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New Year in Berlin, the Hipster capital

Do you also think that the usual New Year celebration can be a bit stressful? In this festive article you come to Sascha's New Year in Berlin.

New Year in Berlin, the Hipster capital af Sascha Meineche

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New Year's Palaver

What do five girls do who can't quite fathom all the palaver that most often follows right in the company of New Year's Eve? So cold with minus in front, too short dresses that tighten more than usual after the meal, glitter in the champagne from the table bombs (after all, the part with the glitter is maybe okay), a good portion of hype that always makes the evening a little disappointing , because expectations are higher than one can even reach.

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The perpetual wait for a taxi and then all the fuss about not being able to call your grandmother, half-sister, cousin or aunt when the clock strikes twelve because everyone else liiige has to be on the same line at the same time.

What are the five girls doing? Yes, of course, they slip away so they can have a brilliant New Year's Eve and avoid all of the above. Such approximately at least. And that's why the destination was called New Year's in Berlin last year. So apart from the fact that the weather is relatively much the same in Berlin, we avoided most other things.

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One hipster, several hipsters

It was completely and utterly hipster-like. So exactly, like Berlin is the best. We lived in Kreuzberg in a very blogger / instagram friendly apartment with hipster vibes all over it. So with New Yorker brick walls, large antlers on the walls and the perfect retro furniture.

In the days leading up to the New Year, we were just as holiday-hipster-like as one should be when in Berlin. We strolled around along East Side Gallery, ate a good portion of insta-friendly breakfast, that is, some avocado snacks and chia porridge that are completely stringy, and which are almost a shame to put your teeth into.

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blind travel

Food for the sake of the senses for the New Year in Berlin

We also embarked on an evening at the very popular blind restaurant, Unsicht-Bar Berlin. So it really is an experience out of the ordinary. Not necessarily the greatest gourmet experience, but in return a sensory experience beyond all imaginable limits.

So, it's dark - as in completely and utterly dark - and then you sit there and have to pour wine into glasses, eat food you can't see, with cutlery you have to feel your way to. In the dark.

Your senses are at work so wildly that you as a "normal" have not experienced anything like it. Smells, tastes, sounds reach a completely different level, as it really comes out in a way you have never tried before, and then just that with the fact that you can see nothing - as in nothing.

Like the waiters who are in the restaurant can never because they are blind. It really is a whimsical and sour experience, but a good one of a kind.

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New Year star thrower travels New Year in Berlin

New Year's note to us all: Be well in advance if you would like to celebrate New Year in Berlin

We were just a post time late with table reservations for New Year's Eve. So note to self (and everyone else): Order in good time so you can get something proper. However, we found a place that could accommodate all five of us and even just a fresh little walk from our hipster apartment.

The food was a bit insignificant, but in return the bubbles were just exactly as they should be. And there were many of them. The mood was certainly also a New Year's Eve worthy.

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Our evening continued right to the door next door, where we went on board the bar and toasted with happy Germans when the clock struck 2019, and we also managed to get a single call through to the Danish. It was completely and utterly excellent and not a trace hectic or Danish-stressing.

This year, of course, I repeat the success and the way the year started by welcoming 2020 in exactly the same way - albeit from a Hilton hotel in Athens; one has probably learned from his 'mistakes' from 2019.

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New Year in Berlin 2020 travel

The best tip for the New Year in Berlin!

Book restaurant in good time. At least if you want something really good. And of course if you want to eat out. The same goes for hotels - at least if you have to be at a popular destination - otherwise the prices will be completely hopeless.

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Really happy new year from Sascha and the rest of RejsRejsRejs the team!

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Sascha Meineche

Sascha is a Jew with his legs planted firmly in the relatively green Frederiksberg soil. As a child, it was on camping trips in Denmark in the summer spiced with slightly more exotic winter destinations. Today, Sascha is bitten by a crazy trip, and can neither collect enough stamps in the passport nor have booked enough trips. There are always at least two trips planned.
Sascha's favorite places in the world count everything from Canada to New York, Botswana and Munich. To put it mildly, there are few places in the world that Sascha does not dream of going to.




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