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Active holiday in SalzburgerLand

SalzburgerLand is perfect for an active holiday with the family. Put on your hiking boots and get on your bike; it's just about to get high of.
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Active holiday in SalzburgerLand
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Active holiday - SalzburgerLand

Forward with hiking shoes and a bicycle helmet - take an active holiday in the Salzburgerland

The perfect vacation is the one where you feel much better when you get home. Therefore, remember to get moving on the journey. Bring your hiking boots and bicycle helmet and fill your body with energy, fresh air and incredible experiences in nature - few places are more obvious for active holidays than SalzburgerLand, which is right in the middle Austria and right in the heart of Europe.

Active holiday - SalzburgerLand

Salzburger Saalachtal - bike & hike with the family in the Alps

Your active holiday for the whole family can conveniently start in Salzburg Saalachtal. Here you will find both family-friendly cycling and hiking routes, and then there are also exciting activities when the legs need a rest, or the weather is not for outdoor activities. The routes vary in difficulty, length and incline, so you can easily choose one that suits your particular family.

Hop on the bike and ride the good 13 kilometers from St. Martin to Vorderkaserklamm. Here you can explore the adventurous Stone Age path, where you will also find several different playgrounds and a restaurant where you can end the day with a good meal.

If the family is ready for a slightly longer bike ride, you can cycle along the Tauern cycle path to Lamprechtshöhle. The trip is about 17 kilometers long, and here you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Alpine landscape and visit Room numbers natural monuments. Lamprechthöhle is among Europe's largest caves, and it is said that a treasure should have been hidden somewhere in the cave.

You can also take a hike in the Seisenbergklamm, which is a deep gorge created by huge glaciers during the ice age. Walk between the breathtaking rock walls as the sound of the water cascading down becomes more and more intense.

If swimming is high on your wish list, you can take the family on a short trip to the Innersbachklamm, where you can cool off in the natural 'swimming pool' at the bottom of the gorge. A wild swim in the middle of Austrian nature.

Active holiday - SalzburgerLand

Wagrain-Kleinarl - collect on mountain tops in the fun way

If there is to be some competition in the jokes, go to the Salzburger Sportwelt in Wagrain-Kleinarl. Here you can 'gather' on hilltops when you hike up to the top of the 7 peaks, which go under the common name 'The Gracious Queen and her six Nobles'.

Legend has it that the queen was very concerned that humans, animals and plants should live in harmony, and this harmony is so noticeable when you walk in the area. At the same time as you collect stamps from the hilltops, you will become wiser in the wisdom possessed by the gracious queen. There is therefore something good to take home for both the legs and the head.

You decide the pace and order of your mountaineering yourself, so there is no need to fear the hardships.

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Active holiday - SalzburgerLand

Zell am See-Kaprun - Explore the Hohe Tauern Panorama Trail

If you want to get completely away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, then take to the wild heights above Zell am See. Here you will find the hiking route Hohe Tauern Panorama, which stretches over 150 kilometers. If you want to go all the way from the start at the waterfalls Krimml to the destination in Schmittenhöhe, then the trip consists of 10 daily stages for the ambitious. However, it can also be bitten into smaller parts if you want to save a little energy but still have the mountain panorama experience with you.

Accommodation takes place either up in the mountains or down in the valley, and the starting point is in the beautiful city Zell am See-Kaprun, which is the capital of the historic district of Pinzgau.

Active holiday - SalzburgerLand

Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn - active holiday on gravel and mountain biking

If you are into mountain biking on beautiful trails and have a good time in the adrenaline pump, then head for Austria's largest cycling region. Here you will find a myriad of routes for every fitness level, and you will not run out of challenges.

Actually, the area is known for being a large contiguous ski area in the winter, but in the summer of 2020, Saalbach Hinterglemm, Saalfelden Leogang and Fieberbrunn decided to go together and create a mecca for mountain biking - and also gravel bike for the more adventurous who want to go out and drive even more off road with full freedom.

Take the lift up into the mountains and let gravity help you down the road, or take the ride up on two wheels and get sweat on your forehead from the start. In Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn you get two-wheeled fun and trouble on the big blade.

St. Johann in Salzburg - explore all the senses on 'herbal hiking'

Active vacation does not have to be pure adrenaline and sore muscles throughout the body. IN St. John invites nature expert and storyteller Elisabeth Hafner on an herbal walk in beautiful nature. The 'herbal fairy' Hafner shares both his knowledge of and his love of the impressive Austrian nature, and you learn a lot about what the alpine flora can be used for both in a culinary and health context.

The senses come to work, and you come into serious harmony with nature and feel the primordial power that herbs and plants possess.

Obertauern - try your hand at Stoneman Taurista

The Stoneman Taurista mountain bike route, which opened in 2020 and covers 4.500 meters above sea level, winds through Obertauern and takes you through the most impressive alpine landscapes. You come on the trip up to the plateau Kongens Scene, which forms the framework for the 'royal stage' on the three-day cycle route high up over the green valleys.

As on most other routes, of course, you decide the pace yourself, and there are plenty of cabins and vantage points where you can take a break and breathe in the clean clear air. Even if you are on an active holiday, there must also be time for fun along the way. It belongs to that extent.

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Have fun in SalzburgerLand and good wind on the hiking and biking trip!

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