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St. Johann in Salzburg - Austrian idyll for the family

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St. Johann in Salzburg is an obvious destination located in central Austria. The area offers activities for both large and small and is therefore a perfect choice for families with children.

St. Johann in Salzburg - Austrian idyll for the family is written by Stefan Slothuus

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Why St. Johann in Salzburg?

If you are looking for the optimal Ski to the family in the wonderful Austrian alps, then St. Johann in Salzburg the place for you. St. Johann in Salzburg is formerly known as 'Sankt Johann im Pongau'.

The area is especially suitable for beginners and experienced, which is perfect if the kids need to have skis on their feet for the first time. However, the area also offers both challenges and activities for all enthusiasts who can not get enough of life in the snow.

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Cozy alpine town in charming surroundings

Byen St. Johann in Salzburg - not to be confused with St. Johann in Tirol Is only 60 kilometers from Salzburg and is a cozy alpine town surrounded by large mountains. Here are charming old houses, small shops, horse-drawn sleighs and a small square - all framed in snow.

A few kilometers to the south is Alpendorf; a small town with many accommodations and few - but adequate - shopping opportunities. From the hotels and ski huts you can open the front door, click the skis directly on and then set off on the piste.

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St. Johann in Salzburg - perfect for families with children

St. Johann in Salzburg is a super choice for families with children. To start with, the mountain 'Hahnbaum' in the middle of St. Johann in Salzburg will be an obvious choice where the basic braking and turning techniques can either be learned or improved. There are also Danish ski schools with many Danish children and Danish ski instructors, so the children feel safe and can have a good experience.

The ski area generally offers many wide, clear blue and red slopes that can be used to practice techniques and otherwise enjoy the picturesque scenery in the Alps.

There are also fun and exciting slopes for the kids: Try for example 'The Devil's Route' Devil's way, there is a forest path through Geisterberg, and the new one skiing moviestretch, and which has an adventurous character with various legendary characters and funslopes.

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Activities for everyone in St. Johann in Salzburg

Although the area is most suitable for families with children, everyone will no doubt have a wonderful skiing holiday. There are different fun parks, where the brave snowboarders and skiers can try their hand at the freestyle park 'Betterpark Alpendorf'.

If the piste kilometers in St. Johann in Salzburg are not sufficient, then the lift pass can also be used in the neighboring towns of Wagrain and Flachau, both are part of 'Snow Space Salzburg' with a total of 120 kilometers and 45 well-oiled lifts.

Thus, there should be slopes for all levels of ski enthusiasts. Buses often run to these areas, which are within just 15 kilometers.

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A winter destination with a sea of ​​possibilities

If the acidified thigh muscles need a break, easily accessible tobogganing trips are also arranged in the area. And if you want a calmer day, the alpine ski area can be replaced with snowshoes or cross-country skis with 14 kilometers of cross-country trails spread over three stretches. In other words, there are many possibilities.

After a long and exhausting day in the snow can après ski often seem enticing. You can find it both in the ski terrain and in St. Johann in Salzburg, where classical Tyrolean music thunders out of the speakers, while draft beer and long wings over the counter at several bars.

St. Johann in Salzburg is thus a wide-ranging area - both for small and large, beginners and experienced.

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Happy skiing holiday to Austria! 

About the author

Stefan Slothuus

Stefan has traveled a lot since childhood - often in France with his Francophile parents. After the student cap was secured, the typical European cultures were replaced with a major excursion with 16 different country visits in just under 5 months, which included Western Europe and Southeast Asia.

Since then, most of the savings next to the study are spent on travel - often to more foreign cultures for cheap money, such as Eastern European destinations can offer. The travel bucket list is almost endless, but travel to Latin America and distant Pacific islands is particularly highly valued.

In addition, Stefan studies Media Science in Odense, loves sports and has probably seen a little more movies and TV series than what is healthy.



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