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Northern Cyprus: An overlooked holiday destination in Middelhavet

Northern Cyprus - Kyrenia/Girne, port - travel
Take a trip to the somewhat unknown Northern Cyprus, which has a lot of exciting history, beautiful beaches and a kitchen that you become addicted to.
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Northern Cyprus: An overlooked holiday destination in Middelhavet is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs.

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In Northern Cyprus you get the best of both worlds

Mediumhavets cleanest bathing water, a multitude of cultural experiences and an extremely friendly people, which give you unique experiences and unforgettable holiday memories. This is just some of what awaits you in Northern Cyprus - and even at prices far below the neighboring countries.

Cyprus has generally come up on the holiday hit list - not least among our readers who have their own favorites on the divided island - but the northern part of the island is still overlooked. So before you book your holiday to one of the classic Mediterranean destinations, take a look at the slightly more unknown Northern Cyprus.

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The world's last shared capital

Northern Cyprus abounds with beauty and history - from breathtaking natural areas to ancient cathedrals. It is also here that one can experience something as unique as the border crossing in the capital Nicosia. Here you can walk from it TurkishCypriot side to it GreekCypriot side with nothing but your passport in hand.

It is the only remaining capital in the world where this is possible and it is a very special experience. The island has a long and intricate history involving, among other things, the Ottoman Empire, Greece, Richard the Lionheart and Great Britain as a colonial power.

Take a spa bath in Northern Cyprus

Today, Cyprus is divided into a southern and a northern part. Especially the many cultural-historical and architectural wonders of the northern part testify to ancient times. Among other things, it can be felt on one's own body in the ancient bathing establishments, which are still in full function. Here you not only get to wash your body, but also a historical experience beyond the usual, which you will only find in Cyprus.

Mediumhavets cleanest bathing water

Are you more for havets gentle waves rather than the feeling of a spa, the beaches of Northern Cyprus will undoubtedly satisfy you and your inner water dog. Havets clear turquoise and azure color brings to mind exotic destinations i Caribbean og Stillehavet. And then they are the perfect setting for both swimming, diving and strolls at the water's edge.

If you travel to Cyprus, you can find beaches, just as nature has created them without human intervention. But also beaches with water sports, comfortable beach chairs and delicious beach restaurants.

Regardless of which beach options you are looking for, it is Middelhavets purest bath water, which you throw your body into when you bathe in the warm water. The European Environment Agency EEA examines Europe's bathing water every year, and here has lovely Cyprus of several rounds lying right at the top of the list.

Slow down in Northern Cyprus

On a trip to Cyprus you will find the good bathing water all around the island. But while you might expect a jumble of umbrellas, beach vendors and tourists in the holiday mood of the southern part of the island, Northern Cyprus is far more serene and laid-back.

The tourism industry has developed vastly differently on the two parts of the island, which you will also discover if you travel to both sides of Cyprus. While hotel resorts lie side by side with souvenir shops and well-known fast food restaurants to the south, the northern part of the island has not experienced the same overhaul. Therefore, some completely different experiences await here when you visit Northern Cyprus as a tourist.

Here are villages where one lives a slow life and where the area's crops, flocks of sheep and traditional crafts are a high priority. As a tourist, you are easily lulled into the comfortable pace and local life, where everyday life is lived peacefully.


The Northern Cypriot hospitality

Although many have gradually discovered the Cypriot charm, it is still an authentic holiday experience, peaceful atmosphere and fewer tourists waiting for you in Northern Cyprus.

And you are guaranteed to be warmly welcomed by the local Northern Cypriots. Although the number of tourists is lower than in the south, every single tourist is welcome in Northern Cyprus. The locals are exceptionally welcoming and friendly and lovingly welcome guests and visitors.

They are neither intrusive, overbearing or aggressive. Salespeople, avid creepers or others who want to tuck you new sunglasses, a taxi ride, a restaurant visit or a tourist excursion, you will not find here.

The Northern Cypriots let tourists be tourists on an equal footing with the locals. They like to let you get close to their lives and would very much like to talk to you over a cup of Cypriot coffee if you feel like it. Have you visited one Greek holiday island or other Mediterranean beach in high season, one knows that a hospitality of that kind is not always guaranteed.

Here are the readers' own favorites in Cyprus

To travel is to eat

The hospitality and way of life is not the only thing you will experience being completely different from other southern European destinations. There is something else that sets Northern Cyprus apart from other countries: the low prices. Without the EU and a dominant commercialization, the price level in the north has remained low, making Northern Cyprus a cheap travel country.

A cup of coffee for a 10s and a full meal at a restaurant is available for under fifty. In comparison, a coffee at a sidewalk cafe typically costs 25-35 kroner in Rhodes - and the same at home.

The good prices on the local delicacies provide a good opportunity to pack the suitcase with edible gifts and treats for the pantry at home. A local wine, a jar of olives or a blend of crispy tasty nuts is an obvious souvenir from Northern Cyprus. Because even though the prices are low, the quality of the local products is high.

Northern Cyprus has optimal agricultural conditions and breeds the crispiest, freshest fruits and vegetables, makes delicious goat cheese and grilled meat of good quality. In the many markets, good trades can be made. A whole kilo of almonds costs around 45 kroner and a tray of fresh strawberries around 5 kroner.

Cheap good food

The dining experiences at the island's restaurants and cafes are also both cheap and extremely tasty. Like much else in Northern Cyprus, the food culture is also influenced by the country's history and the culinary traditions of the surrounding countries.

The local Northern Cypriot food is related to the Turkish, Arabic and Greek Cypriot. But the flavor nuances and seasoning have in many dishes got their own northern Cypriot expression. It is therefore an exciting food universe and lots of great dining experiences that you have to look forward to when you travel to Cyprus and the exciting northern part.

Your pocket money lasts a long time, and it makes it a little more fun to vacation for most people. The low prices also provide air for more experiences, excursions and restaurant visits during the holidays. A good incentive to come back to Northern Cyprus again another time.

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Have a good trip to Northern Cyprus!

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What to see in Northern Cyprus? Sights and attractions

  • The world's last shared capital, Nicosia / Lefkosa
  • Big Han
  • Sofia Cathedral / Selimiye Mosque
  • Green line - the boundary between Turkey og Greece
  • Girne Castle
  • Bellapais Monastery
  • The ghost town of Famagusta / Gazimağusa
  • The wild donkeys on the tip of Northern Cyprus

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