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Madeira Portugal

Holidays in Madeira: 5 insider tips for your trip

Madeira is known for its flowers and beautiful nature. Travel expert Claus Andersen gives you his own tips for 5 cool things to experience on the beautiful Portuguese island.

Holidays in Madeira: 5 insider tips for your trip are written by Claus Andersen

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Madeira seen from inside

I have worked in Madeira as a tour guide for the past 10 years. I have also been to the island a lot as a private individual and therefore know it very well. Here's a little about some of the things I think you should take care of if you go on holiday in Madeira and visit Ronaldo's green island in the Atlantichavet.

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Holiday in Madeira: Take to the top

Madeira is perhaps best known as a tropical flower island. But it is more than 1900 meters high. Once you are above 1500 meters altitude, the nature is completely different and much more raw. A perfect place if you love hiking, climbing or mountain biking.

A holiday in Madeira starts at the airport - and luckily for that

Madeira has one of the most spectacular airports in the world. The runway is built on more than 180 concrete piles, as there is no flat landscape on the island. There is actually both amusement park space and circus space under the runway.

The airport is located right on a mountainside, where there are viewing platforms for flight spotters, just as there is also a public café at the airport with a flight spotter balcony. It is much fatter than standing and freezing in November at Flyvergrillen in Kastrup. And by the way, the airport is called 'Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport'.

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Maritime Force! - for a football match on your holiday in Madeira

The island is primarily known for the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo was born on the island. But if you travel to Madeira, you will also find that the island has several professional football teams. Especially the club Maritimo is really good to see if they are at home. Their stadium is within walking distance of both Funchal and the Lido area, where most hotels are. And their fans are some of the most loyal fans in Portugal.

Their stadium with room for 12.000 fans has an average of about 10.000 spectators per match. You can easily take children to football in Madeira. There are lots of kids for the matches, just as there are also lots of female fans for their matches.

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Visit Camara de Lobos - Madeira's little time pocket

Camara de Lobos is a small town located on the south coast of Madeira. It's a bit of a time warp where the locals still make the most of fishing and banana farming. For the same reason, there are almost no hotels in the area, even though it is the most picturesque city on Madeira.

It is also a low-income city for the same reason, as one has not stood on the tourist route - if one just ignores a few cafes and a few souvenir shops. In Camara de Lobos you grow bananas, catch fish and play cards down at the harbor.

It is lovely place to visit on your holiday in Madeira.

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Fado at Arsenio's

Fado is a Portuguese singing style that is very popular in Lisbon. But you also have it in Madeira. And if you want to experience fado, then I would suggest that you visit Restaurant Arsenio's. It is located right in the middle of the old town. The place is family owned and has really good fado singers every single night.

Fado takes place in such a way that the singers alternately sing their melancholy shows on stage while sitting and eating. It's super atmospheric and something you should do if you like beautiful singing voices.

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Have a great holiday in Madeira!

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What to see in Madeira? Sights and attractions

  • Pico Ruivo - the highest point on Madeira
  • Camara de Lobos
  • Botanical Garden
  • Funchal Cathedral
  • Cabo Girão cliff

About the author

Claus Andersen

Claus Andersen has traveled most of his life and spirits and lives to travel and to be a world citizen.
He makes a living as a tour guide, lecturer, blogger and with tourism development in various countries. Claus is on the go most of the year and is fine with his restlessness and loves to be around the world and visit all the friends he has made over the years on all continents.
Claus Andersen is also a passionate long-distance cyclist and has cycled through more than 30 countries, just as he also loves hiking and climbing volcanoes in his spare time. The job as a tour guide can be stressful at times, and then it is good with fresh air and exercise in exotic surroundings when you have free time.
Claus has a fairly extensive blog in English about his travels, which is called, and a Danish version can be found at



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