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Bornholm - water - Travel
Bornholm Denmark Zealand and islands

Winter on Bornholm: Experience the winter joys of the sunshine lake

There are a wealth of wonderful experiences on Bornholm in the winter, and much is open.
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Winter on Bornholm: Experience the winter joys of the sunshine lake is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs. Photos by: Pernille Bülow, Martin Birk, Semko Balcerski, Stefan Asp and Rasmus Kvist

Bornholm - Christmas - Christmas market on Bornholm - winter - nature - travel

A special atmosphere arises for Christmas and winter on Bornholm

For some, November and December are the busiest times of the year when it comes to Christmas baking with the kids and shopping for gifts for loved ones. The house or apartment needs to be decorated for Christmas, and there are generally many activities.

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But only a few hours travel time from the big city offers the winter island Bornholm in a completely different relaxed winter and Christmas mood - without the hustle and bustle.

The perfect place to forget about everyday life for a while and enjoy the island's special atmosphere at your own pace.

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Denmark - Bornholm, Svaneke, clouds - travel - winter on Bornholm

Bornholm is a year-round island - Svaneke is at the forefront

For most non-Bornholmers, Bornholm is most of all a sunshine and summer island.

With the island's beautiful summers, there is nothing to say about it, and there are clearly more people who visit the island in the warm months than in winter. However, you can easily go against the current and go to the island during the winter months. Bornholm makes a great effort to be a year-round island both for the people of Bornholm themselves and for the tourists. In winter, there is better space for you to spread out and pamper yourself.

Many of the traditionally tourist-oriented activities are now open all year round, and Svaneke in particular has taken the lead. The whole town has extended its opening hours, and Svaneke is now ready with open arms and open shops, restaurants, hotels, breweries, candy canes and lots of activities.

You should probably get your taste buds warmed up in the otherwise cold weather.

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Bornholm - Dueodde - winter - Christmas market on Bornholm beach - travel

Raw nature all year round - fresh winter on Bornholm

Get the fresh air of the Baltic Sea all the way down into the lungs and into all parts of the body. It is nature's own invigorating medicine.

Take advantage of the fact that there is more room to relax during the winter months and experience the island's beautiful winter nature. The nature on Bornholm is completely different than in the rest of Denmark. On the island, the best elements from the Swedish archipelago are combined with the Danish forest and sand dunes that meander along the beaches.

On the rocky island there are plenty of opportunities to go hiking all year round. In winter, Bornholm's nature becomes more raw, and you will get red cheeks from the wind and salty drops from the waves crashing up along the rocky coast.

In the middle of this raw and life-affirming nature, there is the opportunity to take a deep breath of the fresh air and enjoy the atmosphere a little away from the big city, where you have time for yourself, your hobbies, and the one you care about.

In the winter months, there is also extra space on the mountain bike tracks, and there is always room for an extra on the good angling spots.

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Bornholm - Crafts - Travel - Rasmus twig

Winter on Bornholm provides space for culture and local life

The winter on Bornholm offers many opportunities for experiences in nature and also in museums, markets and concerts, where there is time to create shared experiences, while body and soul find peace. Bornholm is also a cultural island. After the day's experiences, you can come inside in the heat and enjoy Bornholm's ingredients served at one of the island's many good restaurants.

Bornholm is not least known for its handicrafts, and the island is full of small workshops where local artists work with their passion. In 2017, Bornholm was awarded the prestigious title 'World Craft Region', which is an internationally recognized stamp of quality in handicrafts.

The winter months are perfect for visiting the island's art museums, workshops and galleries. Here there is peace and time for a chat with the artists about the works and get an insight into the creative process. It can be an advantage to visit Bornholm during this period, as there are not many tourists on the island.

The Christmas and winter season gives you an obvious opportunity to experience the authentic Bornholm, where the people of Bornholm themselves relax at the local café with a good cup of coffee, sing common Christmas songs or relax in nature with running and mountain biking.

It is the time of year when the people of Bornholm find peace, and where there is an opportunity to be welcomed inside what many Bornholmers believe is the real Bornholm.

From 2021, the people of Bornholm plan to make a Christmas market on Bornholm, and it will definitely be nice.

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Restaurants and hotels open for the winter on Bornholm

Across the island, there is a tendency for more and more hotels and restaurants to stay open in winter. Many of the accommodation options are even cheapest in the winter.

We have made a list of good restaurants and hotels that are open during the winter months on Bornholm. There may also be more than those mentioned, as there are always more opportunities on Bornholm in the winter.

Hotels you can visit in the winter

The Falcon Hotel in Sandvig: Open all year.

Griffen Spa Hotel in Rønne: Open all year.

Melsted Badehotel in Gudhjem: Open on weekends in December.

Hotel Nordlandet in Allinge: Open in November and December.

Restaurants open all year

Christianshøjkroen serves open sandwiches for lunch and delicious evening menu in the forest in Aakirkeby

The Red Warehouse serves great food and is nominated for this year's open sandwich. Visit the restaurant, which is located right in the middle of Rønne.

Râzapâz is a brand new eatery and wine bar in Rønne.

The provisions Gudhjem is an organic harbor bar where you can buy the dish of the day for just 135 kroner. The wine bar offers Sunday jazz every Sunday at 16.00

Kokkenberg is a brand new restaurant in Sandvig. Here you can, for example, enjoy a good Parisian steak or a delicious steamed cod with mushroom sauce.

The Old Post Office Allinge opened in 2006 and has since served great experiences. Here you can enjoy food made from scratch from completely fresh Bornholm ingredients.

Svaneke Brewery has recently been named the company of the year on Bornholm on the basis of their sustainable transformation. That in itself is an excellent reason to visit this cozy restaurant, which also brews their own organic beer.

You can also buy local food and other products in Torvehal Bornholm.

Of course, you do not have to do without the wonderful Bornholm fish specialties and smoked products in the winter. Hasle Røgeri is open Wednesday to Sunday between 10.00 and 16.00, and Nordbornholms Røgeri is open in the store from Wednesday to Saturday.

Now you are ready to go on an extended weekend on Bornholm and enjoy the Christmas fun in the best surroundings. Very nice trip!

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