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Attractions in Austria: This is a hit on Instagram

Do you want something delicious in your Instagram feed? Here you will find tips on where to find the most insta-friendly places in Austria.

Attractions in Austria: This is a hit on Instagram is written by Circle Colberg.

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Attractions in Austria: The perfect picture

Austria is filled with photogenic and colorful places that you can visit. From big cities with sumptuous palaces to incredible mountains, glamorous landscapes and picturesque lakes. In this article you will find inspiration for photos out in the beautiful Austrian nature for your Instagram feed.

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You may know Hallstatt at Hallstätter See, which is probably one of the most photographed lakes in Austria, but there is much more to catch up on in the beautiful country. Read on to see some of the most Instagram-friendly landscapes and sights in Austria.

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Update your Instagram feed at Grüner See

There are lots of nature's own sights in Austria. Just two hours west of Vienna you will find Austria's mysterious wonder Grüner See, one of the most beautiful lakes in Austria. Here is a beautifully varied landscape of water and park. The clear water glitters emerald green in the distance and makes the green lake just something for you who want the perfect picture of Instagram.

The lake is unique and one of the most beautiful lakes in Austria. Every year it is filled up with water from the melting snow of the mountain tops, which flows into the lake and increases the water depth to 11 meters. When the water level was at its highest, people used to dive under the water. However, to preserve and protect the lake, diving is no longer allowed. Instead, you can enjoy the view and walk along the lake to find the right place to take the perfect picture of the lake with the green water.

Find inspiration with the hashtag # grünerseeaustria on Instagram.

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Mother nature sights in Austria: Eisriesenwelt

'Ice Giants' World' is a wonder created by mother nature and a true beauty. Eisriesenwelt is the perfect place for the perfect picture. This amazing ice cave is located in the mountains 40 kilometers south of Salzburg. It is only available on a guided tour offered from May to October.

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take pictures inside the ice cave itself during your guided tour. But that should not stop you from exploring the many panoramic lookouts over the mountain landscape that Eisriesenwelt offers.

Get inspired by the mountain landscape with the hashtag #eisriesenweltwerfen on Instagram.

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Austria - Olpererhütte, Zillertal, alps - travel

The most Insta-worthy spot: Olpererhütte in the Zillertal

With unforgettable views of the mountain lake Schlegeis, Olpererhütte is a well-deserved popular destination in Zillertalthe Alps in the southernmost part of Austria on the border with Italy. As for natural sights in Austria, it does not get much more beautiful.

The hike up there can be done in an hour and a half and with an incredible view of the mountain tops and a sparkling turquoise lake, it could not be more amazing and Insta-friendly.

Compose your photo with the lake in the center - or with yourself posing as a mountaineer. Maybe you've already chosen the Instagram-famous suspension bridge for your new photo. There is a high probability that Olpererhütte will exceed your already high expectations with its Instagram-friendly panorama of southern Tyrol, and one of the most beautiful lakes in Austria.

See the beautiful view of the reserve with the hashtag # olpererhütte2389m on Instagram.

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Austria - Krimml waterfalls, Attractions in Austria - travel

The Krimmler Waterfalls - right to Instagram

The Krimml waterfall is located in the province Salzburg in southwestern Austria. With an altitude of 380 meters, it is not only the highest waterfall in Austria, but also the highest in Europe. This amazing natural wonder of the Krimml is an absolute highlight of the region and attracts around 350.000 visitors every year.

On a hike up to the top of the waterfalls, you will enjoy this thunderous force of nature very close and have the chance to take fascinatingly beautiful photos - often with a built-in rainbow.

Use the hashtag # krimmlerwasserfälle on Instagram to see the wonderful waterfall.

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Plansee in Tyrol - the perfect motif

If you are not yet full of Instagram-friendly sights in Austria, Plansee is a good bet for the perfect shot. For yes, the water at Plansee is really as perfect as it looks in the picture above. In the summer months are tyrols second largest lake a mirror of the surrounding alpine landscape.

Like a fjord, the lake lies between the forested mountains Zwiesel and Spießberg. You can walk or bike around the lake and chase the most beautiful beach to take the prettiest and most Insta-perfect photos from.

With a summer temperature of around 20 degrees, the lake is perfect for cooling off after a long hike. You can also rent a kayak, dive or just enjoy the view of beautiful Plansee.

Check the hashtag #planseelake on Instagram for wonderful photos of the mirror-shiny lake.

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Ramsau am Dachstein - one of the wilder sights in Austria

If you are into adrenaline-filled experiences, head to the small towns that make up the Ramsau am Dachstein area. The towns themselves are small and picturesque, but the view from the Dachstein Glacier is to lose one's temper over. On clear days it is possible to see as far as to Slovenia og Czech Republic.

Warning: The suspension bridge with the appropriate name "stairs to nothing" is not for the weak. The suspension bridge gives you the chance to get the wildest once in a lifetimeimage for your Instagram feed. But do not move out on the bridge if you have a fear of heights - you can also easily take cool pictures below the bridge.

Have you seen the many beautiful and inspiring images of the Dachstein Glacier? Use the hashtag #dachsteingletscher on Instagram and see more.

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Kristallwelten - a mecca for every Instagram lover

Kristallwelten Swarovski in Wattens is one of the sights of Austria you will not want to miss. The crystal world of the jewelry company Swarovski is also known as Crystal Worlds and offers a leaf-covered giant that shoots a waterfall out of its mouth. The giant protects more than a dozen amazing crystal chambers beneath the grassy hill.

Close your eyes and turn around yourself. Open your eyes again and take a picture of the first thing you see. In Swarovski Park, it is impossible to take a bad picture, so you can get ready for lots of likes on social media.

Whether you could actually afford the actual Swarovski crystals or not, Kristallwelten is near Innsbruck in western Austria an incredible sight for anyone with a love of crystals and imagination.

Find your perfect Instagram spot using the hashtag #kristallweltenswarovski on Instagram.

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Attractions in Austria: Ready, set, upload

No matter what hashtags you use on Instagram, these Austrian experiences give you the chance to create a first-class Instagram feed for your followers. Hashtag like #rejsrejsrejs or tag @rejsrejsrejs. Dk on Instagram when you upload your photos on social media. We can hardly wait to see your beautiful photos from your trip around Austria.

Remember the camera and have a good trip!

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Best places for instavenlig pictures in Austria

  • Green Lake
  • Ice Caves
  • Olpererhutte
  • The Krimmler waterfalls
  • Plansee
  • Ramsau am Dachstein
  • Crystal worlds

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