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Zell am See-Kaprun - popular all year round

Austria is scenic all year round. In summer you can even get up in the high mountains around Zell am See for free.
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Zell am See-Kaprun - popular all year round is written by Jens Skovgaard Andersen.

Austria - Zell am see - summer - travel

Popular all year round in Zell am See

Austria is truly a land of many colors. In winter, of course, white is the dominant color, but green Austrian summer is to that extent also worth traveling for.

Here's everything for it active family or you who just want a little away from it all and have some fresh air and get your head in place. As the video below shows, there is plenty to throw yourself over.

Zell is a very popular ski resort during the ski season, and in summer the town and the surrounding area are a super beautiful natural area.

Summer in Zell am See, ski zell am see

Holidays in Zell am See

A good tip is to book a 'Zell am See Sommer Karte', which gives access to the cable cars up to the mountains, to dams, waterfalls and hiking trails high up in the Alps with an incredibly beautiful view. Some hotels even have a partnership with Zell am See Sommer Karte, so remember to ask for it when booking accommodation.

You must of course have something good to eat and drink on holiday, and you get that in here. Austrian cuisine varies from region to region, and here in the Alps it is especially the herbs that stand out. You can even go on a 'herb walk' where you will learn about the many herbs and plants that grow wild in the heights.

Of course, there are also lots of nice beers and wines - and not least sweet things that Austria is so famous for.

Zell am See summer, travel, skiing zell am see

Iron man or woman

In early September, you can be extra active when the big Ironman competition kicks off. It is a classic triathlon with three disciplines, and Zell am See sends participants out on 1,9 kilometers of swimming in the lake, 90 kilometers of cycling in the beautiful surroundings and 21 kilometers of running afterwards.

It is half an Ironman distance and it is possible to participate even if you are not a professional. Of course, one can also just cheer on the others.

Three times a week there is a fireworks show over the lake, and the show varies in theme from time to time. It's free to attend, and it naturally attracts large crowds. It's a perfect way to shoot off a lovely alpine day.

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Summer in Zell am See - travel, zell am see summer

The Kitzsteinhorn Glacier

If you are the type who can not set foot in Austria without putting on your ski boots, here is also the opportunity. Near Zell am See is the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier, which can be experienced with or without skis. Either way, it is definitely worth a visit.

Austria is a country that you simply can not get tired of. There is always something new to experience for the whole family, and that applies all year round. Put both city and country on the wish list - you will not regret it.

What to see and experience in Zell am See?

  • The Kitzsteinhorn Glacier
  • The cable cars up in the Alps
  • Iron-man competition

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