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Purobeach Mallorca – where luxury feels like luxury: Hotel check-in

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Sponsored post. If you want luxury and 100% relaxation on holiday, check in at Purobeach.
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Purobeach Mallorca – where luxury feels like luxury: Hotel check-in is written by Cecilie Saustrup Kirk in cooperation with Purogroup.

Purobeach Majorca

The perfect place for relaxation

Have you ever longed for a trip to the southern sun of relaxation and exquisite luxury? A holiday where the only thing on the menu is well-being and where perfection is standard? Then you can appropriately cast your eyes on one of the Danes' absolute favorite holiday destinations, the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, and stay at some of the island's most exquisite hotels.

Purobeach has no less than four hotels in the main city of Palma de Mallorca, and they are all located in the old town. Here you really live in the heart of the city, surrounded by delicious restaurants, galleries and ancient, well-preserved culture, and you are a short distance from some of Palma's biggest attractions.  

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Purobeach also offers their own version of attractions – namely theirs beach club. Although Mallorca is an island, it is particularly challenged in terms of bathing opportunities and beach area down to the Mediterranean . Puro has remedied this with their two beach clubs, both located a short drive from Palma de Mallorca.

Purobeach Palma: Join the new tones

Purobeach Palma is the perfect example of the modern 'chic' beach club with white sunbeds, hanging chairs and a view directly to Middelhavet. The beach club is located on top of a small rocky outcrop by the coast, so you get the feeling of being on top of the water.

It is possible to sneak down the back road to havet, but it is not necessary at all, as there is a delicious pool to cool off in. Purobeach Palma also offers wellness, cocktail bar and a delicious restaurant. So you can just sit back and enjoy the fresh tones from the speakers, the cool drinks and the goodies served to you.

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Purobeach Illetas: Down to gear in Mallorca

If you are more into waves splashing than music, then you should try Purobeach's other beach club, viz Purobeach Club Illetas. Here we have moved away from the modern chic atmosphere with beach music and party vibes and have instead gone completely zen with nature. You will still find the white sunbeds and soft towels, but here the only sounds are those havet naturally emits.

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Illetas is also one of the few places in all of Mallorca with a natural beach, and from where you have direct access to Middel from both the stand and the cliffs where the whole club is locatedhavet.

After a dip in the azure water, you can return to your sunbed, where a glass of champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries or some other small refreshment awaits you. Also try Purobeach Illetas' wellness offer or take a yoga session. You can change clothes inside the converted cave; here you will find both bars and changing rooms that have an atmosphere a little out of the ordinary.

Once you've had enough sun and water, it's time to return to your hotel in the city. And luckily for you, the luxury of your vacation has only just begun.

Puro Grand Hotel: inspired by the nomads of the Sahara

As mentioned, in addition to Purobeach Mallorca, Puro has several hotels in the city, all located in the old town, but the newest addition to the family is quite special. Puro Grand Hotel is a top modern of its kind, but it still manages to bring to mind nomads, deserts and oases.

The oases are an important element in Puro's approach to their guests; not only in decor and atmosphere, but also in the feeling they strive to pass on to guests. Puro's hotels are not just a hotel room – they are an oasis, a free space, a place for total relaxation, a respite from hectic everyday life.

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The focus on guest comfort starts the moment you walk through the door, where you are offered a cup of coffee, tea or a smoothie while you check in and your luggage is transported to your room. The breakfast area is charmingly furnished with open access to the enclosed courtyard, and there is the opportunity to have the ultimate relaxation and wellness experience with Puro's collaboration with Sea Skin Life.

The hotel also has its own newly opened restaurant, Beatnik Market, which is an experience that must be tried. The rooms at the Puro Grand Hotel are large, airy and comfortably furnished, and once again the nomadic inspiration shines through in the aesthetics.

Palacio Can Marques, Purobeach Mallorca

Palacio Can Marqués: Live like royalty

If we really want to talk about aesthetics, then we have to take a trip to the next side street, where one of Puro's other hotels is located, namely Palacio Can Marques. The 5-star Palacio Can Marqués has the advantage of actually staying in one of Palma de Mallorca's last real palaces.

The entrance alone is enough to take most people's breath away, and in front of the closed glass and iron gate, there are often shoals of tourists gathered to catch a glimpse of the beautiful hotel. The only way to enter is when the hotel staff opens the door for you – and only if you are one of their guests.

The Palacio, as the name suggests, has been preserved as a real palace with the natural bedrooms, living rooms and grandiose staircases. Here you will not be assigned room 203 or 421. The hotel has 13 completely unique suites, each of which has been given its own nickname.


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Stay in Romance, Oasis, Eden, Cascade or one of the other unparalleled suites. Each suite is completely unique both in interior design and room distribution, but what they all have in common is their luxurious atmosphere. The entire palace oozes charm and almost seems like a time warp in opulence – of course with the most modern conveniences.

The palace also has a gym, wellness center and a beautiful green courtyard with direct access to the restaurant The Merchants Palma, which has won the award as the best 'luxury steakhouse' in the whole Spain.  

You also have the option of booking Mallorca's largest suite: The Raid, located on the top floor with its own private terrace, kitchen and as many as three bedrooms, has a whopping 380 square meters to romp around in. The master suite alone is 70 square meters, so there is plenty of space for family and friends. Several celebrities have stopped by here when they go to Palma; however, their identities are well protected by the professional staff.

Palma de Mallorca

The city of Palma is definitely not a boring experience either. The city has a long history, which actually spans more than 1000 years. Here you will find cultural gems from several cultures and time periods.

Visit some of the main sights such as La Seu Cathedral, Almudaina Palace and Passeig del Born. Another 'must' experience is the old town itself, where Puro's hotels are fortunately located. Here you will find a multitude of small cozy winding streets filled with restaurants, shops, galleries, beautiful old buildings and Gothic churches.

All in all, there are only good reasons to settle in the old town and stay at one of the luxurious Puro hotels. Enjoy the journey and enjoy life in delicious luxury at Purobeach in Mallorca.

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