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The Portuguese capital, Lisbon, is for life-lovers

Lisbon is for you who are looking for a great place to spend autumn holidays, Easter holidays or just an extended weekend.
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The Portuguese capital, Lisbon, is for life-lovers is written by Jens Skovgaard Andersen

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The perfect autumn trip

Portugal capital city Lisbon is with good reason one of the most popular places to visit for an extended weekend or a handful of days - especially if you enjoy life. I did it myself during the autumn holidays, and I'm happy about that.

The weather in Southern Europe is perfect for an autumn trip. And Lisbon already stood as one of the places I really wanted to go to. Fortunately, the plans were such that there was time for five days in the Portuguese capital, and it was five days that will be remembered for a long time.

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Authentic Lisbon

The city is founded on and between several steep hills, and you can feel it in the calf muscles when you explore the city. The flat part of the city, Baixa, between the hills was totally destroyed by a violent earthquake in 1755. Which is often reminded.

The Arab and Moorish influences of former Lisbon can be seen in the ancient neighborhoods of Alfama and Mouraria below the old castle. The neighborhoods are full of small winding alleys and lots of small local restaurants called 'tascas'. Much of the journey was spent exploring both the streets and the Portuguese cuisine.

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Wine is needed - local wine, of course

Fish is an important part of the menu, and there is good reason to be curious and brave when it comes to the menu; there are many incredibly tasty local dishes that at first glance do not look out of place.

This also applies to the snacks you can get for your beer or wine; just go to it. In the small tascas, they are experts in everyday food, and it can be difficult to find space when the locals are out eating.

Wine belongs and no one wrinkles their nose at you ordering a carafe for lunch. A fresh version is 'vinho verde', which is drunk cold and which is particularly Portuguese. I can definitely recommend it. If that should not be enough, then you can order one 'bagaço', which is the local variant of grappa. You get the heat from it…

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Lisbon by night

When darkness falls, it's time for 'fado'. Fado are mournful songs with guitar accompaniment and it is something the Portuguese take seriously. Order a glass of wine, find a seat and turn a deaf ear. It is a very special atmosphere that you become a part of.

The great fado artists are honored on the house walls around the city, and especially in the Mouraria neighborhood, they are not to be missed.

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In Bairro Alto up on one hill there are bars and other 'irrigation holes' everywhere. And the party atmosphere is good almost every day of the week. Young people of all ages enjoy each other, and it's hard not to be gripped by the infectious energy of the historic surroundings.

Along the water, life is lived to the fullest, and Lisbon is, on the whole, an ideal destination for life-lovers. Find the local tasca, enjoy the wine and food and let the joy of life run free.

Have a good trip to Lisbon!

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The newsletter is sent out several times a month. See our data policy here.