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Baden-Württemberg: Here are 10 obvious family activities in sunny southern Germany

Baden-Württemberg - Southern Germany
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Baden-Württemberg: Here are 10 obvious family activities in sunny southern Germany – from Europa-Park to Lake Constance is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs in collaboration with the tourism organization Tourism Baden-Württemberg. All positions are, as always, the editorial staff's own.

Baden-Württemberg - Southern Germany
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The best experiences in Baden-Württemberg for the whole family

Baden-Württemberg is beautifully situated in western South Germany, right down in the corner of France and Switzerland.

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Baden-Württemberg offers everything from green forests to romantic towns and lots of activities for the whole family. This is, for example, where Germany's largest amusement park, Europa-Park, is located.

The scenic area has a pleasant climate and they call themselves 'The Sunny Side of Germany'. There is good reason for this, because the sun is good friends with Baden-Württemberg.

And then there are countless experiences for both young and old. Speed ​​down mountain sides on a summer bobsled, unleash your inner water dog in Germany's largest lake and go exploring in the fairy garden where Rapunzel and the Frog Prince await. And there are also plenty of experiences for adults, for example in the lively and cozy university town of Freiburg.

Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany really has something for the whole family, and we've collected some of the best activities for both young and old in this guide.

  • Europa-park, water park
  • Europa-Park
  • Europa Park


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1. Europa-Park in the Black Forest

Europa-Park is located right in the butter hole between the Black Forest and the Vosges mountain range and is a slafferland of experiences and activities for the whole family. With over 100 attractions and shows and 17 themed areas, there is something for everyone at Germany's largest amusement park.

It's one of those places in Baden-Württemberg the whole family will love.

I Europa-Park resort allows you to experience all of Europe in one place.

Here, the daredevils can jump aboard one of the wild slides, while the smallest in the family can try some of the quieter activities. Rulantica, also located in the Europa-Park Resort, is for all the water dogs. Here you can cool down or get a rush on one of the water slides.

You can also try virtual reality experiences in YULLBE, which is just around the corner from the Europa-Park Resort.

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Europa-Park is a classic in this area, and you can choose for yourself whether you spend a day or a week here, because both are possible.

Baden-Württemberg - Southern Germany
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2. Summer bobsleigh at the Hasenhorn in the Black Forest

On the mountain Hasenhorn in Baden-Württemberg, you can try 2,9 kilometers of tobogganing fun - in the summer. Here is one summer bobsled, where you get to exercise your laughing muscles while speeding down the several kilometer-long track.

It works in such a way that you sit in a sled on rails and control the speed of the trip yourself, and children can also sit with an adult.

Buckled up and ready for fun, you drive down through the valley on the rails, and because you decide the pace entirely yourself, the course is both for those who love speed over the field, and those who want to take it more leisurely.


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There are fun bends, steep curves and roundabouts, so you get to see the beautiful area and laugh a lot.

  • Fairy Garden

© Märchengarten

3. Fairy Garden in Ludwigsburg – on an adventure in Baden-Württemberg

Step into the fairy garden Fairy Garden, where princesses, princes and mysterious creatures welcome you to a world of adventure and magic. Here you can visit Rapunzel's castle and sit on the Maiden's water lily throne in the magical garden.

The Märchengarten is located in beautiful Ludwigsburg, and the garden invites adults and children alike to some of the most beloved fairy tales such as Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel and Aladdin with their total of 40 fairy tale scenes, where the imagination can be unleashed.

The adventure garden is not just for the little ones. For the oldest, there is, for example, garden art and a nice rose garden.

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  • Lake Constance Mainau


4. Mainau Island and Lake Constance: Baden-Württemberg's Riviera

Lake Constance is not only the largest lake in Germany, but also one of the most beautiful. In fact, the stretch around the lake is called 'The South German Riviera'.

Lake Constance is best known for flower island Mainau.

The island resembles a tropical paradise with colorful flowers and plants from all over the world. In addition to beautiful flower gardens and tropical plants, Mainau also offers butterfly houses, adventure playgrounds and a children's zoo, so there is something for the whole family.

Along Baden-Württemberg's best-known lake lie cozy villages with unique architecture and vineyards, and the lake borders both Switzerland and Austria, so you have a view of the impressive Alps in several places along the lake. You will also find several castles and castles that are worth a visit.

If you have not visited Lake Constance and the island of Mainau, you are in for a treat.

© Steiff Museum

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5. Steiff Museum in the Swabian Alb

A world full of teddy bears - that's what you can experience Steiff Museum. With over 3000 teddy bears of all sizes and shapes, you can probably safely say that this is a museum for everyone who loves soft stuffed animals.

Richard Steiff is actually the inventor of the original teddy bear, and the museum in Baden-Württemberg is a tribute to his invention.

It is therefore no surprise that the museum has a fondness for teddy bears and teddies.

At the museum you go on a journey of discovery through an animated world of teddy bears. You can also visit the large teddy bear zoo, or see how the iconic teddy bears are made.

