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Kefalonia - a Greek island you must experience

Greece - Kefalonia - Myrtos Beach - travel
Greece is full of paradise islands and Kefalonia is by far a lovely island that you must experience.

Kefalonia - a Greek island you must experience is written by Tina Hansen.

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An undiscovered island gem

Greece offers many beautiful islands and it can be difficult to choose. An island that you must not miss is Kefalonia. If you have not heard of Kefalonia, it is because being on a Greek island does not get much attention. Yet. Therefore, you should experience it before it is overrun by tourists.

So what can a semi-unknown Greek island like Kefalonia offer? Kefalonia is the largest of the islands in the western Greek archipelago of the Ionian Islands. The island offers, among other things, one of the most photographed beaches in the world, lush nature and not least fantastic sea turtles. Here is my guide to the island of Kefalonia - which is also spelled Kefallonia or Κεφαλονιά in Greek.

Argostoli - the capital of Kefalonia

Argostoli is the capital of Kefalonia. The city offers shopping opportunities, cozy bars and cafés where you can enjoy Greece's famous iced coffee, Frappé. The port of Argostoli is also quite an experience. The surroundings are scenic and there is exciting wildlife. This is where you can see sea turtles.

Argostoli also has lovely beaches close by. Among other things, there are two beaches that my boyfriend and I visited a lot. Here I can especially recommend Kalamia if you do not feel like sharing the beach with so many people. Even if you think “Yes! A beach without too many people ”, then you will also have to experience beautiful Makris Gialos. It is located just 5 minutes from Kalamia and has a few more beach guests.

In Argostoli you can also take the boat over to Lixouri, which is the second largest city on Kefalonia. The city has lots of beautiful architecture, delicious surroundings and not least a quiet city center where you can completely relax.

8 kilometers from Lixouri you will find Paralia Xi Beach. It is one of Greece's most unique beaches. The beach is surrounded by clay cliffs, red sand and crystal clear water. Unfortunately, my boyfriend and I did not spend much time here, but it is definitely worth a visit.

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Greece - Kefalonia - Myrtos Beach - travel

Paralia Myrtos - “Postcard-Beautiful Myrtos”

Paralia Myrtos is the beach you must not miss when experiencing Kefalonia. The beach is often referred to as "Postcard-beautiful Myrtos". As you can probably sense in the picture above, it has not been given that name for no reason.

Furthermore, it is one of the world's most photographed beaches, and on my trip there I couldn't help but take a lot of pictures myself. There is something unique about standing high up and enjoying the view of the beach, havet and its surroundings, for Myrtos is surrounded by steep limestone cliffs.

The water is beautifully azure blue. However, you should be aware that there can be a lot of undercurrent, which causes the water to become turbid when you bathe in it. Therefore, if you are traveling with children, just pay a little more attention here.

Myrtos is 30 km from Argostoli. I recommend that you rent a car here, as I can say from personal experience that it will be a tough ride for your poor popo on a moped - especially if you want to drive on to experience more of the Greek island. And I can guarantee you that you have.

Greece - Kefalonia - Kefallonia - Assos - Travel

Assos - Kefalonia's quiet beach

After experiencing Myrtos, drive the 12 kilometers on to Assos. Assos is a beautiful little town where time has almost stood still. Here you experience beautiful Greek buildings, cozy cafes located right down to the water, which here too is crystal clear and great to swim in.

Sit at one of the cozy cafes down by the water and enjoy your lunch. Afterwards, you should walk around and enjoy the city and take a dip in these completely unique surroundings.

Greece - Kefallonia - Fiscardo - Travel - Greek island

Fiscardo - the very old Kefalonia

The island experienced an earthquake in 1953 that devastated virtually all cities on Kefalonia - except Fiscardo. Today, therefore, it still bears the mark of the ancient beautiful Greek architecture, colors of buildings and the cozy Greek atmosphere from that time.  

The city consists of narrow streets that take you on a bit of a time travel. You will feel like you are walking around ancient Greece. Here I would also recommend that you rent a car if you, like me, are not good at driving buses in mountains and on narrow roads. It is just over an hour's drive from Argostoli.

However, Fiscardo is worth the trip - also by bus. As a bonus, you can actually look over to the Greek island of Ithika, where it is also possible to arrange a boat trip to.

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Greece - Kefallonia - Melissani - cave - travel - Greek island

Lake Melissani

Kefalonia is not only known for its beautiful beaches, but generally for its natural phenomena. And one of those natural phenomena that is a bit of one must see, is Melissani's underground spring lake.

You stand in line from above, from where you move down through a cave. Here you are put on board a small boat with others. You will be sailed around in this unique cave, which offers beautiful water, rocks and not least stalactites.

If you feel like experiencing more of the underground, then Drogarati Cave is your next obvious stop. This stalactite cave is a miracle, which in a way is due to the terrible earthquake. It opened up yet another of Kefalonia's natural phenomena consisting of orange and yellow drooping stalactites. Definitely worth a visit too.

If you - like me - are an animal person, I can recommend spending a half or full day at the Animal Rescue Center Kefalonia or ARK It is run by Marina and Joyce, who have dedicated their lives to homeless dogs and cats. They will do everything they can to make these animals have a better life. My boyfriend and I spent half a day here where we helped a little and just had a really good experience.

Whether you are on a relaxation holiday or the wild adventure holiday, Kefalonia is in Greece et must visit. Here there is both room for relaxation at the many delicious beaches, wild nature experiences in the beautiful nature and not least island hopping to the nearby islands such as Zakynthos, Ithaca or Lefkas.

Read all about traveling to Greek islands and the rest of Greece here

Have a good trip to Kefalonia - a Greek island full of adventure!

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Kefalonia - greece - beach - travel - myrtos

What to see in Kefalonia? Sights and attractions

  • The capital Argostoli
  • Myrtos Beach
  • Mount Ainos
  • The quiet beach of Assos
  • The ancient part of Greece, Fiscardo
  • Lake Melissani
  • Drugged

About the author

Tina Hansen

Tina has a Master's degree in International Business Communication and has a passion for travel - and is always looking for the next adventure. When she can not travel, she is passionate about working with digital marketing and communication.



  • Hi Tina,
    Has it become possible to fly directly to Kefalonia?
    It's a super article you wrote, we've been there a few years ago but got far from experiencing everything and now we simply have to return.

    • Hey Mette.
      TUI usually flies to Argostoli on Kefalonia, but suffers now most of the Greece routes are on hiatus due to corona restrictions. The best bet is probably to keep an eye on TUI to see when there is news in the case.

      Jens Skovgaard Andersen
      RejsRejsRejs. Dk

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