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Venø: The door is open - just come in

Venø is a small island in the Limfjord. It takes less than two minutes to get there by ferry from the mainland. Bring Tine and Sarah from Ødysséen - where they will visit Venø this time.
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Af Tine Tolstrup

Venø, short

Denmark's shortest crossing

We threw ourselves out on the country road from Fur to Venø and wondered if speed signs in North Jutland mon indicates minimum- rather than maximum-speeds? The accelerators on these Limfjord areas are being seriously pressed, so Øjvind had a bit of a hard time keeping up.

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After less than two minutes on the ferry - Denmark's shortest crossing - we were on Venø and drove all the way up to the north end of the island, where we had been allowed to borrow a real bed to sleep in and a bath. We had barely entered the door of the large old farm, Nørskov, before the resident of Venø had stuck a glass of rosé in our hand and told us that the food club was in ten minutes, so it was good that we came now.

The next morning we left early. We drove down to VenOysters, an oyster farm that Kristian has been running for some twenty years. We learned a whole lot about oysters and found out that the Danes are not very ready to pay for the good Limfjord goods, but would rather have a French discount. We promised to do our part to persuade them Copenhagen restaurants to buy more locally.

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Kayaking, vacation, nature

Experience the island at sea

Then we rolled up to the after school, which a couple of enterprising venue residents have started back in the 1990s. We were allowed to borrow a couple of kayaks, and since there was still frost in the air and the water was pretty cold, we jumped into diving suits. As two Michelin ladies, we crawled aboard the kayaks and rowed all the way up to the northern tip of the island, which is a protected area with many birds and even seals in between.

Later in the day, we passed the church, which "according to notorious survey is Denmark's smallest", said history enthusiast Bjarne, who knew everything about the church and more. Bjarne was also chairman of the Venusian ferry association, which has been set up in the world to take care of Denmark's smallest and oldest car ferry from the 1930s.

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Perhaps the reader has already noticed that Venø holds a lot of records at the end of the little putt: Denmark's smallest church, shortest ferry crossing and smallest car ferry. It now also fits very well with the small island, which only houses about 200 people and can be walked from one end to the other at the same time as it takes to walk around the lakes in København.

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Tine Tolstrup

Tine has a degree in geography from the University of Copenhagen with a focus on environmental management and has a solid knowledge of the Danish natural and cultural landscape, urban development and settlement patterns.
From March to September 2018, she and Sarah Steinitz will explore the island kingdom and travel around to 37 islands in Denmark. It's going to be an adventure. An adventure they call The Odyssey. They are part of a generation that flies around the world after the book "1000 places you must see before you die", but still have never been to Avernakø or driven over Storstrømsbroen. They will seek out the adventures that await around the corner - on Fejø, Fanø, Fur and the 34 other islands that they travel around on their Ødyssé.




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