If you have a little extra time, it is obvious to combine a visit to the museum with a trip in HöhlenErlebnisWelt in Giengen, which is the longest cave in the Swabian Alb and is a few minutes' drive from the museum.

The cave tour is suitable for families, and at the foot of the cave there is also a large water and adventure playground.

Baden-Württemberg Ravensburger - attractions - southern Germany
©Ravensburg Spieleland

6. Ravensburger Spieleland in Upper Swabia-Allgäu

In the amusement park Ravensburger Spieleland close to Lake Constance, some of the most popular characters from Ravensburger's well-known games are brought to life. Here, the whole family can, for example, play in an enlarged version of the popular BRIO trains. You can even spend the night in a BRIO train car. The amusement park is mainly aimed at the smallest and is perfect for children aged 3-6 years.

However, the amusement park offers more than enlarged game characters. You can try everything from rides to a ride in a tractor, go exploring in a labyrinth and let loose on a lot of different large playgrounds.

There is also an event stage with entertainment for the little ones and a magician's school where you can learn magic.

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7. Reutemühle Farm in Überlingen-Bambergen

If you love animals, you must visit the farm Reutemühle, where you can get up close to the animals. The farm is a kind of children's zoo, where you can pet and feed several of the animals. Here is Jens Hansen's entire farm and more, and you can get up close to horses, sheep and alpacas.

In fact, the farm has more than 200 different species, which includes both pets and more exotic species.

When you have fed the animals and admired the grizzly bear's climbing skills, you can test your own climbing skills. There are also playgrounds for the little ones, and for the adults there is a classic one beer garden - often with live music - where you can also have a bite to eat and experience the classic atmosphere of Baden-Württemberg and southern Germany.

In addition to Reutemühle, there are also several farms where you can spend the night in southern Germany.


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8. Experimenta in Baden-Württemberg

If the museum experience is to go, it is obvious to visit Experience. It is Germany's largest science center and they have over 200 areas where you can have fun with science. There is also a laboratory school for the little ones.

Another cool museum in southern Germany is that Technical Museum in Sinsheim, where you can visit the bottom of havet and the room on the same day. If you've always dreamed of seeing what a submarine looks like inside, or what it's like to sit in the cockpit of a jumbo jet, this is just the right place for you when you visit Baden-Württemberg.

The museum's exhibitions offer everything from spacecraft and submarines to vintage cars and locomotives. Among other things, they have the iconic plane Concorde, which was the world's fastest commercial plane.

The museum is also child-friendly and offers playgrounds for the little ones and a large slide that starts from the platform of the museum's Boeing 747 plane – it can of course be tried by both young and old.


9. Baumwipfelpfad Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg

Baumwipfelpfad Black Forest offers adventures close to the sky for all ages. It is a network of 'treetop paths' where you can explore their kilometer-long network of paths between treetops and enjoy the beautiful surroundings from the many viewing platforms.

The wooden paths offer great views over mountains and forests and give you the opportunity to see the scenic area from above. There is also a wooden playground where the little ones can frolic.

Baumwipfelpfad Schwarzwald offers different adventures in nature for all ages and is definitely a pleasant place to visit.

Enz River Canoe Baden-Württemberg - Southern Germany

10. Canoeing and rafting in southern Germany

If you would like to have an active holiday in Baden-Württemberg, then it is obvious to take a canoe trip on the rivers Enz and Altrhein.

The river Enz near Stuttgart offers family-friendly water adventures. You can either rent canoes or SUP-board and sail off at your own pace, while you enjoy the time together and the beautiful surroundings.

The Altrhein runs along the border between Germany and France. Here you can enjoy the beautiful nature of the Black Forest and the Vosges, while you glide through the water on a guided canoe trip.

If you need more speed over the field and adrenaline on the program, you can also go rafting.

There is both wild rafting and quieter rafting, so you can choose according to age and how wild you want it to be. If you are looking for wild rafting, this is the place to go Istein to Bad Bellingen obvious. If you are into calm rafting, start instead in Bad Bellingen and head towards Neuenburg, where the guided canoe trips also start.

Really good for a trip to Baden-Württemberg and southern Germany!

Family-friendly experiences in Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany

  • The amusement park Europa-Park in the Black Forest
  • Fairy garden Märchengarten in Ludwigsburg
  • Lake Constance – Germany's largest lake with the flower island Mainau
  • Teddy bear Steiff Museum in Schwäbische Alb
  • HöhlenErlebnisWelt in Giengen – the largest cave in the area in the Swabian Alb
  • The amusement park Spieleland in the Allgäu
  • Reutemühle Farm in Überlingen-Bambergen
  • Technik Museum Speyer in Sinsheim
  • Experimenta Museum in Heilbronn
  • Baumwipfel path in Baden-Württemberg
  • Summer bobsleigh track on the mountain Hasenhorn
  • Canoeing and rafting on the Altrhein and Enz

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