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Slovakia – 6 great experiences and sights in the Tatra

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Explore the beautiful area around the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia.
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Slovakia – 6 great experiences and sights in the Tatra is written Af Christian Brauner

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Visit the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia

Have you ever visited The Tatra Mountains in Slovakia? You will be surprised at how much entertainment and activities there actually are.

The Tatra Mountains in Slovakia offer spectacular views, challenging hiking trails and unique experiences. In addition, the area offers charming villages and authentic Slovak culture. Whether you are into adventure, nature or culture, the Tatra Mountains are a perfect destination.

Here are five experiences and sights that you should not miss out on holiday to the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia.

Belianska, Cave

Slovakia's famous stalactite caves: Belianska Jaskyňa

One of the great sights in Slovakia are the well-known stalactite caves. In the Tatra Mountains there are several caves and stalactite caves, of which Belianska Jaskyňa is the largest. It is also the only cave in the area that is accessible to the public - and it is clearly worth a visit.

The entrance to the unique cave is 890 meters below havets surface, and the cave is 3.641 meters long. You immediately think that it is pitch dark in such a cave, but there has actually been electric light since 1896! Impressive, right?

This natural underground cave is known for its spectacular limestone formations formed over millions of years. Visitors can explore the cave's fascinating passageways and chambers on guided tours that reveal the cave's unique geological features and history.

It is one of the most remarkable caves in Slovakia and a must-see for nature lovers and others looking for a unique experience.

Pribylina, Slovakia

Open-air museum in Pribylina

If you are going on holiday to the Tatra Mountains, the open-air museum in Pribylina is one must see. When you arrive, you immediately see a number of fine old buildings. The buildings have all been moved from the now flooded area 'Liptovska Mara' to preserve some of the history.

Located in a picturesque village, the museum presents authentic wooden houses, churches and buildings from the 19th and 20th centuries, giving a vivid insight into the rural lifestyle and traditions.

At the open-air museum you can see houses, churches and schools. The museum is one of the youngest in Slovakia (from 1991) and it gives you an experience of reality as it once was.

Visitors can explore various themed areas, including agriculture, crafts and folk art, and participate in activities and performances to experience Slovak culture up close.

Vlkolinec, Slovakia

Cozy and colorful Vlkolínec

Vlkolínec has been on UNESCO's list of world heritage sites since 1993. The small village, which is centrally located in Slovakia, is a good example of historical architecture. The village's idyllic location surrounded by mountains and forests attracts visitors who can enjoy the peace and tranquility of this unique village and explore its historical significance.

In the village there are around 45 beautiful wooden houses that date back to the 19th century. The small cozy village stands as a living museum, offering a glimpse of the lifestyle and traditions of the past in Slovakia.

Two of the houses function today as a public museum that shows how people lived when the houses were built. A common thing is that all the houses have two or three rooms.

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Tatralandia is Slovakia's largest water park, and it is open all year round. Here there are activities for both young and old. It is one of the attractions in Slovakia that is for the whole family.

The park has 14 different pools with everything from water from hot underground springs to sea water and to luxury spas. You can relax in the sun on 'Waikiki Beach' or go surfing in the 'waves'.

With its heated pools, water slides, wave pools and spa areas, Tatralandia is the perfect place to relax and have fun all year round.

Whether you seek excitement on the adrenaline-pumping slides or want to enjoy relaxation in the thermal pools, Tatralandia offers a wonderful experience for the whole family. If you are a real water dog, Tatralandia is an obvious excursion destination.

Caves, Slovakia

Unique sights in Slovakia: Demänovská Cave of Liberty

You can not get around Demänovské Jaskyňa Slobody - "Cave of Freedom". It is not just a cave, but an ice cave. Therefore, it is unique and clearly worth a visit.

It is also one of the oldest caves in Europe and was first mentioned in 1299. The temperature inside is often below freezing and the trips last 45 minutes. Then put on the warm clothes!

Slovakia tatra mountains - travel

Explore Slovakia's beautiful Tatra Mountains

Deep mountain lakes, majestic peaks and breathtaking panoramic views. This is what the water routes in the Tatra Mountains offer.

There are countless hiking opportunities with a network of scenic trails and routes to suit all levels. There is something for everyone – from easily accessible paths through lush valleys to challenging mountain trails.

Some of the more popular routes are the Tatra Trail that leads to Scratches, Slovakia's highest peak, and the Mlynická Valley, known for its breathtaking waterfalls and rock formations. The routes are well signposted and the conditions are good, so if you are looking for cool nature experiences, just lace up your hiking boots and set off on a hike in the Tatra Mountains.

Do you feel like combining a delicious spa stay with active hiking in the Tatra Mountains, there is also plenty of opportunity for that!

There is no doubt that there is plenty to do in the Tatra Mountains, and there is something for both young and old.

Really good trip to Slovakia!

You must experience that in the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia

  • Visit the stalactite caves Belianska Jaskyňa
  • Explore the Demänovská Cave of Liberty
  • Have fun at Aquapark Tatralandia – Slovakia's largest water park
  • Visit Vlkolínec, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Go on a hike in the beautiful mountains
  • Bathe in one of the many beautiful mountain lakes

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