordics, and this is clearly seen in the large amount of wildlife and the countless nature experiences that await you. Here there are more than 1500 red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, wild sheep and bison.

If you lean your head back and look up, you may be lucky enough to see both white-tailed and golden eagles gliding majestically over the dense forests and flat sea areas. If you belong to the plant enthusiasts, you can find the rare and beautiful red water lilies or go out on some of the many hiking routes and experience the magnificent Swedish nature up close.

If you are less into hiking and more into driving, you can both drive around in your own car or go on a guided tour with either a minibus or a tractor with wagon. Otherwise, you can combine experiences on wheels with an active holiday and move around the park on bike – the best of both worlds.

Regardless of whether you move around the reserve on foot or by bike, the chance to experience the park's diverse wildlife is best at dusk.

Relaxation in idyllic surroundings

When the feet are tired and the eyes are full after scouting for the many animals in the reserve, it's time to get down to gear. Here, Eriksberg is the place to do it. The hotel also offers its very own 'relaxation department' with pool and sauna; the perfect place to warm up sore and tired muscles again.

Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve also boasts 2 restaurants. Visit Restaurant Visenten, which stands for an exquisite breakfast and lunch buffet, and also stop by Restaurant Havsörnen, which in the evening prepares luxurious dinners accompanied by their wine cellar with over 9000 different wines.

Here, there is plenty of opportunity to both go on a Nordic safari, relax completely and recharge your batteries in beautiful surroundings. Good trip to Sweden and enjoy your stay at Eriksberg hotel & Nature Reserve.


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