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The St. Regis Downtown Dubai Hotel Travel
United Arab Emirates

The St. Regis Downtown Dubai: Hotel check-in 

St. The Regis Downtown Dubai Hotel is a luxury hotel you would like to visit. See here why.
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The St. Regis Downtown Dubai: Hotel check-in is written by Jacob Gowland Jorgensen.

A luxury hotel you do not want to return home from

Here is nice when I just think. Really nice, actually.

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It's an early morning in May and I'm at the front desk at the tea St. Regis Downtown Dubai Hotel, centrally located in Dubai center overlooking the river Dubai Creek.

As part of a business trip, I have to travel around the city center, which is why I have moved from a beach hotel to this new hotel, which is of course a high-rise building, and in that way fits in well with the dynamic urban environment in Dubai.

For something is different here. Yes, it's a business hotel and everything runs completely on rails, but the atmosphere is more like a leisure hotel, a leisure hotel, where you feel like getting down into gear and just enjoying. The staff are welcoming in the good way of talking to each other and not just to each other.

The style of The St. Regis Downtown Dubai Hotel is in a league of its own. It is modern and there is light, air and art. The style is a mix of classic European and the best and most elegant of the Arab culture. Here is nice, open and yes, simply nice to be.

I get room 1202 on the 12th floor overlooking the water. The room is large, bright and very comfortable. Because it is a new hotel, there are many good details: There are different light settings, such as night lights, that are Chrome cast on the TV so you can stream from your phone, and a great tub with a view when the sliding door is pushed aside. And the slippers are silky soft.

Here it is easy to feel at home.

On Tripadvisor, the hotel is on towering 5/5, which is certainly understandable.

The St. Regis Downtown Dubai Hotel Travel

A hotel is more than accommodation

I love to swim. No matter where. So I always look at what a hotel has to offer on the water side.

At The St. The Regis Downtown Dubai Hotel there is a really nice one infinity pool and plenty of sunbeds for a hedonistic afternoon.

There is also an outdoor hot tub, and I tried it one morning. To lie there and be bubbled through with a view to the world's tallest building is actually as fat as it sounds.

The atmosphere here is also peaceful and again with incredibly helpful staff who actually looked like they went up in that the visitors were having a good time.

I was here every single day. And then up in the bathtub afterwards. It's a luxury for water dogs.

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Spa at The St. Regis Downtown Dubai Hotel

The St. The Regis Spa is located on one of the floors, and it must of course be tried. After a long day of work, there is nothing like getting your back muscles mused by a professional, and - not surprisingly - it was a really good experience.

Also when the muscles peb a bit.

You can choose from a myriad of options and even choose whether your masseur should be a man or a woman so you can choose what you are most comfortable with.

The spa is decorated with different rooms, each in its own ultra-elegant style.

It is pampering at the highest level and can only be recommended.

Restaurant Blue White

There are as many as 6 restaurants and bars on the St. Regis Downtown Dubai Hotel. I got to try the breakfast restaurant and the French-inspired one Bleu Blanc, which is rated 4,5 / 5 on Tripadvisor, so my expectations were high.

The menu card is modern French so there is a lot of good to choose from and I chose to go with the waiter's suggestions and get tartar, lobster and cheese.

It was mums with mums on and the portions were so generous that I could barely eat up and it doesn’t happen that often.

Although you can easily get alcohol here, I tested their non-alcoholic drinks, and their Belgian non-alcoholic beers Biere Des Amis is some of the best I have tried. The wine was also fine, but not right in the eye; it is also difficult with non-alcoholic wines.

And then the restaurant lives up so nicely to the style of the rest of the hotel. Modern, elegant and cozy in its own way.

Bon appetit.

The huge breakfast buffet at the hotel was also really good. Both because it was deliciously served, and there were some slightly different alternatives than you otherwise see, for example with fresh yogurt and Eggs Benedict.

And then I have to admit that the icing on the cake was the efficient and quite cozy service.

Servants from all over the world were gathered there to make it easy and nice for you in a peaceful atmosphere overlooking the water.

Isn't it just their job? Yes, maybe, but there are many ways to do your job, and this was by far a pleasant experience. This suggests that it is a place that also works well behind the scenes.

The St. Regis Downtown Dubai Hotel Travel

St. The Regis Downtown Dubai Hotel is well worth a visit

The hotel is part of the Marriott chain, so check out their Bonvoy program for great deals.

It's not the cheapest place to stay in Dubai, certainly not, but if you compare to what you get for your money, it's still a really good deal for a few days in downtown Dubai.

Because here is nice to be. And you're close to everything in town. It's a pretty good combination. I like to live with the fact that the taxi drivers have a bit of a hard time finding it because it's new. Just bring a business card from the reception.

Good trip to Dubai.

RejsRejsRejs had Visit Dubai as a partner on the trip. All positions are, as always, the editorial staff's own.

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